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You read that right — 50 squats a day will keep me away! Unless you stop by for a visit, of course. Between getting your loved ones the best presents possible and ensuring your family events go off without a hitch, it can be hard to look after the one thing that will take the harshest beating this winter: your body. While your body genuinely does have some superhero-like abilities, the winter weather can take a toll on it. There are, however, some fun tricks you can utilize to make the best out of even the most mundane tasks. Think about it. How many times do you get in and out of your driver's seat? How many times do you get up from your favorite recliner or desk chair and sit back down? Doing this one simple trick will help in an assortment of ways. At a minimum, we get up and sit down 20–30 times a day. This can be from our office chairs, recliners, or anywhere we sit. Most of the time when we stand up, we use our momentum to propel us out of the chair. But if we tried the following form of squats, we would start using less momentum and more muscle strength. You would be surprised how it adds up like uptown interest, the eighth wonder of the world! Here's how to do it: 1. Make sure both feet are planted firmly on the ground. 2. Position your knees directly in front of the chair. 3. Keep your knees shoulder-length apart. 4. Utilize your core and leg muscles to lift yourself from the chair. 5. Make sure the motion is completed within two seconds. 6. Repeat the motion as you sit down. You’ll know you’re doing it correctly when you feel the muscles in your legs and glutes strain. You won’t feel any soreness the next day, but you will feel your muscles working during this exercise. You don’t even need to do this during your day-to-day activities if you’re joining the family for holiday meals or events, because sitting down for dinner is the perfect place to practice. But that's

not all. Here are other opportunities for this stretch, even when you’re not at the desk. • During the commercials of your favorite football game • When you sit down for dinner • When you get a snack or beverage • Between episodes of your favorite television show You can also work other things into your daily routine that will help maintain your health during the winter months, such as drinking half your body weight in water and taking a brisk, 40-minute walk every day. It may sound silly, but drinking enough water day in and day out can significantly increase your overall health, as it helps maintain your metabolism. It’s something I practice every day! If you don’t mind the mild weather we get over the winter months, taking walks is a great way to burn up the extra calories you’re eating. While the rest of the country has to endure the harsh winter months, it’s nice to soak up and enjoy the fantastic weather we have. If you have a sweet tooth as I do, I recommend getting creative with your favorite chickpea cookie recipe! When you first hear about them, chickpea cookies may not sound delicious at all. However, they may surprise you. My wife has the best recipe that mixes dark chocolate chips with chickpeas and two other secret ingredients. It’s the healthiest and most delicious cookie I’ve ever had.

If you think these cookies sound good, you’ll have to stop by the clinic! You never know when my wife will make a batch, and we love sharing in the chickpea, dark chocolate goodness!

–Jake Berman

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