Project One and Pharmaceuticals

Project One and PharmaCEUTICALS Making a real difference

A 13 year partnership in change and transformation

An enduring partnership

“Project One makes the complex, simple. Our customers choose us as their trusted partner, to lead business-critical change and transformation programmes. Our experienced team of change experts work shoulder-to-shoulder with you, every step of the way, marrying together our breadth of experience with a true understanding of your challenges and needs. Our approach will be unique and right for you.” James O’Sullivan Chief Executive Officer, Project One

$1bn of bottom-line improvement

Project One has worked with a leading pharmaceutical since 2010 to deliver over 50 regional and global projects and programmes. To date, this work has driven in excess of $1bn of bottom-line improvement.

Strategy & Performance

Operating Model & Capability Change

Governance & Control

GFS Operational Improvement Programme

Enabling Units IT Business Performance

IT Insights Tier 5 Dashboard

R&D IT Business Performance

Enterprise Information Systems TOM

Application Development TOM

Science & Enabling Units TOM

SBC Build Centre Build Review

Travel & Expenses (Concur)

European ERP PMO

Solution Delivery Agile Scrum Master Coaching

Global Finance Reporting Review

Science Units IT Strategy Review

Finance Engagement Team TOM

Finance Transformation PMO

Government Affairs Vision

EIS Strategy

Commercial Finance TOM

Digital Health IPS Roadmap

Aurora Review

Digital, Data & Analytics, MI BI

Programme Management Centre of Excellence

Digital Health Programme Management

R&D Data Risk Programme

Data & Analytics Strategy

Global BI Programme (Amazon)

Application Development Insourcing

Video Conferencing Deployment Enterprise Workplace

Productivity Initiatives

Application Rationalisation

Business Case Development

Application Upgrades

Application Rationalisation

Manufacturing Accounting Programme

Inter- Company Processing

Product Costing and PURP

ASOS Programme Management

Integration Excellence Programme

Social Intranet Portal

SAP Harmonisation

FX Forecasting

Master Data Management

SD&M Transformation

Windows Migrations

Finance Transformation

Integration Excellence (IE) Programme Support

Commercial Management Reporting

Operations Management Reporting

External Reporting Hub

Programme Planning & PMO Support

ALS Quality & Testing Management

Test Data Service Support

Programme Mobilisation

Underpinning this enduring relationship and successful track record in change, is the strong alignment of our respective values. Project One gained a strong appreciation and understanding of the organisation and culture, having developed deep ‘know-how’ from our 13 year partnership.



real change • real difference

values & culture

project one services

“We have created a culture based on fairness and respect. Our values were established in 1998 and have stayed at the heart of our business since day one. They are embedded in everything we do and are core to how we work together and with our customers”. Paul Clark Chairman, Project One

We know how important it is to engage with all colleagues, gather multiple perspectives and facilitate the making of collective decisions to affect real change. We work hard to strengthen relationships throughout the team, actively listen, learn and maintain two-way communication throughout the change journey.

We’re passionate about helping ambitious organisations to change, thrive and grow – bringing clarity, pace and greater predictability to the delivery of business-critical change and transformation.

ShapE Change

Deliver Change

Translating strategic ambitions into clear change plans.

Ensuring change is set-up for success and remains on track, delivering the required business outcomes.

digital change


Create clarity

Build trust and earn respect

The power of the team

Do the right thing

Do what we promise and more

Make a real difference

Delivering the foundations that will drive your digital strategy.

Improving your own organisation’s change capability.

Project One recognises the same commitment to values amongst our customer colleagues and believe the alignment between our respective values is the enduring foundation for our effective collaboration.

