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March 2021

structures congress 2021 march 10-13 – seattle, wa

As a structural engineering professional, you can find the latest information, innovation, products, and technology at Structures Congress. Learn best practices to push the boundaries of structural design, and bring back new ideas to improve your practice, help clients problem-solve, and be more innovative. Join us to experience all that SEI/ASCE offers to lead and innovate in Structural Engineering. Interact with and learn from the experts on Blast, Bridges, Buildings, and more, and earn Professional Development Hours (PDHs). https://www.structurescongress.org/

AM Industry Summit Collective Intelligence for AdditiveManufacturing march 2 – virtual Cross-industry collaboration provides fresh perspective and collective intelligence to transformobstacles intoopportunities and forgenewpaths. AM Industry Summit connects like-minded Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing professionals in industries to address common challenges and discover opportunities. These landmark events are helping to foster a true knowledge across industry of 3D technologies’ potential. https://event.asme.org/AMIndustrySummit This advanced project management course is designed to take a Project Manager to the next level, with a focus on anticipating problems, communicating with leadership and other important stakeholders, and transitioning frommanaging to leading people and projects. It will focus on the nuances of different situations that commonly arise and how to adapt and optimize your responses to situations in order to maximize the impact of core PM skills. This will address ways to change your approach to be more effective in leading projects in greater magnitude of budget and importance and discuss precision in communication. This course features elements not offered in any other project management course, including being led by an industry expert with almost two decades of project management experience, and two psychologists with expertise in people skills, behavior change, group dynamics, and implementation science. Advanced Project Management for AEC Professionals march 3 – virtual https://shop.zweiggroup.com/collections/webinars/products/advanced- project-management-for-aec-professionals-virtual-seminar-starting- february-3-2021?variant=38779399635095 Damage caused by de-icing salts, known as salt-scaling, is a major contributor toward repair costs related to transportation infrastructure. Such damage consists of the removal of small chips or flakes of material at the exposed surfaces of concrete elements. To increase the service life of slabs on grade and reduce potential damage caused by salt- scaling, it is necessary to know the characteristics of salt-scaling and to understand parameters that could be used to control such damage. However, despite extensive studies, many details regarding salt-scaling are still not fully understood, and contradictions within the literature can be confusing. The aim of this presentation is to help better understand the salt-scaling phenomenon and provide insights into the effect of workmanship, mixture parameters, and concrete hardened properties on salt-scaling resistance of concrete. https://www.concrete.org/store/productdetail. aspx?ItemID=W2103&Format=ONLINE_LEARNING&Language=E nglish&Units=US_Units An Overview of Salt-Scaling Damage march 3-4 – virtual

Knackathon 2021 march 15 – dallas, tx & virtual

TheKnackathon ethos ofmentorship drives our vision for the conference. Each team includes engineering pros working alongside high school and college students. Teams are judged based on their technical deliverables as well as their decidation to mentorship, diversity, and inclusion. https://knackathon.org

ACI Virtual Concrete Convention march 28-april 1

With more than 2,000 attendees, the ACI Concrete Convention combines the brightest minds in concrete with an unparalleled social environment, bringing a premiere event to concrete professionals to collaborate and advance the industry and their knowledge. https://www.concrete.org/events/conventions/currentconvention. aspx?&utm_campaign=s21virtual_jan7&utm_medium=email&utm_ source=press_release april 2021 We are just years away from reaching our goal of graduating 10,000 Black engineers annually by 2025. That means it’s time to take a holistic approach at developing the next generation of engineers and enhancing the NSBE experience for all. We are excited to introduce to you NSBE47: The Holistic Engineer – hosted virtually to bring together a showcase of the best of our talent, treasures, and more. https://convention.nsbe.org/ NSBE 47th Annual Convention april 5-9 The concept of living buildings has recently emerged as the new ideal for sustainable building design and construction. Defined as a building that generates all of its own energy with renewable, non-toxic resources, captures and treats all of its water, and operates efficiently with an uncompromising aesthetic, living buildings represent a new species of buildings that blends boundaries between the built environment and the natural world and necessitates creative, integrative engineering and architecture solutions to meet rigorous design challenges. https://www.aei-conference.org/ aei conference april 7-9



march 2021

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