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NON-CHRISTIAN RELIGIONS by lone Lowman, Th.D., Ph.D. “ Students without any previous study of philosophy may obtain sufficient understanding of the re­ ligious thinking of unregenerate man as to sympathetically present the Gospel to the unsaved.” Open-book objective tests: book review work: special study ot one religion. Fee $3.50.

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Through 40 Stations in -largest cities of Country reaching potentially 4,000,000 Jews weekly. Also world coverage over Station H.C.J.B., Quito, S.A. Hundreds write in for Prophecy Edition New Testament. Faith Cometh By Hearing. W rite for free copy o f magazine MESSAGE TO ISRAEL containing list of Stations, brief, helpful articles and news items. Your prayerful interest is needed



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A group of Peruvian Christians gathered for a Bible conference in Huanta. Their joy in believing makes their faces radiant, as seen by comparing the Christian couple (inset at right) with unevangelized Indians. A Bible Institute in Peru UNDOUBTEDLY the future of missions in all the world rests, not

. . . T O T H E LA S T D ETA IL

T te tu 1951 DVBS TEACHER'S AND D I R E C T O R'S H A N D B O O K . . . FREE

mand of the language and a better in­ sight into the problems of their fellow countrymen than one of another nation can ever attain.” An extract from the letter of a devoted missionary’s wife well portrays the vicissitudes, hopes and fears, suc­ cesses and disappointments o f a mission­ ary’s • life: “ Phil and Nick had good numbers at meetings at Ticlias. The people seemed eager for the W ord. Some professed to accept Christ and others who had already accepted were given assurance. The people were thrilled that the missionaries visited them and showed their gratitude by crying when they left. Phil said one old lady tried to kiss him, but he was just too tall. One o f our converts there was beaten up and left for dead by a mob. But now they all respect him and the perse­ cution is in a more subtle way. W e are rejoicing in the good beginning of the Bible Institute in Huanta.”

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with our American missionaries, but with the indigenous churches which they establish. These churches must have trained Christian leaders who are equipped against the deluge of modern­ ism that has well-nigh engulfed many mission fields, proving a great calamity. So the Independent Board is em­ phasizing the training of consecrated national Christian workers in every field. Our readers will be interested to learn of this effort in Peru, more modest in scope than the seminaries in Korea and Japan, but “ who hath despised the day of small things?” An experienced missionary writes of this venture o f faith: "The mission­ aries of this mission believe in indig­ enous churches led by national pastors because such men have a better com­

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In conjunction with other Christian agencies, the Independent Board has been used of God to protest against many totalitarian measures the world over. Write for your copy of " Biblical Missions” with its thrilling accounts, direct to The General Secretary, Des\ P.


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Not Enough Said I find this a wonderfully helpful issue (December), especially for those who have never read one of these excellent Christian magazines. There’s only one thing—I don’t un­ derstand why there isn’t more writ­ ten against worldliness -r- movies, dances, etc. So many Christians can’t see a bit of harm in those things and never hear a minister preach against them. God says that if we are partly worldly He will count us wholly worldly, so to me it is a serious sub­ ject about which more should be written. N ame N ot G iven Doesn’t Like Labels I feel your attitude toward the Federal Council of Churches, and your labeling of any church not of your way of thinking as modernistic, is unkindly and not Christlike. I am a Methodist, and believe there are as many saints and devoted souls in that church and others, as there are in those who so strongly label them­ selves “ fundamental” and “ Bible Christians.” We love the Bible as much as you do, yet all people cannot interpret it in the same way. My “ quarrel” with you would be that you are always so sure you are right, and others are wrong, and label many great Christians, giving their lives in the service of our Lord, as “mod­ ernists.” I dislike labels, and all dis­ sensions between Christian people!! If we expect to bring the world to our one Master, is He pleased that we criticize and pull apart—is that His spirit? One statement in “Geneva Congress Reports” (recent article) I especially regret—that they were united “ in their conviction that there must be neither fellowship nor organizational connection with those who have departed from fundamental Bible Christianity.” To me that sounds not Christlike—it is a very strange thing to me and one that borders on egotism that you feel you can judge great bodies of other Christian peoples— and we are Christian. Let us honestly face it and pray more about it, and try to see that some go about the “King’s business” in different ways than others, but all with the same love of Him and the same aim of bringing others to Him. M rs . L. J. K endall Brookings, So. Dak. F E B R U A R Y , 1 9 5 1

Official Publication of The Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Incorporated

Louis T. Talbot, D.D.

Betty Bruechert Managing Editor

William W. Orr, D.D.