Change and Transformation

“Great things happen when people work together with a common purpose, which Project One contributed significantly to in the delivery of the IT Insights project.” Director, Enterprise Performance and Portfolio

Digital Health Programme R&D Data Office IT Insights Tier 5 Dashboard Finance Transformation IT Business Performance Application Rationalisation Productivity Initiatives Global BI Reporting Enterprise Workplace Manufacturing Operations

Global Global Global Global Global Global Global Global Global UK/Swe

2018-2021+ 2020-2021+ 2020 2015-2021+ 2018-2020+ 2012-2017 2016-2020+ 2011-2013 2015-16 2016-2019



real change • real difference

Spotlight on: Strategy & Performance

Spotlight on: Strategy & Performance


2010-2020+ All Areas




IT Insights Tier 5 Dashboard Challenge: To obtain a clear and consistent view of IT business performance. Approach: Project One led a matrixed customer team, adopting an Agile approach to iteratively design and build a new automated dashboard, fed by a single data mart. We facilitated a cross-functional review of the Measures and produced a set of recommendations. A ‘best in class’ suite of supporting documentation was developed, covering process guides, data architecture and an SLA for transition to BAU. We co-ordinated operational and business readiness activities to ensure a smooth landing at the monthly IT Leadership meeting. Outcomes: The automation of the Tier 5 dashboard removed manual production waste, saving one working day per month for 10+ FTEs. Month-end report availability was cut in half, providing timely and transparent MI, and a refined suite of Measures enabled the IT Leadership Team to make informed decisions based on real insights.

Science & Enabling Units IT Business Performance Challenge: The Business Performance function in Science and Enabling Units IT was categorised by its VP as ‘Red’, and a key member of staff was leaving. Project One was asked to take control, stabilise the service as well as simplifying and automating reporting to provide the Leadership Team with the information and insights they needed to run the business. Approach: Project One established control within four weeks, delivering a comprehensive monthly report that established a performance baseline, providing visibility and management control. Outcomes: The team defined the operational scorecard with the Leadership Team and implemented streamlined Portfolio Governance procedures to drive the Long Range Plan. A Tier review process was established, and a performance dashboard created, using source systems to report Workforce, Scorecard, Risk and Portfolio information. In parallel, the in-house analyst capability was developed and off-shored to Chennai.

“It was great! The Leadership Team welcomed the changes and everything went really well. We were able to spend so much more time sharing insights and challenging performance. Thank you!” Director, Strategy & Performance

“Super happy with level of support. Achieved so much. Went over and above what was expected. Brought order and structure. Delivered with calmness and patience.” Head of Business Performance– R&D IT

Science Units IT Strategy Review Project One reviewed the

Government Affairs Vision

Enterprise IS

Enabling Units IT – Business Performance Support Challenge: The Enabling Units IT team was demerging from Science and Enabling Units IT and its new Head of Business Performance was seconded to an integral part of the COVID project. Approach: Project One worked closely with the Enabling Units IT team and managed the Business Performance team through that transition period. Following the demerger, we supported the new Head of Business Performance to thoroughly understand the expectations and objectives of their key stakeholders. Outcomes: The Enabling Units Business Performance team was effectively transitioned with robust structure and process to deliver to its stakeholders.

Project One supported the development of the

Project One reviewed the requirements and issues of/ with EIS and defined a future roadmap for Enterprise Delivery Centres. The team created a granular target operating model, a transformation roadmap, plan and tracking mechanism, and a dynamic target capability model and associated business case.

“A game-changer for us and a best in class model. A most sincere, thank you” Head of Business Performance and Chief of Staff – R&D IT

effectiveness of IT in supporting the three science units (GMD, Medi and Biologics). Reporting to the VP, IT Enabling Units, we provided leadership, direction, coordination and hands-on management to the Science Unit IT Strategy Review Task Force. We conducted an IT Diagnostic to determine improvements to the provision of existing services, and determined how and where IT services needed to improve to align with the Science Units Business Outcomes and Plan. The review recommendations were implemented and our scope increased to drive the actions to establish and embed the new operating model.

