2021 GRS Product Catalog

Rough, sharpen, and polish high-speed steel or carbide gravers faster with the GraverHone VS. This variable-speed hone features high torque with an American-made motor promoting the highest quality and longevity. GraverHone ®

#003-598 GraverHone ® VS, 110 V $845.00

• American-made motor for the highest quality and longevity • Durable, heavy-duty unit body • Variable speed with dual direction rotation • 400-900 RPM

#003-800 GraverHone ® VS Complete GRS Apex ™ Sharpening System $1299.00 • GraverHone VS features variable speed and dual direction • Marked, color-coded dials make sharpening faster • Easy for beginners, fast for advanced users Includes GraverHone VS, GRS® Apex Sharpening System, GRS® Apex Fixture, GRS® Apex Post, Dual Angle Dial, Speedline Dials (90, 105, 120 degree), Diamond Wheels (260, 600, 1200 grit), and Diamond Wheel Rack.

#003-801 GraverHone ® VS Complete Dual Angle Sharpening System, 110 V $1289.00 • GraverHone VS features variable speed and dual direction • Premium fixture post for Dual Angle fixture improves performance • Create custom tool angles quickly and easily Includes GraverHone VS, Diamond Wheels (260, 600, 1200 grit), Diamond Wheel Rack, and Dual Angle Fixture with Premium Sharpening Post.


Tool Sharpening


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