Editor in Chief

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China’s Open Door Closes W ORD reaches us that Commu­ nist China has ordered the con­ fiscation of United States property within its borders, which includes missionary property as well. With this order will come the possession by the Communists of many a hospital, or­ phanage, leprosarium or other Chris­ tian benevolent institution. Mission­ aries numbering more than 2,000 have been ordered to evacuate, and apparently a Protestant missionary enterprise of more than 200 years is about to be terminated. China’s open door is closing. Bible students have long interpreted the sixth of seven letters, from the risen Lord to the churches found in Revelation 2 and 3, as a message to the missionary church of the present day. Among other things which Christ spoke to this church of Philadelphia was a word of encouragement. He promised “ Behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it.” The open door gave access to all nations under the sun for world­ wide missionary effort. While many countries have not welcomed the preaching of the gospel with open arms, still there has been universal admittance for the messengers of the cross, and the Word has been preached to the far corners of the earth. Due to internal strife, or religious pressure, from time to time doors have been closed for a season. Mis­ sionaries have had to flee and the work by foreign missionaries has been abandoned temporarily. But al­ ways in God’s good time the door has swung open again, and the work been resumed. Times without number the missionaries have prayed to God on the basis of His promises, and God has answered their prayers and pro­ vided new entrances. But never be­ fore in all the history of missions have the forces of God come face to face with the forces of a militant, defiant, atheistic confederation such as the Soviet. Missions have battled paganism and heathenism, but never complete atheism. Will the door open again? Is this present move by Satan to be overruled by God? Does the promise of Revela­ tion 3 :8 cover this situation too? The answer is dependent upon our near­ ness to the end of the age. If this is God’s time for the rapture of the Church, then the door to China will not be re-opened. But if the coming of our Lord is to be delayed, then most assuredly Chinese missions will continue, and the door will swing open again. T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

goods and hidden them in the earth under his tent. A court of inquiry pronounced him guilty, and at God’s command he was punished by death. Now, with consciences again clear the armies of Israel once more knew the sweetness of victory. Is there an analogy here to the situation in our own beloved land of America? It is true that American arms wrought a great victory for God in World War II. On every front our brave men were victorious. Against an enemy entrenched and determined, the Stars and Stripes were carried to glorious victory. That God was on the side of the American legions is clearly evident to every serious student of military strategy. But Korea? And now the lowly Chi­ nese? With armies hardly worthy of the name, with equipment almost absurd in these times, and leaders utterly lacking the “know how” of modern warfare, these countries have given the powerful American forces a bad time. What has happened to Amer­ ica’s charmed life ? What has happened to the favor of God we experienced during the dark days of the last war ? Could it be, as in the case of Jer­ icho and Ai, that we are turning our backs to our enemies because of sin in our camp? Is it because America is not right with God? Are we who are left behind miserably failing in our obligations to live honestly and uprightly before God ? Are .we the “Achan” which caused the inglorious debacle of Korea? Now is the time for each American to examine the innermost recesses of his own heart. From the greatest in our country to the least, let us confess our own sins, and the sins of our country. Let us cry to God for mercy and pardon. Let us pray to God to punish the evil-doers and restore us to the swfeetness of His fellowship and favor. God help us to do so!

Jericho and Ai D O you remember the story of Jer­ icho? The children of Israel had just stepped onto the new land which God had promised them. The Jordan River had been crossed. The years of wandering were ended. The Israelites were free at last to advance and pos­ sess. But a real barrier confronted them in the walled city of Jericho. What were they to do? They were relatively untrained in the arts of warfare while the men of Jericho were warriors from youth. In addi­ tion to this disparagement in num­ bers, the city was surrounded by high walls and capable of withstanding quite a siege. The story is well known, especially the strange unorthodox march around the city, the upheaval of the walls on the seventh day and the complete sub­ jugation of all the inhabitants, with the exception of the family of Rahab. Truly it was a great victory and God’s children rejoiced greatly in this triumph. It had been so easy, and God’s presence had been so manifest. The Israelites thought j f this was to be a sample of the conquest of the entire land, there would be absolutely nothing to it. The next city was a more insignifi­ cant one named Ai. Guided by the ease of conquest as in the case of Jericho, it seemed the part of sound military strategy to dispatch only a small battle force to level this city to the ground. So a small party boldly approached Ai expecting a repetition of Jericho’s defeat only to find bitter, stinging opposition from the men of the city, and a resounding repulse to the army of God. What had. happened? Those who have read the account remember that it was a sin in the camp at home that brought about this humiliating defeat. Against God’s specific command, an Israelite named Achan had stolen Page Four

The Press and The Christian World Formosa Crusade Late reports from the “ Every Crea­ ture Crusade” in Formosa tell that over 200,000 have heard the gospel in six weeks of campaigning with over 5.000 indicating a desire to accept Christ. More than 100,000 Gospels of John have been carefully distributed. Madame Chiang Kai-shek requests 100.000 New Testaments so that those who turn to Christ may each have one.' Dick Hillis, a leader in this Crusade, is back in the States to get an ur­ gently needed allotment of Scriptures, expecting to return soon to Formosa for their distribution. Other features of the Crusade in­ clude 200-foot billboards covered with Scripture verses reaching many in the heart of Formosan cities. Gospel records, are being broadcast from many radio stations and the Moody film, “ The God of Creation” continues A one dollar bill was the difference in the bids between the Providence Bible Institute and the Order of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart of New England for the purchase of the Edge- wood Junior College property. This incident which made headlines in the daily papers proves the over-ruling hand of God in business matters. Both of these schools had submitted bids before which were rejected, necessita­ ting new bids. God seemed to lead in the addition of this extra one dollar which clinched the property for Provi­ dence Bible Institute. Bible Lands Trip Dr. Joseph P. Free, of Wheaton College, announces plans for the fourth Wheaton College Bible Lands group sailing from New York, Feb­ ruary 15. This group will make an ex­ tended stay in Syria and Palestine in the interests of Bible study and archaeology. The trip is open to Christian people throughout the coun­ try. Hindustan Bible Institute In a recent meeting, Articles of Incorporation were adopted for the Hindustan Bible Institute, a project which has as its purpose the establish­ ment of a fundamental evangelical school in India. President of the Board of Trustees is Dr. Jesse W. Baker, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Burbank; with Rev. N. Paul V. Gupta, at present a student of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, as General Director. Page Five to open doors of interest. Providence Bible Institute