Government Affairs function to ensure alignment with business objectives. We clarified the purpose and vision for the Government Affairs function and implemented a “high performing team” process to up-skill the team. This transformed the function into a “commercially savvy, visible, impactful, and proactive team” whose value was appreciated and delivered/re-enforced on every interaction.

“Project One has really helped me to drive a huge change agenda. ”

Director, Enterprise Management Office



real change • real difference

Spotlight on: TOM & Change Capability

Spotlight on: TOM & Change Capability


2011-2020+ All Areas



All Areas

Commercial Finance TOM (Finance Systems) In 2019, our customer simplified the structure of R&D as part of the Innovation for Growth strategy. Project One planned and implemented the new organisational structure within data structures and business systems owned by the Finance function, in partnership with Enabling IT & HR. The exceptional teamwork meant business critical systems (SAP, iBuy, Concur) were updated and available within 48 hours.

IT Application Development Insourcing (IT Shared Services) From 2015-16, Project One led the insourcing of all Application Development (AD) activities from suppliers into a new technology centre based in Chennai. Customer groups were engaged upfront to gather demand and help justify the pace of recruitment for 170 staff in the new AD factory. Services and new ways of working were defined and agreed to ensure consistency; the implementation of the AD factory was planned in detail and capability was built in the existing team to take this project on and drive it to a successful conclusion, releasing > $Xm of savings over five years.

“Well done with co-ordination over the last six months ... it’s been a significant change for the organisation.” SVP – Commercial CFO

“I’m very thankful for the work that Project One has done. Your sincere push to get things done was exemplary and I will miss that spirit!” IIS Delivery Lead Solution Delivery TOM, Agile & Scrum Master Coaching (R&D IT) As interim Chief of Staff / Delivery Excellence Lead, in support of the Head of Solution Delivery in 2019, Project One led and optimised the operating cadence for Solution Delivery embedding rigour around processes, tightening stakeholder relationships and establishing a solid base for the incoming permanent Chief of Staff. In parallel, we facilitated the Agile workstream of the Transform to Best Programme, embedding Agile coaching and operating practices across major programmes in R&D IT and Enabling Units IT.

Finance Engagement Team TOM (Finance IT) In 2019, Project One shaped the Finance Engagement Team (FET), which provides first line support in specific areas of Global Finance Services, elements of the broader Finance function and the Finance Transformation programme. An assessment of the FET operating model identified areas for improvement as well as key strengths upon which to build. The review enabled the scope of services to be rationalised and a new TOM to be defined with reduced headcount and an improved location strategy.

“You did a really nice job. Good quality, well developed and a good piece of analysis for us.” Head of IT – Finance & GBS

“Well done, Project One. You did a great piece of work here and really helped to push the Agile agenda.” Solution Delivery Centre Leader, IT



real change • real difference

Spotlight on: Governance & Control

Spotlight on: Productivity Initiatives


2011-2020+ All Areas



All Areas

Finance Transformation PMO (2018-2020) Challenge: Our customer needed to build capability within the Finance Transformation PMO as it was struggling to provide effective control and reporting on this complex, multi-year, programme. Approach: Working with the PMO Director and VP Finance Transformation, Project One carried out a comprehensive review of existing PMO processes, toolsets and team capabilities. Industry best practice and experience was used to shape the right PMO solution; existing PMO frameworks were uplifted and pragmatically aligned with ADF methodology; a central programme plan for 2019 was created in parallel with the implementation of a semi- automated reporting dashboard integrated with SharePoint; and improved processes and work instructions were created to support audit reviews. Outcomes: The previously over-run PMO team now has more capacity for decision-making, strategic planning and quality assurance.

