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Gone to the Dogs

Good Ol’ Boys (and Girls)

National Pet Week kicks off the month of May, so this month, I’d like to share a few stories about the great pets I’ve had in my life — or, more accurately, the great dogs I’ve had. I’ve had dogs around all my life. When I was born, my mother had a miniature dachshund named Duffy. He was a funny little guy, though I don’t remember too much about him. By the time I was 4 years old, Duffy had gone blind and started walking into walls and stairs. It was alright, though, because my parents found Duffy a great farm where he had plenty of room to run and play. At least, that’s what they told me. Our next dog almost literally fell into my lap when I was in elementary school. We were playing touch football in the front yard of a neighbor’s house when a stranger pulled up, let a small, white dog out of their car, and drove off. Using a rope as a makeshift

leash, we caught the dog, and I brought her home and asked my mom if we could keep her. This dog was a little Lhasa apso- mix, so how could my mom say no? We named her Daisy. When we took Daisy to the vet, we learned that she had heartworms. Whoever dropped her in our neighborhood probably couldn’t afford to take care of her and hoped one of us kids would take her home. We fixed her up, and Daisy was with us throughout my high school years. I didn’t have another dog until my senior year of college when my girlfriend (now wife) and I got a golden retriever named Bearon. He was a super cool dog who loved swimming and hiking. We did all kinds of outdoor stuff with Bearon. He just had boundless energy. Bearon was with us until our late 20s when he died of stomach cancer. That was a rough loss. When we were ready for another dog, we got a Yorkie named Jack. He was basically the opposite of a golden retriever. We had Jack for a while before our daughter was born. Unfortunately, Jack wasn’t thrilled to have a new baby in the house. He was really nippy and aggressive with our daughter, so we couldn’t keep him. But, no, we didn’t send Jack “to the farm.” Instead, we found him a new home where he lived to a ripe old age. After Jack, a number of years passed before we got another dog. It’s really hard to take care of a new dog when you have a new baby in the house, but when our daughter was a little older,



we decided we were ready to bring a dog into the family again. By that time, we’d had big dogs and small dogs, and we wanted something in the middle, preferably a breed that didn’t shed. That’s how I ended up with three miniature schnauzers in my house. Mini schnauzers are great dogs. They’re big enough to play and roughhouse with but small enough to hang out on the couch without crushing us. And did I mention that they don’t shed? It’s really nice not having dog hair on everything.

Blossom left, Boomer top right, Bentley bottom right

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