really works in our lives. It is easy to say that God is able when there is no need to prove it. But when catas­ trophe looms, then the ability of God must be more than claimed, it must be demonstrated. Thank God, what we have main­ tained is true, wonderfully true. And God’s grace is sufficient and more, in all times of need. What is necessary for the Christian is to be sure that all is well between his heart and God. He must be sure that his prayer line is in good working order. He must know of a surety that as far as he is aware, he is in the center of God’s will for his life. Then, come what may, the protection of God will be his. So let us lift up our heads! Let us exhibit our faith before a world that does not possess it. Let us demon­ strate daily the power of God to give courage and streng th when other hearts are failing for fear. Now is the time to let the light of God truly shine. May God give us the grace to do so! As this issue goes to press, word reaches us that the beloved Doctor Harry A. Ironside, former pastor of Moody Memorial Church, Chicago, has gone to be with the Lord. He died in New Zealand where he was en­ gaged in service for the Lord. De­ tails of his life and ministry will be included in our March issue. Tribute To A Great Christian Lady O UR deepest sympathy goes to the loved ones and friends of Mrs. Milton Stewart who recently died in Pasadena. She was the widow of Mr. Milton Stewart, who was one of those instrumental in the inaugura­ tion of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. Years ago the Stewarts, moved by the great need of China, devoted much of their energy and means to the building of the Hunan Bible In­ stitute in Changsha, China, which work still stands today, in spite of the efforts of the Communists to de­ stroy it. Under the hand of God, this Work has been responsible for the training of thousands of young Chi­ nese leaders whose influence for Christ has been felt throughout that land. We shall ever thank God upon re­ membrance of these faithful servants of His. The Lord Calls Another Faithful Servant

Signs multiply in the prophetic sky. The nation of Israel increases daily. Who could have predicted that in two years of national independence the new nation could have made such strides? Russia grows and takes in more satellites. China comes under her banner ; India is rapidly being infiltrated with Communism. Indo­ nesia is ripe for Red conquest. Noth­ ing seems to be able to stop the great confederation of Magog. The United Nations continues to grow and learn by experience. Their policy is indecisive, and they sadly need a competent leader. With a man supernaturally wise in the position of President of the United Nations, they could easily control the peace of the world. The time seems ripe for the emergence of such a leader as prophe­ sied in Scripture. So let us lift up our heads! God is most assuredly working things after the counsel of His own will. Soon—■ perhaps sooner than anyone believes— the trumpet will sound, and the chain of events will begin which will not stop until seated on His millennial throne is our precious and wonderful Lord. Even so, come, Lord Jesus! Now Is the Hour to Exhibit Our Faith T ODAY the American people have a more sober outlook on life than has been observed in many a year. Not only is our land faced with the possibility of another world conflict, but coupled with this are the vast de­ structive potentialities of atomic war­ fare and the disconcerting defeat of our apparently invincible forces in Korea. A real sense of the utter hope­ lessness of things and the futility of expecting peace seem to pervade the atmosphere. While people generally are endeav­ oring to present a calm exterior, deep down in their hearts there is stark fear and near panic. Nearer than ever before in our nation’s history is the possibility of war coming directly to our shores with its horror of de­ struction, d isease, broken bodies, warped minds, blood and tears. The child of God has maintained all along that his God was able to save us from this: able to protect, able to provide, and able to give peace of heart in the time of danger. This is a worthy claim and in days when the sun shines brightly it is easy to preach it. But the test comes when the clouds darken. It is then that our worldly friends and unsaved relatives look to see if what we have been preaching F E B R U A R Y . 1 9 5 1

Is it not a plain fact that the Eu­ ropean countries are already lining up, seemingly in readiness for the Antichrist, the tribulation period, and the battle of Armageddon? We can see how easily a confed­ eracy of nations could be formed by the peoples occupying the territory of the old Roman Empire. Once many ridiculed the prophetic Word of God, saying that such a thing was im­ possible; but what student of history today would be so bold? The restoration of the nation of Israel is the most startling sign to­ day, and this makes all other events very significant. The prophets fore­ told that Israel would return to her own land—not all of the nation, but part of the people; and that they would go back in unbelief. Another remarkable circumstance in world events is the situation in the East. The kings of the east, liter­ ally, the kings that come from the sunrising (Rev. 16:12), will play a significant part in world events in the last days. During the last half-century the Orient has been compared to a waking giant,-being aroused from a long slumber. The time will come when East and West and North and South will meet on the plains of Me- giddo for the last great war. Pales­ tine is the geographical and political center of the world, and has always been, in the mind of God. The Bible says so, in Deuteronomy 32:8: “When the Most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the sons of Adam, he set the bounds of the people according to the num­ ber of the children of Israel.” Increased lawlessness in the earth and apostasy in professing Christen­ dom are two other striking signs of the times. Yet we must be careful not to set dates; for our Lord expressly told us not to do that. He did give us these signs whereby we might know that His coming draweth nigh, that we might be ready for His coming. What is the meaning of Hebrews 12 : 14 ? Does this verse not teach sin­ less perfection—“ Without holiness no man shall see the Lord” ? This verse would teach sinless per­ fection if it had been quoted correctly. Read it again carefully: “ Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.” If a man is truly regenerated, he will follow after holiness. That is, he will pursue it. If, however, he follows after sin, and pursues sin and un­ cleanness, this is evidence that he is a hypocrite, no matter how loud his profession may be. T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

