These Were Builders

Dr. Paul J. Weigel 1912-1969

As a college grows in size, it takes on many aspects ana. responsibilities of community life. This means that many facilities over and above class instructions are offered to the students. Medical services are included in these facilities. Today, at State College, the new infirmary is quite a change fro:;, the one room/one nurse who cared for the students in the early days. In March, 1966, the administration at the State College of Buffalo was pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Weigel as director of student health services at the college. On March 11, 1969, he died at St. Luke's Hospital, Houston, Texas, after a second operation to correct a defective heart valve. Born in Buffalo in 1912, Dr. Weigel was a graduate of Bennett High School and Canisius College. He earned his medical degree from the University of Buffalo School of Medicine in 1935* Dr. Weigel interned at Millard Fillmore Hospital here and at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Elizabeth, New Jersey before entering private practice in 1937- From 19k2 to 19^5 he served in the U.S. Army as a first lieuten ­ ant and earned several distinguishing citations for outstanding service. Released from the Army in 19^5, he had the rank of capuain. He became full-time staff member of the Buffalo Veterans Admin ­ istration Hospital, visiting physician at Meyer Memorial Hospital, and assistant attending physician in medicine at Millard Fillmore Hospiual. He was appointed to B.S.U.C. post in 1966. He had been chief

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