These Were Builders

Unton Hall

Located north of the Communication Center, Upton Hall was com ­ pleted one year in advance of its schedule, due to excellent weather, availability of materials, and an adequate labor supply. The official groundbreaking ceremony for the four million dollar Industrial and Fine Arts complex at State University College took place October 18, i960. Present for the occasion to officiate in some capacity were Dr. Paul G. Bulger, president of Buffalo State College; Mrs. Bruce R. Wallis, chairman of the State College Council; Mrs. George W. Walker, chairman of the Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Council; Dr. Stanley A. Czurles, director of the art education division; Dr. Kenneth W. Brown, director of the industrial arts education division; Dr. Charles E. Ball, development officer. The four-story building houses sixty-two major classrooms, shops, and studios. One unique facet of the layout is the technical areas common to both the art and industrial-arts, to be found across the hall from each other, thus complementing the value of each disci ­ pline. Dr. Brown said a building serving such purposes had to be conceived differently than the usual classroom buildings. He said the new building "is the first honest attempt in teacher education to bring together the aesthetic and production efforts of man for better understanding of both." The building was occupied, September, 1962. The formal dedication of this structure took place during the special Dedication Week, April 19°3- At that time, it was officially

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