Productivity Initiatives The Challenge: The organisation launched an ambitious programme in 2016 to significantly reduce its ongoing Selling, General & Administrative Expenses (SG&A) costs across the business through improved productivity. Approach: Project One provided portfolio and delivery leadership to the programme, including the identification and shaping of cost reduction initiatives, and coordinating and tracking the delivery of real benefits in the business itself. The initiative uses a hypothesis-led, data-driven and analytical approach to target savings opportunities, with emphasis on third party costs. Project One helped shape business cases to secure investment for a significant portfolio of productivity initiatives, coaching project managers to produce business cases that are high quality, with a focus on delivering clear and tangible value to the business. This has ensured project proposals can be consistently and thoroughly assessed by the Global CFO. Amongst the many business cases developed has been one to automate and AI-enable the handling of Adverse Events, Product Quality Complaints and Medical Information Requests to reduce cost and improve both compliance and customer service. Work has now been mobilised to deliver benefits over the next three years. Outcomes: To date the portfolio has driven $XXXm of cumulative benefit across 50+ initiatives with an ongoing run rate saving of $XXXm. Project One has supported this initiative throughout and will enable transition into a BAU mode in 2021 so that benefits can continue to be identified and accrued over the coming years.

“The high level of trust between us is something I really value and can easily say Project One has done an amazing job.” Finance Transformation Global PMO Manager

“Project One was instrumental to the enormous success of this programme,from

programme mobilisation, establishing Agile ways of working, implementing our analytics platform, managing the ‘day-to-

day’ project delivery across internal and external teams, and ensuring quality of outputs including

Global Finance Reporting Health check (2010-11) Challenge: The programme design phase for this $XXm Global Finance External Reporting Transformation Programme was complete but an approach to business change was required. In addition, the delivery plans were high risk, with no integrated view, and required an increase in drive behind Steering engagement and programme delivery. Approach: Project One defined the business change approach across central areas and the 600 global finance units, bringing clarity on how to set-up and deliver global business change effectively. We facilitated the development of a critical integrated plan, working with the Customer team and third parties to implement key governance changes, provide firm challenge and support key aspects of the programme that were at risk. Outcomes: All 600 reporting units were ready for Go Live as planned and senior management was able to make a positive Go Live decision, which proved that reporting units could use the new systems effectively. Successful month-end reporting for May 2011 greatly reduced the risks associated with meeting external reporting requirements at the half year.

multiple business cases.” Senior Director, Finance

“This programme has set the benchmark for Programme Governance.” FT Programme Director



real change • real difference

Spotlight on: Digital, Data & Analytics

Spotlight on: Digital, Data & Analytics







R&D Data Risk Programme (2020 +) Challenge: The R&D Data Office was formed to provide coordinated approaches to data management, security and compliance across the business. Its aim is to ensure data is used effectively to reduce development lead-times and add value to the discovery and development process, whilst balancing potential data risks. Approach: Our leadership and co-ordination is focused on two main components: Data Risk Processes: Documenting and increasing visibility of the data risk position and to establish standards, guardrails and controls across a coordinated network of practitioners who rely on data to bring products to market quickly and safely. Data Risk Management Capability: Ensuring a firm footing for 2021 and beyond by developing organisational hierarchy, risk management processes and configurations and piloting supporting risk management technologies. Outcomes Prototyped the data risk approach for two critical R&D data systems Pilot of new global risk management toolset to support new process

R&D IT: Digital Health Programme Challenge: Digital Health is a critical portfolio of programmes, driving transformation to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs of clinical development. Organisational changes in 2019 facilitated a need to provide a consistent programme management approach across two pivotal programmes: Design and Planning and Realtime Operation Clinical Data and Visualisation. Approach: Project One directed the Design and Planning and provided guidance for Realtime Operation Clinical Data and visualisation, based on their trusted status achieved within R&D IT over the previous 12 months. A new programme operating model was defined and implemented using a dual track Agile approach, bringing business and IT teams together with a unified purpose. Teams were stabilised and a set of enduring capabilities embedded to allow Design and Planning to deliver through a more efficient and productive operating model. Key focus areas were product platform delivery model, roles and responsibilities, executive stakeholder management, risk and dependency management. Outcomes Focused and organised programme Uplifted efficiency, effectiveness and decision making - in the field of clinical trial shaping, reporting and monitoring.