that this word is used here in the same sense as that of Matt. 1:24, 25: “Joseph . . . knew her not [meaning Mary] until she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name Jesus.” Much unbelief today is due to mis­ understanding in regard to what the Bible teaches. What the Bible says is one thing; what people often say it teaches is another thing entirely. What is Spiritism? Spiritism is the theory that the spirits of the dead do communicate and hold intercourse with those who are still upon the earth. We know that Spiritism is not of God, for the following reasons: 1. It is absolutely forbidden in the Scriptures. (See Deut. 18:9-12; Lev. 19:31; Isa. 8:19-22; 1 Chron. 10:13, 14.) 2. The spirits of the dead in Christ are with the Lord, and do not return to the earth. (See 2 Sam. 12:23; Phil. 1:23; 2 Cor. 5:8.) 3. The spirits of the Christless dead could not return to the earth, even if they so desired. Read care­ fully Luke 16:19-31. The rich man de­ sired Abraham to send Lazarus back to earth to warn his brethren. Abra­ ham stated that this was not neces­ sary, because his brothers had the writings of Moses and the prophets. But why did he not return himself to warn his brethren, if the dead really return to the earth? He could not return because there was a great gulf fixed. The rich man could not pass over to where Lazarus was, let alone leave his prison and return to the earth. The only explanation of Spiritism, therefore, is that those who appear in seances are demons who imper­ sonate our loved ones. Paul says in Ephesians 6:11,12: “ Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Let us also remember that God smote Saul because he dabbled with Spiritism. (See 1 Chron. 10:13,14.)

Dr. Louis T. Talbot

In Matthew 25:41 I read, “Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” Would this not imply that hell is not prepared for man? It does imply that hell was not prepared for man. Hell was prepared for the devil and his angels. When man fell into sin, God prepared sal­ vation for him. But it is clearly stated that, if man rejects that prepared salvation, he will find himself in the place prepared for the devil and his angels. A schoolteacher tells me that Adam uxts not the first man. What can I answer him? Skeptics frequently raise questions that only show their ignorance of the Word of God, and would-be skep­ tics foolishly repeat what they hear, not searching the Scriptures to see if these things are true. In First Corin­ thians 15:45 we read that the first man Adam was made a living soul. Let us keep in mind that, in the book of Genesis, God is not giving us an account of the history of all humanity, but rather the divine rec­ ord concerning the ancestors of the seed of woman, even the Lord Jesus Christ, who was born of the Virgin Mary. Some, untaught in the Scriptures, claim that Cain found his wife in the land of Nod, but the Bible makes no such statement. When Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, certainly he took his wife with him. What the Bible does say is that, hav­ ing gone to the land of Nod, “ Cain knew his wife” (Gen. 4:16, 17). Every student of the Bible knows Page Six

New Protestant Council A brand new organization composed of the merger of seven interdenomina­ tional church agencies has just come into being under the name of the Na­ tional Council of the Churches of Christ in U.S.A. This council will rep­ resent the vast majority of Protestants in the United States totaling about 32,- 000,000. The idea of this council sug­ gests better church co-operation and a more deliberately adopted and sys- temically organized policy. The agen­ cies joining include: The Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America, Foreign Missions Confer­ ence of North America, Home Mis­ sions Council of North America, the United Council of Church Women, In­ ternational Council of Religious Edu­ cation, the United Stewardship Coun­ cil, the National Protestant Council on Higher Education, Missionary Education movements in the U.S. and Canada. It is to be noted that these organizations are predominantly lib­ eral in their thinking, yet by no means do all the supposed 32,000,000 con­ stituents follow these liberal tenden­ cies. Three Battles Lost Recently the war of progressive education seems to be going all one way. Three times the conservatives won out over the progressives. The first example of this was in Pasadena where a conservative school man was appointed to fill a progressive’s place. Also, in Los Angeles, the public school system returned to the “ A, B, C” method of grading, and in New York State a committee of historians rec­ ommended to the State Board of Re­ gents that American History in the 8th grade be taught in chronological rather than topical form. All of which makes a decided swing back to old- time principles of education which seem to be in line with Scriptural methods. Reads Bible 160 Times •s* In a recent letter from Evangelist H. Evan McKinley, it is related that T. H. Maxwell of Conyers, Georgia, has read the Bible through 160 times. This is quite a record. Mr. Maxwell read the Bible through the first time when he was but ten years of age, using a large old family Bible. Since that time, he has worn out 12 Bibles. It is his practice to read about four chapters after each meal. Then in the evening he continues to read until about eleven o’clock. He declares he is never tired of the Book and that each time he receives new light. He hopes to read the Bible through 175 times during his lifetime. F E B R U A R Y , 1 9 5 1

William W. Orr, D.D.

