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2. Methodical career training, development, advising, counseling, and planning platforms, avenues, and services, offered to different target groups and stakeholders, including: a) The youth, students from pre-k age to university graduates, including students with special needs. b) Various youth influencers segments, such as career practitioners, policy-makers/regulators, HC professionals, parents, teachers, researchers, and education administrators. c) Governmental and private, local, and international, profit and non-profit organizations. 3. Offering highly educating and engaging outreach activities and events intended to spread career awareness and build interest, such as: a) Career fairs and exhibitions. b) Edutainment centers. c) Webinars and electronic resources. d) Awards and competitions. e) Specialized professional bodies and platforms. f) Media campaigns.

Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), aims to help the youth, particularly but not limited to students across all tracks and stages of Qatar’s education system, including youth with special needs, to identify and fulfill their education and career goals. QCDC offers high quality bespoke career development programs, services, and activities. The center’s offerings are designed to mobilize, educate and support the youth on how to best make and implement sound career decisions and plans. It also guides them towards growth, professional development, and achieving their life goals in ways that best contribute to Qatar’s development and prosperity. In addition to the youth, QCDC targets a diverse group of individual and organizational stakeholders collectively referred to as the influencers of youth. This group primarily includes career practitioners and human capital professionals, academic advisors and administrators, parents and policy makers. The Center engages them in various initiatives, projects, and programs the purpose of which is to educate, empower, and support them in relation to their vital role as shapers and definers of the youth’s future. QCDC pursues achieving the subsequent two-fold strategic purpose: 1. Making career guidance, and more comprehensively career development, an integral component of Qatar’s national level strategic development process. 2. Instilling a career-driven mindset in the community, specifically in Qatar’s youth and key youth influencers. As such, QCDC strives to deliver the following: 1. Pertinent career development data and insights spanning multiple areas of relevance, mostly education, training, and labor market, through: a) Evidence-based research efforts. b) Academic and professional cooperation and knowledge exchange platforms. c) Various types and forms of content generation and publication.

QCDC’s efforts as stated above demonstrate its strong alignment with QF’s aspiration to unlock human potential by providing quality education and diversified human capital investment. QCDC supports QF’s goal of empowering and supporting young people from their first day of school, all the way up to their postgraduate studies and beyond. QCDC also contributes to QF’s objective of achieving social and economic prosperity by building stronger communities through lifelong learning.




Career Awareness and Knowledge Creation 47

Partnerships 59


22 22 21

Majors Guide 49 Handouts 48

60 61 61 61 61

Students and Parents

U.S. Embassy in Qatar

Virtual Career Advising Sessions

Ministry of Education and Higher Education

Director’s Message 05

Cup Special Edition 52 Career Studio 53

Career Guide Magazine – World

Career Management Skills Program

Kuder Inc.

My Career-My Future 23 Career Games for Children 25 Career Readiness Program 27 Inclusive Internship Days 29 Supported Employment Program 30 Little Employee 31 Employability Skills Program 33 Career Development Webinars 36 Careers Competition 37 Meshkat Program 38