“I have been impressed with the quality and effectiveness of the programme management provided by Project One. In a very short time, and with great collaboration and leadership, our global team has transitioned to its new operating model and robust processes. Most importantly great routines for building a strong team culture and openness in regular feedback and review have been implemented with great effect.” Transformation Leader, Design and Planning, Digital Health

“Project One has been invaluable in accelerating our risk management programme by applying expertise and experience to the unique challenges of the organisation’s landscape, leading to tangible improvements in how we manage Data Risk in R&D.” Data Policy Director

Global BI ‘Amazon’ Programme (2011-13) Challenge: To improve business management and decision making through standardising data management and reporting across Sales, Marketing and Finance, globally and regionally, in a difficult business environment where revenues were decreasing. Approach: Project One reset and stabilised the programme, defining and implementing governance and controls applicable to the programme size ($XXXm+): detailed workstream delivery plans, an integrated programme plan, PMO control processes, and the Programme board. We managed the required business cases through to approval, then led the integrated planning with other programmes, including a full-scale review of the partner team. We worked alongside the Business Programme Director to drive delivery at pace over both business and IS components. Outcomes Increased certainty and pace of delivery ‘One version of the truth’ for global Finance and Sales reporting and MI to facilitate more informed management action.

“Project One brought together a set of activities into a well- constructed and executed programme. Our delivery success in 2012 is a testament to your professionalism and expertise.” Business Programme Director, Amazon



real change • real difference

Spotlight on: application rationalisation

Spotlight on: Finance Transformation







“Reducing the cost of our legacy application estate is critical to our business plans. It will achieve annual savings in excess of $XXm.” VP IT Strategy & Performance

Our customer had an expanding application estate that was costing millions of dollars to maintain, and added undue complexity and inflexibility when any change was required. The objective was to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of the application estate, rationalising platforms and insourcing delivery, thus driving consistency and effective collaboration across the organisation. A critical enabler for their IT Vision to become a World Class IT organisation.

Finance Transformation was mobilised in 2014 to achieve a step- change in Finance performance, by embedding consistent global processes, data, systems and service centres, delivering high quality, efficient services to support global business growth and strategy.



Lack of standardised processes

Modern, simplified and standardised processes



Complex system landscape

Value-focused Operating Model with cost of finance to sales in the upper quartile (0.7% of revenues)

High Total Cost of Ownership

Cost effective service

Outsourced service provision

Insourced, under full control

Federated operating model

Faster and greater business and financial insight

Multiple, overlapping platforms

Rationalised application estate

Poor quality source data

Fragmented delivery model

Global Delivery Centres

Engaged and capable workforce, creating value

Significant manual intervention

Non-standard processes

Standardised processes

Project One’s leadership focused on three major programmes:

Such a significant undertaking required the shaping and delivery of a complex suite of interconnected projects and initiatives, working right across the business, not just the Finance function.

Application Rationalisation

Application Development Insourcing Through the development of a detailed cost model and business case, Project One proved that the business could save $Xm over the next five years by insourcing application development for Information and Integration Services. We built an operating model for the insourced unit, defined the services to be provided, kick started the recruitment and stood up a team to drive the work at pace.

Application Lifecycle Services (ALS) Implementation Formed as the new in- house, offshore, application development lifecycle and software services capability, Project One worked with the new Head of ALS to get the business case agreed and then led the implementation project to get this new business unit up

Project One adding value:

Each application was reviewed by a broad team of IT and business owners and a clear application- by-application strategy established, aligned to the target business capability framework. A robust repeatable process was adopted for application decommissioning, including an offshore Service Retirement capability. Having decommissioned 200 applications, the team was on track to achieve its target of a 40% reduction in application numbers and reducing the total cost of running their IT estate by over $XXm.