Sunday School Gains «** It is reported that Sunday school enrollment in the United States showed a greater increase during the period of 1947-1949 than did our church membership or the national population. Tabulated in this report were the latest statistics of 241 Amer­ ican religious bodies showing that there are 243,454 Sunday schools in the United States with an enroll­ ment of 28,893,789. Sunday school enrollment grew rapidly from the turn of the century to 1930; then there came a slump, but beginning with 1947, there were real signs of new advances. Holy Year Statistics J* In many respects, 1950 has been the greatest of all Holy Years the Roman Catholic Church has known since the first in 1300. The pilgrims journeying to Rome numbered 3,200,- 000 and more canonizations and beat­ ifications took place than in any other Holy Year. Coupled with this, a new dogma of the church was pronounced and in the final week the Pope con­ firmed the news that the tomb of St. Peter had definitely been found. The 74-year-old Pope received many thou­ sands in special or private audiences and during the time 34 international congresses were held in Rome. To the Roman Catholics the success of the Holy Year was a bright beam of light in a dark, uneasy world, but to those acquainted with the Scriptures it was but another move in the ever-growing picture of end-time events which will eventually culminate in the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Page Seven

Israel's Growth <** The population of the new nation of Israel is growing faster than that of any region in the world according to Maurice Kesner, western director of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University. Israel, which is about the size of Con­ necticut in area, is increasing at the rate of about 15,000 new settlers a month. The Jewish State is the only country open to all peoples who wish to settle there so there is nothing to prevent a large population growth by immigration. Southern California by comparison has had a population increase of 41% in ten years while Israel has increased 100% in five years. How Many Stars? •s* With modern telescopic facilities, the numbering of the stars goes on. The latest report by Dr. Harlow Shap- ley, Director of Harvard University Observatory, is the result of an 18- year-long galaxy count. It is to be re­ membered that each galaxy is some­ thing like our own Milky Way, made up of hundreds of millions of stars. The Harvard observers have photo­ graphed a million galaxies, but they estimate that there are about a billion galaxies which might be visible through a more powerful telescope and about a billion more which would be visible if they were not obscured by dust and gas. Dr. Shapley estimates that these two billion galaxies are about one per cent of the number in the entire universe, the total score of which would be 200 billion galaxies of stars, each galaxy being made up of hun­ dreds of millions.

SCIENCE contradict the


D o e s

First Article in a New Series by Harry Rimmer

Reproduced, by permission from the book T he H armony of S cience and S cripture Copyright by Research Science Bureau, Inc.

W E find in nature a revelation of God, but in the Bible we have the revelation of Him. The difference that now exists between schools of philosophical opinion has to do with the harmony of these two revelations. Many men who have the power to read the signature of Deity in the works that He has wrought do not go suffi­ ciently into the problem of inspiration to make a complete harmony of fact and record. Therefore it is not uncom­ mon to hear certain men who are not without standing in the scholarly world maintain that the Bible and science contradict each other. Those who concede the existence of contra­ dictions between science and Scrip­ ture accept science as the more au­ thoritative of the two, and are quick to charge error to the writers of the Bible. This attitude of mind necessarily manifests no small egotism on the part of the objector. The budding knowledge of man in the world of science makes no claim to infallibility, so the controversy is really over the credibility of the two authorities. The true student is one who approaches the problem of alleged contradictions in his field of correlation in a humble attitude of mind, admitting that in­ stead o f a mistake by the writers of the Scripture, it may be simply an error in his understanding. Some time ago we heard an emi­ nent theologian apologize for the Bi­ ble, saying, “ Of course there are sci­ entific errors in the Bible. However, we can excuse such mistakes on the ground that the Bible is not a text­ book of science, and therefore we do not expect it to be scientifically accu­ rate.” The premise of this learned gentle­ man is sound, but his conclusion is utterly indefensible. Certainly the Bible is not a textbook of science. We are happy to agree, for if it were, it would have to be rewritten at least once in every generation; a textbook of science ten years old is obsolete. The findings of one generation are Page Eight

it is the Word of God. In a book that owes its origin and authority to the perfect knowledge of Deity, no error of any kind could be admissible. Regardless o f the reason for the writing, Almighty God knew the facts in all cases. Therefore, if errors of science are found in the Bible, its claims to inspiration are proved false and its divine authority has been disproved. We would hasten to remind the reader, however, that only a science that is free from error will agree with a true and accurate rendition of the text of the Bible. Years ago, the Re­ search Science Bureau offered the sum of one hundred dollars to anyone who could demonstrate an unquestioned contradiction between a fact of sci­ ence and a statement of the Scripture. Into our office files there poured an amazing number of queries and appli­ cations from those who fancied that they had found a scientific mistake in the old Book. Upon analysis, how­ ever, every one of these so-called “mistakes” of the Bible turned out to be the result of the contender’s igno­ rance o f the Scriptures. As an illustration, there was the young lady in Detroit, a graduate of the University of Michigan. This young lady stated that she would take the one hundred dollars offered for the proof of a scientific mistake in Holy Writ, and cited the following data: “ It is inferred in the Scripture that the Garden of Eden was in the land of of Mesopotamia. Science has recently demonstrated that apples will not grow in the climate of Mesopotamia. But the Bible states that Adam and Eve were put out of the Garden of Eden for eating an appl,e, in a climate where science has now proved that apples will not grow!” On this basis she demanded the one hundred dol­ lars. The committee replied to her very simply by asking for the citation in Scripture that stated that the fruit of Adam’s misdemeanor was an apple. Of course, the Bible nowhere uses the T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

