King's Business - 1933-06

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Dear Friend:

The school year which has just closed at the Bible Institute has been one of TRIAL and TRIUMPH. Time after time we faced very serious situations and problems which raised the question as to how we could possibly carry on to the end of the year. "But God, who is rich in mercy," heard our cry, and the year came to a close with a large degree of TRIUMPH. The commencement season was the thirteenth in which it has been my privilege to participate, and I can truly say it has been one of the best. This opinion is shared by many others. We know that numbers do not mean everything, but it is significant that the graduating class was the largest since 1928, and the enrollment of the entire stu­ dent body last fall was the largest since the fall of 1923 — quite remarkable in the light of present financial con­ ditions. But what does it all amount to? Is it worth while? A partial answer will be found in the article beginning on page 211 of this issue. By all means read it! To see these young people stepping out by faith, in order to reach people for Christ, heartens us workers to go on with the work of training, and ought to encourage others to continue their indispensable part in prayer and gifts. You have already been informed of the transactions which will, when consummated, take care, in large measure, of our indebtedness. But this will not help us in the mat­ ter of operating expenses. Frankly, the exchequer is depleted, and must be replenished if we are to carry on. The great majority of our first year students have signified their intention of returning in the fall. Many new students have already been accepted, and applications are coming in right along. The working staff stands ready to resume the arduous but blessed service of training these young people. But we must have funds. They are the con­ necting link. Do you not want to have a share in this blessed work? We appeal to you who love our Lord, who love His Word, who love His appearing, who believe in con­ tinuing the testimony concerning "the faith once for all de­ livered to the saints." Whether large or small, send in your gifts without delay. And by all means "continue stead­ fastly in prayer." Yours in His fellowship,

Acting Dean.

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