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There’s no denying it. If you’re a regular in the modern Roman Forum you know that hyperbole is the lingua franca – and that’s the politest way I could put it. What’s more, if you’re a business person from the western side of the pond in the land of the free or the land of free health care then your aptitude for exaggeration is likely heightened. I’ve been told by our foggy friends in London Town that our usage of adjectives like “awesome” and figures of speech like “mind blowing” is a tad over the top, even insincere.

I can’t say I disagree. But when Tammie Holt, the CEO of More Hair for You, says that her team “changes lives,” there is only sincerity and pride guiding her voice. “It is very much a life-changing procedure,” Tammie calmly explained from the medical practice’s Halifax, Nova Scotia-based clinic when she spoke with Spotlight on Business in early May. “Hair loss, for anyone male or female, is often very debilitating in terms of how it impacts your confidence, your social life, your network. It affects how people portray themselves in the workplace or school and I feel that we’re changing that for so many people.” Since 1996 Dr. Robert Wadden, a graduate of Dalhousie University Medical School, has performed over 2100 permanent hair transplant procedures in Canada’s Ocean Playground. “We’re considered to be in the top five percent in all of North America,” Tammie said. “Dr. Wadden is a diplomate certified of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, the ABHRS, and a member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, the ISHRS. Those kinds of accreditations are not very common for hair restoration physicians in Canada and here in Halifax and it attracts patients from all over North America.”

By David MacDonald W orld class medical doctors aren’t the only thing attracting permanent hair transplant patients to Halifax, Nova Scotia – and no I’m not talking about bagpipes, fishing, lighthouses, lobsters, poutine, donairs (look it up if you’re unfamiliar with this local delicacy), or Sidney Crosby. More Hair for You services patients from all over North America “because of both our accreditations and the affordability of Halifax,” Tammie explained. “It’s significantly more affordable here in Halifax than it would be to have the same procedure done in Boston or New York. We often put travel packages together for people and fly them in from places like New York who sometimes bring

their families along for a vacation. We provide transporta- tion, accommodations and essentially whatever the patient needs or wants – that’s what we do. You’re getting a team in the top five percent and it allows for additional confidentiality. Sometimes people want to come in discretely. Because you don’t necessarily leave with more hair – or less hair; simply the root planted, you have the choice. Sometimes people opt to not even tell their families.” It is whatever the patient wants.

If you’ve at all been in themarket for a permanent solution to hair loss you’re likely familiar with myriad flimflam men. “Some people like to talk about particular shampoos or other things that might help,” Tammie said with measured skepticism. “The simple fact is that they’re not necessarily a permanent solution. After you stop using it you may lose the benefits of the product. What I’m trying to do is talk to people about what permanent solutions are available for hair loss – not everyone knows what hair transplantation is.” “It is very much a life-changing procedure.” “It’s usually between a four and six-hour procedure and it’s done here at our Halifax clinic by the hair transplant team. It’s a little like going to the dentist. Essentially you’re awake the whole time. Typically; you don’t feel a thing because you’re frozen, much like you would be for a cavity. Also, like at the dentist, you can watch TV! For the procedure itself, I always explain it like this: there’s an area on the back of a person’s head that I refer to as a magic strip. That area has permanent hair follicles. What our physician does is take a strip of hair from the back of the head, which is the donor strip, and then we divide each follicle from the strip individually. The single hairs grafted are the prime candidates for places like around the temples; and framing in the face; while graphs with multiple hairs are ideal for the crown area. It’s all very specific and custom to the patient; creating a very natural outcome. Essentially, the doctor will make what are known as recipient sites with a hypodermic needle. This really combats what people used to complain about with transplant procedures: that it looked ‘pluggy.’” “For example; twenty years ago the doctor might have had to use an instrument the size of a thin Sharpie marker making it very difficult to get the roots tight together for a true natural look. Now we use a small gauge needle, which is essentially what you might use to sew-on a baby’s button. This enables the doctor to create a very tight; and natural look. It also makes it possible to ensure that the doctor does not damage any of the existing healthy hair follicles – they can put recipients around and amongst your hair; giving additional thickness in the desired area. Once the roots are planted – I often use the example of a beanstalk – the roots will continue to grow and flourish. It takes about three months to see hair growth and that growth is a lot like a baby’s hair or eyelashes. From there it continues to grow and thicken for anywhere between Tammie explained that the procedure is really quite simple. The procedure itself; really hasn’t changed, Tammie conti ued, just the tools the doctor now has access to.

12 and 18 months. It’s so gradual that often other people don’t even notice!”

Please visit or call 902-476-8413 for more information.

Recovery time from a permanent hair transplantation is “pretty specific,” Tammie explained. As the donor site begins to heal some patients have reported minor irrita- tion; others have reported being able to immediately step back into their routines. “Some people complain that first night that it’s difficult to sleep because of the suture of the donor strip. We’ve also had patients who’ve had the proce- dure done and then take off on trips! We had one patient who took off gambling in Montreal for the weekend. It’s like anything, it’s an individual experience. I feel it is critically important to discuss in great detail with our patients; and manage expectations accordingly,” she said. Part of the More Hair for You candid approach is deliver- ing news to prospective patients that they don’t necessarily want to hear. “Only 30 percent of women with hair loss are good candidates for this procedure,” Tammie explained. “When most women begin thinning they are typically thinning all over, including the back of the head. Almost ninety percent of men, on the other hand, are good candidates. From that; I can determine if they’re a good candidate for the procedure. If you’re a candidate I’m confident you’ll be happy with your results; if you’re not, we will not perform the procedure. So much of what we do is setting the right expectations for our patients.” “What’s great; is the hair we plant is permanent,” Tammie continued. “It’s not uncommon to see people come back 10 years later because they’ve continued to naturally thin; keeping in mind; only the hair we’ve transplanted is perma- nent.” The cost of a permanent hair transplant may vary due to the complexity of the work. However, there are no “hidden” costs associated with the procedure. “I’m often asked about maintenance costs after the procedure – there are none,” Tammie said. “If you’re a candidate it’s going to work and you’re going to be happy. We do have finance options and for most people it works out to just a couple hundred dollars a month.” Our consultations are free and I provide consultations over Skype or Facetime, or even from pictures.

For Tammie the affordability of the procedure means that More Hair for You is able to touch more lives.

“I know we change lives for the better because our clients reach out to us,” Tammie said. “Our team is made up of professionals who understand the impact of hair loss. While some people don’t care that they’re thinning, for others it’s had a significant impact on their lives. It’s all about self-es- teem. When people reach out, they need help and we’re here. We’re confident and comfortable in saying that if you’re a candidate you’ll have success.”


2459 Agricola Street Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 4C1 902-476-8413

as spotlighted in the MAY 2018 issue of SPOTLIGHT ON BUSINESS MAGAZINE

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