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How My Older Sisters Have Positively Affected My Life I looked at my calendar the other morning and noticed that on April 10, there is a little-known but important holiday called National Siblings Day. Having grown up with siblings, I know how valuable these relationships are, so I was excited to see there is a day solely dedicated to celebrating them. The other instance came just this year, when Shawna got married! In the

months leading up to her wedding day, the three of us were able to spend a lot of quality time together. It was almost as if we traveled back to our childhoods and resumed being those three young girls who shared the same room, staying up late giggling and talking. We had her bridal shower in February and her bachelorette party and wedding in March. It’s been

I have two sisters: Shawna, who is five years older than me, and Christy, who is three years older. There is a reputation that goes along with being the baby of the family, and in my household, I definitely reaped some benefits from being born last. Since my parents already had experience raising two little girls, they knew what they were doing by the time I came around. Because of that, I never had to be the first to go through anything. It also meant that I always had someone to turn to for advice, encouragement, or support. From answering smaller questions like which dress I should wear to a dance to bigger ones like how to apply for college, my sisters functioned as my live-in mentors and friends. I can’t imagine growing up without them.

While their mentorship was unwavering, there are two specific instances that stick out in my memory. One of them occurred on my first day of school. We had just moved to Georgia. I was heading into kindergarten, Christy was

“From answering smaller questions like which dress I should wear to a dance to bigger ones like how to apply for college, my sisters functioned as my live-in mentors and friends.”

Dr. Jamie with her sisters, Shawna and Christy.

an extremely special year for Shawna, and the experiences the three of us have shared during the planning process demonstrate that no matter how much time has passed, our friendships have remained the same. We will always rally behind one another, regardless of the situation. In the end, I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to grow up with siblings. While there was certainly a mixture of closeness and proverbial sibling arguments, Shawna and Christy paved a great path for me. If you have siblings or even close friends who function as stand-in sisters or brothers for you, I encourage you to find a nice gesture to show your appreciation for them this month. I know I will!

entering third grade, and Shawna was beginning fifth. Starting school for the first time while navigating a new town and friend group, I was hesitant to get on the bus. But with my sisters there, I felt much more confident. They sat with me on the way to school, and Shawna walked me to my classroom every day to make sure I was okay. Without their support, I may not have had the courage to take that first step.

–Dr. Jamie

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