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All business decisions involve some level of uncertainty or risk. This short course will guide you in creating, implementing and evaluating a risk management strategy that supports your organisational objectives and ensures the minimisation of risk. You will become competent in identifying and managing risk while applying risk management processes and coordinating a risk management strategy.


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COURSE DURATION: 2 Day On-Campus Workshop

PRICE: $1,695



Is this course right for you? This is an essential course for any managers or professionals who are responsible for or involved in managing risk within their organisation. Delivery Mode On-Campus Workshop – 1 day face-to-face workshop The benefits of studying in a classroom setting include being able to share first-hand experiences, ideas and questions with peers and our expert facilitators. You’ll study with like-minded people and strengthen your network.

Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this course you will be able to: - Identify risks and apply established

risk management processes in line with the responsibilities and obligations of your role - Review and improve organisational processes, procedures and requirements for undertaking risk management - Consult stakeholders in the identification of risks while using tools and techniques to assess them - Coordinate risk management and support staff to manage risk and facilitate risk recovery


Learn it. Earn it. Share it. By completing AIM’s Risk Management course, you will receive an AIM Digital badge, the online standard for recognising and verifying learning. Display your skills and share your achievement with your peers on LinkedIn or over 170 other social media platforms.

Included Online Courses This face-to-face Short Course also gives you free access to the following Online Courses valued at $2,720: - Effective Communication - Implementing Innovation and Continuous Improvement - Project Management Fundamentals


Workshop Overview DAY ONE

Welcome and Introductions Course overview, learning outcomes and icebreaker

Enterprise Risk Management Explains the concept of Enterprise Risk Management through the three elements of principles, framework, and process Key Challenges for Managers Highlights the range of challenges that arise as managers seek to achieve organisational goals and objectives Benefits of Risk Management Discusses the various ways that risk management advantages organisations beyond just preventing accidents and financial losses Risk Application Areas Explains that “application areas” are the broad categories of the organisation where risks will be proactively managed

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Risk Management Principles Introduces the standardised principles of effective risk management and tasks participants to apply these principles to their own organisation Risk Management Framework Explains that the second component of effective risk management is a sound risk management framework Mandate and Commitment Discusses the mandate of care that senior management have in managing risk, highlighting that passive acceptance is not appropriate Communication and Consultation Discusses the benefits of good communication and consultation as it relates to change, project and culture management Stakeholder Management Explores stakeholder management as the identification of all stakeholders and the strategic decision making about most appropriate ways to engage each stakeholder group Establish the Context Demonstrates that individual and team creativity, skills, and knowledge, resources available, and the environment all shape results The Risk Management Process Explains that the actual practice of managing risk in a workplace is a five-step linear process

External and Internal Context Discusses the difference between external and internal context

SWOT Analysis Introduces the SWOT model as an effective method for measuring and examining context

Summary, Learning Journal, and Close Day 1



Welcome and Recap Review of Day 1 and course overview of Day 2

Risk Identification Introduces the concept of risk identification as the process of determining specific risks that might impact on the achievement of the organisation’s objectives Case Study Provides participants with a contemporary example of a complex company with a severely uncertain future as a discussion point for risk management options Risk Analysis Explains the three forms of risk analysis: qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, and semi- quantitative analysis Risk Analysis Case Study Provides participants with an opportunity to create their own scales of likelihood and consequence, assessing a selection of risks against it Risk Evaluation Defines risk evaluation as a comparison of the results of analysis with criteria to determine whether the risk is tolerable/manageable

Create a Heat Map Provides participants with an opportunity to create heat maps to represent the risk landscape

Document Risk Analysis Explains the importance of robust record keeping should an incident arise

Risk Treatment Discusses the various appropriate options for treating identified risks and what to do when a risk falls outside an individual manager’s responsibility and becomes a “whole of organisation” issue

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Implementing Risk Management Explores the key aspects of implementing risk management, including monitoring, and asks participants to consider this in regard to their own organisations Contingency Planning Explains the concept of contingency planning as having the purpose of retuning organisations to normal operations as soon as possible after a risk incident

Design and Implement Recovery Plan Discusses the suggested strategies for a recovery plan

Recovery Analysis Highlights the importance of evaluating the effectiveness of utilised recovery plans

Risk Monitoring and Review Discusses the role and scope of the three monitoring categories of Continuous, Line Management Reviews, and Third-Party Auditing

Summary, Learning Journal, and Close Day 2


What’s included? - Comprehensive course notes - Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea - Internet access - Free access to 3 x Online Short Courses (see page 4 for details) Please advise AIM when booking if you have any dietary or accessibility requests. Our Facilitators AIM facilitators are experienced practitioners with a robust mix of academic and practical expertise. We believe the education of the future managers of Australia to be a highly important task. Who is better placed to teach the art and science of management than those with current, daily real-world experience? Payment Options We require full payment to be made upfront prior to attending the training. Payment options we offer include: - Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard/Amex) - Direct Deposit (EFT) - Purchase Order - If you need to raise an internal purchase order please advise. Your space on the course is not secured until you have provided us with an official Purchase Order with all relevant details completed. - Zip Money - If you would like to spread the cost of your training out our finance partner Zip Money can offer you a line of credit with 6 months interest free and flexible weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment options. For more information on this, please visit

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Australian Institute of Management Education and Training Pty Limited (ABN 40 009 668 553); RTO code 0049 (AIMET); Ground Floor, 7 Macquarie Place, Sydney, NSW, 2000. AIMET is a registered Higher Education Provider listed on the national register, Provider ID: PRV12071, and an approved FEE-HELP provider.

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