G & K Event Rental - November/December 2019

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The holidays are something everyone looks forward to. There’s something about getting together with family and friends that warms the heart, exactly like a hot cup of cocoa. At G & K Event Rentals, we are eager for Thanksgiving and Christmas so we can celebrate with our loved ones and help our community enjoy the holiday festivities. Family means a lot to us at G & K. Most of my family has worked or is currently working with me at my business, and all of them are essential, making a significant impact on G & K. We all love to spend time with our families, especially during the holidays. So, for this newsletter edition, I asked around the office for teammembers who wanted to share their thoughts on the holiday. Lathea Sargent and Eric Closser were more than happy to divulge the family traditions they look forward to during the two big holidays in the coming months. “My favorite thing about Christmas and Thanksgiving is that the kids all come home,” Lathea says. “I love it when we’re all together. We get to spend Christmas morning together and start the day with a big spread of breakfast before we do gifts and games. Sometimes the guys go out fishing while most of us stay home just enjoying one another’s company. Then, we sit down and have a big dinner together later that evening. It’s always such a good day.” “It’s pretty much the same on my end,” Eric laughs. “My family really enjoys spending time together. For Christmas and Thanksgiving, we’ll invite family and friends over to enjoy the day and a fewmeals together. We don’t usually have big plans set for the holidays; our main focus is just to enjoy one another’s company and hang out.” Enjoying the Holidays This Season! We Do the Work So You Can Have Fun We know we’re not the only ones excited for the holidays, either. Our team is busy around Thanksgiving and Christmas, as many businesses want to throw Christmas parties to celebrate their teams’ hard work. We have a lot

of business owners coming in wanting to throw gratitude- esque celebrations throughout the year, but that number increases pretty dramatically during the holiday season. Most companies want to do an employee Christmas party, and that’s when they reach out to us. G & K can provide linens to give the event a professional and complete touch as well as tables, chairs, glassware, and a number of other items for whatever our customers’ needs may be. Other than providing these products, we do so much more. My team and I are here to help plan the event, taking off some of the overwhelming stress that comes with hosting. I want to encourage anyone who is planning on hosting a party to reach out to us by calling our offices or visiting our website at GKRental.com and using the text box. The love we have for family is portrayed through our work. Anyone who comes through our doors is looked after with the utmost care. When you walk into G & K, you become family. We ensure you receive exactly what you want and help your anxiety levels stay at an all-time low during the planning portion of your holiday event.

1 G & K Rentals | www.gkrental.com | (507) 625-3238 –Gary Dauk


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