Dr. Rimmer

subject to the broader research of the following generation, and scientific knowledge is in a constant state of flux. A book which has remained un­ changed for centuries, still retaining its grip upon the heart and intelli­ gence of the entire human family, is not temporary and fallible as would be a scientific textbook. Dr. R. A. Millikan, director of the Norman Bridges Laboratory of the California Institute of Technology, •has formulated the following state­ ment: “ The purpose of science is to develop, without prejudice or precon­ ception of any kind, a knowledge of the facts, the laws, and the processes of nature. The even more important task of religion, on the other hand, is to develop the consciences, the ideals, and the aspirations of mankind.” How few textbooks of science are composed entirely of facts, written without prejudice or preconception of any kind! How few of the laws and processes of nature have been abso­ lutely mastered in their entirety by the mind of man! The Bible, however, not evolving from the gradual accumulation of human wisdom, but being an involu­ tion of the mind of God into the thinking of men, is free from this continual correction and change. Re­ gardless of the purpose of the Bible,

The reader may recall that famous list of fifty-one scientific facts pub­ lished by the French Academy of Science in 1861, all of which contra­ dicted some statement of the Scrip­ ture. Years have gone by, and not one word of the Bible has been changed, but in that time, the knowledge of science so increased, and altered, that there is not a living man of science today who holds one of those fifty- one so-called facts that were at one time advanced in refutation of the in­ spiration of the Scripture! A careful review of these years would show that a fiercer battle has raged between schools of scientific in­ terpretation than ever existed be­ tween the diverse camps of varying denominational beliefs. We feel confident that it should be easy to establish the harmony of sci­ ence and Scripture. In four simple but clear propositions, we would summa­ rize a great deal of evidence which, if given in detail, would fill many vol­ umes. The first proposition is that the Bible does contain scientific truth even though its facts are stated in non- scientific language. Some time ago we heard of a very learned gentleman who repudiated the fact of the scien­ tific accuracy of the Scripture. He based his entire attitude of mind upon (Continued on Page 20) The Bible States Scientific Truth

case perfectly. Science is growing, but we would like to reply to you, sir, in the language of the hillbilly of the South, ‘ Science may be growing, but the Bible is done growed’ !” This erudite man of science looked up with quick interest and said, “Meaning what?” “Meaning,” we replied, “ that for a growing science to criticize a fully grown revelation would have some­ thing of the audacity of a seven-year- old boy telling a seventy-year-old man how to grow up. It just isn’t done that way, you know!” By every technique that is accept­ able, we test the lesser by the greater. This modern craze to test Scripture by science, however, would reverse the natural order. When science is grown up and has achieved its majority, and has demonstrated its own infallibility, we may then be ready to test the Bible by science. At the present time this proceeding is wrong, and we should reverse the technique. We have come to that place in our thinking, after twenty-five years of research on this subject, where we are willing to admit that where science. and the Bible are in utter harmony, that agreement establishes the certainty of that science! We must not forget that there are errors in scientific thought. The opin­ ions of scientists change so rapidly that it is reported that the library of the Louvre, in Paris, contains three and one-half miles of bookshelves, holding volumes of science that have become obsolete in fifty years! What is this thing we are worship­ ing but a vain repetition of what de­ cayed nations fell down and worshiped just before their light went out? Read the history of Rome in decay, and you will find luxury there that could lay a big dollar over our little dough­ nut that looks so large to us. Great wealth never made a nation substantial nor honorable. There is nothing on earth that looks good that is so dangerous for a man or a na­ tion to handle as quick, easy, big money. If you do resist its deadly influence, the chances are it will get your son. It takes greater and finer heroism to dare to be poor in Amer­ ica than to charge an earthworks in Korea.— Wall Street Journal.

word, “ apple” in connection with Adam’s fall. The text in Genesis sim­ ply says, “ fruit,” and there are many varieties o f fruit that grow in Meso­ potamia. The young lady replied, after con­ siderable lapse of time, by saying, “ I cannot find the verse in Genesis that says it was an apple, but I am possi- tive it was an apple, because my Sun­ day School teacher told me so!” This scientific society, however, is not pay­ ing one hundred dollars for what some Sunday School teacher may think about the text of the Scripture! Their proposition is clear, simple, sincere, and explicit. Wherever there is a clear statement of fact in the Scripture, the ultimate conclusions o f science will demonstrate that fact beyond any shadow o f a doubt. Some years ago, the late Dr. E. E. Slosson, one o f the outstanding men of science in our generation, wrote an interesting little book entitled, The Sermons of a Chemist. In the fore­ word to his book, Dr. Slosson said, “ Science is moulting, and right now it looks funny. But I wish that we could get the world to realize that this changing phase of science is an evi­ dence of growth and not decay.” That is a thought-provoking state­ ment, perfectly expressed. Some time later, when we shared a platform with Dr. Slosson, we called his attention to this sentence from the introduction to his interesting book. He smiled when his memory stirred, and said, “ I still feel that way.” We said, “ Dr. Slosson, that statement covers the What America needs more than railway extension, and western irri­ gation, and a low tariff, and a bigger wheat crop, and a merchant marine and a navy, is a revival of piety, the kind mother and father used to have . . . piety that counted it good busi­ ness to stop for daily family prayers before breakfast, right in the middle of the harvest; that quit work a half-hour earlier Thursday night so as to get the chores done and go to prayer meeting ; that borrowed money to pay the preacher’s salary, and prayed fervently in secret for the salvation of the rich man who looked with scorn on such unbusinesslike behavior. That is what we need now to clean this country of the filth of graft and of greed, petty and big.

