Financial Architects, Inc. - June 2020

JUNE 2020


TURNING FEAR INTO PROGRESS When a crisis hits, it makes sense to be afraid. For the last few months, the coronavirus pandemic has created anxiety and urgency around the world. Here at Financial Architects, it forced us to move quickly to put processes in place that we’ve never had before. Suddenly, we needed to find ways to work remotely, move things online, and connect with our clients and each other from home. It was a steep to being scared. Fear is not a new thing for them — it’s always part of the equation in business ownership, so they know how to navigate through it and come out stronger. As a company of entrepreneurial thinkers, we are working to multiply that effect significantly.

Similarly, a few weeks ago, Chris sat down for a virtual lunch web meeting with three others, and it was a surprisingly normal and productive lunch meeting. Sure, it is much better to spend time with people in person, but the group was able to get right down to business, saving the time of a commute and waiting for a table. With the old normal moving to the past and the new normal appearing, these are the adjustments we make and it all works out. Even with all of the awful news in the papers and on TV, a bright light for us has been seeing Financial Architects become nimbler and more adaptable. We’ve been able to turn fear into progress, and it’s gone so well that our Communications and Business Development Director Matt Dery wants to walk you through how to do it, too. This spring, he started adding a new series of video interviews to The Empowering Futures Podcast Network publications called “Business and Community Leaders Roundtable.” Each episode will focus on a facet of the entrepreneur mindset, from the power of connection to how to handle a crisis. Hopefully, these new podcasts will help you push past your fears to leverage this uncertainty. You can find all of the episodes of the new video series at www.GoToStage. com/channel/empoweringfuturesllc. Enjoy the ride and stay safe!

In fact, we think that as dangerous and scary as this virus has been, it will have the effect of making us a better company. We’re still coming through the crisis as of this writing, but these last few months of social distancing have forced us to embrace technology, streamline our operations, and increase our productivity. Some of these changes — like giving our employees the option to work from home and trying out new high-tech programs — were actually already on our back burner, but we’d been putting them off in favor of other projects. When they suddenly became necessary, we were forced to take action that should benefit us long term. Our culture has always been very family oriented. In the past for our support team, the option to work remotely from home was a challenge when urgent situations arose. Now though, because of remote capabilities we have put in place for this crisis we are better prepared to be able to offer that flexibility as needed in the future. Our team will be able to help their families while still supporting client needs as well.

learning curve, and there was plenty to be concerned about in the uncertain future, but we're proud to say that our team met it head-on and started climbing. We’ve been thinking a lot lately about that quote attributed to author and salesman Zig Ziglar: “F-E-A-R has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything and Run,’ or ‘Face Everything and Rise.’ The choice is yours.” This pandemic has proved that Financial Architects is a “Face Everything and Rise” type of company, and we attribute a lot of that approach to our entrepreneurial culture. The leaders of the company, as well as our Architects, have the tendency to operate with the mindset of entrepreneurs. This is important when disruption comes because entrepreneurs seem to have a higher tolerance for scary times than most. Even in good times, they operate in uncertainty, so they tend to come out of a crisis on the front end of the curve because they’re used

– Chris Cousins & Pat Marody



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