Global Processes Designed

Programme Mobilised

Global Close Calendar

FX Forecasting


and running quickly. We developed and

implemented an effective and efficient set of internal processes for ALS, hand-in- hand with the Leadership Team’s establishment of a new organisation.

Commercial Management Reporting

SAP Harmonisation

Planning Hub

Manufacturing Accounting

Transactional Improvements

External Reporting Hub

Inter- Company Processing

Master Data Management

Data Cleansing

“We would not be where we are today without Project One.” Head of Application Lifecycle Services



real change • real difference

Spotlight on: Finance Transformation

Spotlight on: Finance Transformation







SAP Harmonisation (2016-17) Challenge: Finance Transformation required our customer’s ERP estate of SAP systems to operate consistently and to improve global planning and reporting across the five global regions within a new

External Reporting Hub (2017-19) Challenge: To significantly reduce manual intervention and improve data quality for statutory financial reporting across 100+ legal entities globally. Approach: Project-managed this $XXm project from requirements gathering through to post go-live Hypercare, across employees and third parties. Built a communication dashboard over the underlying data reconciliation tool, used monthly for 18 months to demonstrate data clean up progress to the Business, as well as a month-end dashboard still used today. Outcomes Simplified systems and processes

FX Forecasting (2019-21) Challenge: Improve the forecasting accuracy of

“Project One is extremely well thought of and we are very happy with your work. ​Pro-active, organised, diligent and good communicators…you have driven the project forward superbly!” Specialist Finance Director Lead: Leading the delivery of the second release in Asia across four main technologies and vendors delivering transactional, reporting and analytics capabilities. Coordinate: Across multiple vendors within the technology workstream, to ensure all inter-dependencies are managed within and across workstreams, and with other parallel projects. Manufacturing Accounting Programme MAP (2019-22) Challenge: There is currently no standard way of breaking down their costs across their ~25 manufacturing facilities around the world, making it difficult to perform site-to-site comparisons and trace detailed costs back to products. ‘MAP’ is delivering one standard cost component structure, with enhanced analytics and reporting to enable decision making which will reduce Cost of Goods Sold. Approach: Shape: Budget, team structure and plan shaping in preparation for CFO sign off. Intercompany Processes & Practices (2020-21+) Challenge: The business recognised a need to establish a standardised end-to-end intercompany process to act as the foundation for future automation opportunities. Establishing best practice global intercompany solutions will lead to improvements in how Finance interoperate with the rest of the business. Approach: Mobilise: Building a team to define, deliver and embed a standardised and effectively governed intercompany process. Shape: Defining a Target Operating Model covering the end-to-end process, data, governance and technology. Coordinate: Driving significant and critical interdependencies between initiatives and cross-functional working. Lead: Leading the programme through to transition into BAU, including establishment of benefit tracking processes.

“Project One has been an asset to the team, bringing a blend of good project management and strong relationships within the business built over a number of years.” Technology Lead, MAP Embed: Plan and manage development of the BAU team’s capability to take on and sustain the partnership with Supply Chain, FX process and continuous improvements. intercompany trade to reduce foreign exchange exposure and variance, enabling Treasury to reduce FX impacts on Group P&L Approach: Discovery: Understand the problem and sources of information available to inform intercompany forecasting. Collaborate: Launch and facilitate cross-functional data sharing, workshops and continuous improvements across the enterprise, specifically including Global Supply Chain, Finance, Finance Transformation and IT. Trial and Pilot: Develop a proof- of-concept to prototype and refine the new ways of working. Following early FX savings, the pilot was extended to include all major manufacturing sites and their Top 11 markets.