Wall StreetSeesNeedOfPiety

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F E B R U A R Y . 1 9 5 1

Y OU can look in the dictionary yourself and find that love is “a feeling of strong 'personal at­ tachment, strong liking, fondness, tender and passionate affection for one of the opposite sex,” etc., etc. All of which is no doubt true, but we could never be satisfied with just this definition. You see, we must empha­ size here that love came from God. In fact, in a very mysterious and wonderful way, God Himself is love (1 John 4 :7, 8). So the only one really capable of defining love is God. And any definition which leaves God out isn’t really the genuine article. The world defines love very differ­ ently (1 John 2:15-17). Love to many means merely the gratification of sensuous desire or physical pleasure. The average untaught young person conceives of love in terms of passion­ ate kisses, promiscuous fondling or perhaps even stolen affection slightly on the unholy side. The reason is that some have received their education about love from the lurid love maga­ zines or the even more sensational moving pictures. This isn’t really love at all—mostly it’s just plain physical lust. You’ll never understand the true character of love until you see that God places our love alongside His. For instance in one place He points out that as He so loved (1 John 4:11) us, we ought to love one another. And in another place an entire chapter (1 Cor. 13) is devoted to a delineation of love’s sterling qualities. Yet the greatest unveiling of love’s true char­ acter is to be found in the person of Christ Himself. He is love incarnate. His life is the personification of all that love is (1 John 4:10). This may all be just Greek to you until you nail down firmly in your thinking that the love we’re talking about is high, noble, unselfish, and self-sacrificing. Genuine love is always clean love. It’s pure, generous, long- suffering, faithful. You can no more divorce real love from these qualities than teach mud turtles to fly. And your Christian life just won’t work on any other principle. It’s like trying to run your car on catsup or maple syrup. It wasn’t made for that. You can easily see that true love has lofty (John 14:15) standards. But let me assure you that love like this brings millions of dividends in true pleasure (Prov. 5:18) and enduring satisfac­ tion, and some fun, too (Cant. 1 :2 ). Love Is Quite Normal Don’t ever be afraid of love, for it’s quite normal. I don’t want you to think for a moment that because Page Ten

for Christian

By William W . Orr, D .D . Second in a Series of Articles on the Problems of Young People

Christian love has an honest back­ bone you can’t attain to it. Believe me, it’s perfectly right, proper and praiseworthy to like many friends, to love a particular someone, to marry, to have a dozen children, and to live happily (or at least merrily) ever after. You see, God has bound up the matter of making the world (Gen. 2:24) go round with the force we call love. Love and procreation (Eccl. 9 :9) love and life go hand in hand simply because God has so willed it. We must love because we’re made that way. Our lives are not complete until we do. Our physical mechanism, our mental health, our spiritual well-being are all tied into this matter of love. You don’t have to look very far to find people who are hopelessly neurotic simply be­ cause they’re starved for affection. On the other hand, while we’re affirming the normality of love, let us add that there’s real danger in the abuse of this God-given force. When love gets out of hand, or jumps its track, then there’s mighty serious trouble to pay. The same things may be said of other things in life. For instance, the body is made for food, and eating is a most delightful and nourishing exercise. But overeating, or bad gastronomic habits could bring a chain of reactions that might cost one’s life. Exercise, too, is good. But overexertion could irreparably dam­ age the body’s muscular structure. Our eyes are unbelievably strong, but don’t start staring at the sun with them. Our voices can stand a lot of abuse, but screaming to high heaven might ruin them forever. You see, all of life’s forces have boundaries of good sense.

Love, too, is quite normal, useful and a source of unparalleled delight (Cant. 4:10) within the boundaries a loving God has made. But don’t let love get out of hand, and jump the boundaries. God wants us to enjoy life to the full. But isn’t it the part of true wisdom to follow (1 John 4:11) God’s rules ? Especially when the rules are designed for our highest good? Have Many Friends Don’t misunderstand me. We don’t mean many intimate, close friends; that’s an impossibility. In life there can only be one who is the friend. Rather, what we mean is to let your life be enriched with many friends (Prov. 17:17) of the ordinary garden variety. You know, school chums, church pals, friends on the job. It’s good advice not to get too serious with any one friend until about a score of years have rolled by. Then you’re beginning to get some good sense. Now, how to make friends? Well, that isn’t easy. An old Book puts it this way: to have friends one must show himself friendly (Prov. 18:24). Which means you have to encourage friendships. You must think of the things which concern their lives, work for their welfare, put your interests last. But there are rich rewards for this. True friends constitute some of the real riches (Prov. 27:9) of life. Boys and girls were made for each other. It’s a fine thing to encourage parties, socials, sings, hikes, picnics. Enter into these things with all your heart. Have fun with friends. God is never desirous that we should shut ourselves up as in a monastery. We’re not to be hermits or recluses. It’s as natural as breathing to know and like many friends. Of course, always in T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

