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JULY 2018

A NEW HOME AND AN OLD METHOD Current Trends Inspired by Prehistoric Lifestyles

stations where people could learn through hands-on experiences. What I found the most intriguing was the large exhibit about dinosaurs. It was fascinating to see the fossilized bones that were 165 million years old. As a chiropractor, I couldn’t help but find the bones interesting and spent most of my time there examining the fossils

It’s one of the many natural phenomena that make our bodies amazing. During my examination of the fossilized bones, I thought about the connections that bring the past and present together. Many health experts are returning to the paleolithic days when people sustained themselves on a simple diet. During that time, people lived off meats, vegetables, and fruits — there were no processed foods, carbohydrates, or

In my previous newsletter, I mentioned that I would be visiting my daughter, Marissa, over Memorial Day weekend. The trip went just as we planned — we traveled to Denver to visit Marissa and her fiancé’s new home. Buying a home was a tremendous step in their lives, and I was grateful to see all their hard work pay off. Marissa is an interior designer and has always wanted a place of her own to decorate however she wants. The two of them had been looking for a place for a long time, and to finally buy such a beautiful home meant the world to them. She wanted what she called a “beautiful sanctuary” that she created herself. It was such a pleasure seeing Marissa achieve one of her lifelong dreams. When we weren’t admiring Marissa’s beautiful home, we were exploring around the Denver and Boulder area. At one point, we took a day trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, which was a fascinating museum. It was one of the best I’ve seen. The museum was very educational, and there were interactive

of each dinosaur. I even pretended to give a spinal adjustment to a small

dinosaur — one of the vertebrae was out of alignment, a condition known

sugars. It was a more healthy lifestyle with

respect to their diet. I’m excited that this month we debuted our new Keto Lifestyle

as vertebral subluxation.

Transformation Program. In the program, we help our

From my perspective, I found all the spinal columns of each display enthralling. The spinal

practice members adopt a more natural, healthy lifestyle similar to that of our prehistoric ancestors by encouraging members to cut out the processed, carbohydrate-heavy, and sugar-filled food from their diets.

column protects the nervous system, and we humans have the same thing — we each have our own suit of armor protecting our nervous systems. Science recognizes that the first recognizable part of the body that forms is the brain and spinal cord. Nerves then grow out from the spinal cord and brain, and then internal organs form like fruit at the end of a vine. What’s really amazing is that after the brain, nervous system, and organs develop, the suit of armor forms. The spine appears to protect the central nervous system, but why? The quick answer is that the nervous system is the most important part of our anatomy — it controls everything else within the body.

Next time I go back to Colorado, it will be in September to see my daughter get married on a 100-year-old horse ranch in Glenwood Springs. Stay tuned for pictures!

–Dr. Steven Alff, D.C.

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