Target Operating Model. Approach: Project One stabilised the existing

programme and implemented new governance and controls. Outcomes Solid SAP Foundation: Re-engineering of the existing SAP systems provided a consistent foundation for subsequent reporting projects. Harmonised Data: Rationalised and kept clean

Period-end closure times reduced by up to 24 hours Reduced errors through minimised manual intervention

“What impressed me most was your ownership and ability to take on additional responsibility. This instilled confidence across the senior leadership team in the deliverability of the programme.” Director FT Commercial Commercial Reporting Hub (2017-19) Challenge: To standardise and consolidate a suite of critical reports used to manage commercial performance globally, enabling a consistent and trusted set of KPIs and metrics to be adopted, and so improve performance across the business. Approach: We defined a control and cadence heartbeat to keep momentum through daily tracking. We established strong working relationships between the teams to ensure a productive, focused team environment. Outcomes Single source month-end reports based on a stable platform and high-quality data Stronger relationships between the business community, IT teams and third-parties

through automated data flows with minimal manual intervention.

“We couldn’t have delivered this without the unique blend of skills, ‘can-do’ attitude and pragmatism that you bring.” FT Programme Director



real change • real difference

Spotlight on: Travel & Expenses (SAP Concur)

Spotlight on: Enterprise Workplace



All Areas




“Project One is brilliant at keeping everyone on the programme in check, asking the right questions to really get under the surface of the issues.” Programme Director New Global Social Intranet Portal Challenge: To unify a multitude of internal intranet and collaboration solutions across 60+ business units and markets, for 80,000 employees using 10 languages. This was a high-profile “Top 20” project for the IT Leadership Team Approach: Our approach focused on three major activities; deliver the solution using Agile methods; migrate existing content from multiple legacy portals to protect investments; and decommission the legacy portals, resulting in an IT cost reductions of $Xm per annum. Outcomes: On top of the IT cost reductions, the business saw an immeasurable improvement in the organisation’s ability to share information and work together collaboratively.

“Exemplar… the transformational success of 2016.” CIO

Our customer had a complex and laborious travel booking and expense submission process, underpinned by a disparate set of systems. Project One deployed a ‘best in class’ cloud-based tool (SAP Concur), integrating expenses with planning and booking of travel, whilst optimising and standardising the business process.

Desktop Deployments, Video Conferencing and Application Upgrades Challenge: The organisation needed to implement new enterprise workplace solutions to its global user base of 51,000, including 34,000 new devices, Windows 7 and seamless WIFI across 80 sites in 60 markets. $XXm budget plus $XXm capital (new devices). Approach: Project One held key leadership roles to drive integrated planning, hub and Europe deployment and application remediation. We drove the EW Programme at pace, to get new technology into the hands of the global users. Outcomes: Productivity and deployment efficiency objectives were met through a focus on creating factory-style, repeatable solutions and processes that can operate at scale across the organisation at a local, regional and global level.

Building a business and technology solution across +70 countries and +40,000 users From: To:

Complex, disparate processes

Single global processing

Complex technology solutions

Single cloud-based platform

Manual, error-prone reconciliation

Integrated, automated reconciliation

Fragmented booking and expenses

Integrated booking & expense management

Office only solution

Mobile-enabled solution

Approach Built core hub capability with adaptations to reflect local markets, leveraging a strong user network globally to lead and sponsor the change locally Provided strong delivery drive through Agile ways of working, delivering to an aggressive deployment strategy that reached the maximum number of users in the shortest possible timescale Drove a deployment approach that was reusable across all countries and structured so that multiple country deployments could be progressed in parallel Developed the business case and maintained a tight control over the programme finances, ensuring it was completed well within budget.

Outcomes Over 85% of travel is now booked and managed online markedly reducing third- party costs Reduced and integrated expenses administration, improved productivity, increased CSAT scores Visibility of spend gaining additional insight into a critical area of manageable cost

IT cost reductions by reducing complexity from 133 separate interfaces to five unified services.

“Among the best and fastest deployments of its platform ever, in any industry.” VP SAP Concur



real change • real difference

real change • real difference

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