the right way. Too many today have lost the zest of good home-made fun with friends. There’s too much de­ pendence upon purely artificial means of amusement. We need to learn that the world is literally packed to the edges with things to discover and enjoy. And the best way to discover that is with friends. Then too, having many friends pre­ sents a thrilling opportunity. You can introduce them to the greatest Friend, Jesus (John 15:15). You’ll find some in your circle of acquaintances that do not know Christ in a personal, living way. They think that Christ is somehow boxed up in a church or cathedral. They believe that Chris­ tians are rather strange people who dress queerly or wear their collars backwards. What they need to know is that Christ wants to be a Friend (John 15:13) to them, the best Friend they will ever have. There’s your op­ portunity. Take it. But Never Be Cheap We’ve just finished saying that it’s a first-class idea to have numbers of friends, and we mean that. But may I give you this word of caution. Be friendly, but don’t be common. Have a real affection for your pals, but never get too familiar with them. Don’t fall into the habit of degrading your companionship by taking undue liberties. Don’t let your friendships be cheapened by careless familiarity. All of us have had to witness fel­ lows and girls who literally pawed over each other’s bodies. When they came to a party they both had to sit on the same chair, two deep. At the beach they made an unholy spectacle of themselves. In any social event you can always count on their mooning and smooching around one another. That sort of thing is nauseating to the core. And it’s as cheap as mud. Down deep in everyone’s heart there’s utter disgust for the cheap boy and more for the cheap girl. And young men, either consciously or un­ consciously, vow solemnly that this is the girl they don’t want to marry. Young women too, who are true to their finer instincts, highly resolve that if the “ pawing Romeo” were to ask them to say “ yes” their answer would be, “ I should say not.” Deeper than all this is the sanctity of the human body. Very definitely the body of the Christian does not belong (1 Cor. 6:19,20) to himself. Rather it is the temple (1 Cor. 3:16) of God, the Holy Spirit. We are merely custodians entrusted with the task of keeping it pure and clean, and a fit habitation for the Divine Presence.

On the screen the emphasis is on the physical side. The stars flit from one embrace to another. They kiss and kiss again. One is naturally led to think that this is all there is to love. What is not shown is the spiritual side. That love is first the union of the heart. That love is the intimate affection and communion of the soul. In the movies love overrides every­ thing. Whether the so-called love is right and honorable doesn’t seem to matter. If a husband stands in the way, love brushes that off. Triangles flourish, conventions are flaunted, pu­ rity is laughed at. To tell the truth, movie love isn’t love at all; for the most part it’s tinseled lust. Have

You just can’t be careless and cheap when you know this. Now don’t think this equals missing all the fun. The real truth is that the mooning, pawing, smooching individ­ ual doesn’t enjoy anything. He who loves by the Braille system soon finds life tasteless and tiring. On the other hand the girl who demands a “ hands off” attitude, and the fellow who re­ spects the girl’s wishes find life pur­ poseful and worthwhile. Friends made on this basis endure through life. Cheap friends are just not worth hav­ ing. Have a look at the way in which the Lord Jesus made and kept friends (John 15:13). His friendships (John 11:11) are patterns for ours. Let us conduct our friendships so as to merit His approval—shall we? Don’t Be Confused by “ Reel” Love Moving pictures are such fun. That’s because everyone loves a story. And on the screen you see the story as well as hear it. They make a lasting im­ pression too. For it’s a fact that we remember what we see much longer than what we hear. But while we enjoy moving pictures, the Hollywood type of amusement film is another story indeed. An impartial survey conducted by educators re­ vealed that the theme of most movies was a rather sordid trio: crime, sex and love. There’s little doubt that the makers of these films have sadly mis­ used their high opportunity to do good,.and have purposely catered to the evil natures and baser passions of men. Without question born-again Christians can ill afford to view these pictures at all. At any rate, don’t take the movies’ portrayal of love for the genuine article. The facts are that reel love is not love at all. It’s a sorry mixture of impurity, unfaithfulness, selfishness, disregard for honor all covered over with a thick layer of purple passion. In many films there’s not the slightest resemblance to au­ thentic love.

nothing to do with it. Don’t build your own love life on its faulty stand­ ards. Know the true principles (1 Cor. 13:4-7) of real love (John 15:13) from the living (1 John 4:10) and written Word of God. (CONTINUED NEXT MONTH)

M ISS ING W O R D S Can you supply these missing words of Jesus? 1. “ Let not your heart b e ................: ye believe in God, believe also in me.” 2. “ Blessed are t h e ..................: for they shall obtain mercy.” 3. “ In my Father’s house are m an y ........................, . . . . ” 4. “Wherefore by th e ir shall know them.” 5. “ Lay not up for yourselves..................................upon earth.” 6. “ If ye love me, keep m y ........ ............. ” 7. “ And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our ....................... ” 8. “ Take heed that ye do not your alms b e fo r e ..................... ” 9. “ But the very hairs of your head are all ................................. ” 10. “ I am the vine, ye are t h e ......................”

—V ernon H oward in More Bible Quizzes

(Answers on Page 21)

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