Qatar Science and Technology Park

Our Vision, Mission, Objectives, Values, Audience, and Partners 07

Awsaj Academy

Qatar University 64 64 Qatar National Library 66 KidZania Doha

Community Engagement and Outreach 55

QF Alumni Reunion 56 Lusail University Open Summer Day 56 Marhaba 2022 57



2022 Achievements


2022 Doha Counselors Day 57 Academic Guidance Forum 58

QCDC in the News 15


Career Development Workshops

Partners of the year 69


Career Practitioners

42 43 45

Career Programs and Initiatives 21

Career Guidance Stakeholders Platform 2022

Facilitating Career Development (FCD) Training

Career Counselors Hub


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I am thrilled to welcome you to our annual report for 2022, a year that was marked by Qatar’s remarkable achievements, which the whole world saw as a miracle, but to us, it was the fruit of careful design, planning, and a drive for excellence. We take pride in having been a part of the nationwide efforts aimed at promoting human and social well-being and sustainable development. Perhaps the results of these efforts were never more clearly seen than in the exceptional success of this historical edition of the World Cup Football tournament, with all the accompanying huge infrastructure and human preparations, and all that it left to our country as an enriching and enlightening legacy for many future generations. Therefore, our center is keen to document this era, and to pass over this memorable journey of challenge and creativity from the competent cadres who made the tournament a success, forward to the future generations. Therefore, we dedicated a special edition of our Career Guide magazine to shed light on the tournament’s legacy, by hosting a group of inspiring and influential youth who directly contributed to this unique event in the best way possible. We also reviewed in this issue a collection of career paths related to the tournament, such as sustainability management, event organization and corporate communication; in addition to exclusive interviews that reveal the immense preparations made for the tournament and how Qatar invested its children’s talents in this project, highlighted by an encounter with His Excellency Hassan Al Thawadi, Secretary General of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, and the English football legend David Beckham, who provided our readers with advice that will help them achieve career success in any field they choose. Despite the event’s magnitude and the historical success, it has achieved, it would be appropriate to consider it as a landmark in the establishment of the country’s future, but we must realize that it is only a stop on the path of progress and growth and there is no room for hesitation or negligence. Therefore, it is up to us to continue working tirelessly, each from our position, to provide the best we can, and even exceed our individual abilities by fostering a culture of cooperation and achieving synergy in our collective efforts, to deliver on the aspirations of Qatari people, who have proven that they accept nothing but excellence no matter the challenges they face. We built on this ideal with the “Accelerating Human Capital Development through Career Development under the QNV2030” being the main thesis discussed at the third

edition of the Career Guidance Stakeholders Platform 2022. The event was organized at the beginning of the year, and saw the participation of more than 150 decision-makers, stakeholders, and partners to discuss various issues related to professional guidance and development, and to enhance our ability to achieve sustainable development that encompasses economic, social, human, and environmental aspects by the year 2030; with a focus on the value added by career guidance and development at the national level, both strategically and tactically. The success of this meeting wouldn’t have been possible without the fundamental partnership between QCDC and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, who provided all the necessary support in fostering the future aspirations of its students and facilitating their transition into the job market. Our partnership goes beyond the scope of this meeting, as we work together to build human capital in Qatar and enable the youth to plan their professional futures in line with their abilities and the needs of the Qatari job market. The ministry has always provided various opportunities for academic advisors to take advantage of the career programs and services we offer. While our collaboration also extends to empowering parents to help their children identify their personal competencies and values, and to assist them in determining their interests and abilities in order to choose the most appropriate educational and career paths for them. We are proud to say that over the years, this cooperation has benefited more than 35,000 secondary and preparatory students by helping them discover their abilities and professional inclinations through the use of the Career Advising System, which the Ministry decided to implement this year across most public schools in Qatar. This is in addition to several projects we have completed in partnership with the Ministry to develop the skills and abilities of academic advisors in schools and to prepare them to perform their roles effectively. In the context of supporting and promoting career guidance counselors and practitioners in Qatar, it is necessary to mention our cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the United States Embassy in Qatar, which has resulted in the establishment of the “2022 Career Counselors Hub” this year. This forum represents an evolution in the “Career Counselors Training Program” and serves as a leading platform and first-of-its- kind arena for communication, networking and exchanging experience and knowledge among career development practitioners, that will enable them to keep pace with the rapidly changing developments in the career development


field in Qatar. The hub includes workshops, activities and various events that revolve around developing the capabilities of our career practitioners in the fields of innovation, cooperation, and sustainability, which were the main themes of this event. The event represents another testament to our success in gathering and involving decision-makers and career guidance partners at the national level in establishing a comprehensive framework to organize these efforts and support our country’s strive towards building competent and creative human capacities.

Today, after an unprecedented year in our beloved country’s history, there is still much waiting to be achieved. We express our renewed commitment to QCDC’s mission for 2023, and we pledge to continue our sincere and relentless efforts to achieve our goals and the goals of sustainable development, in line with QNV2030. We also renew our gratitude and appreciation to all partners and everyone who has contributed to our successful achievements so far, and all who help us build a brighter future for our youth.




To be a model career development center that is locally and internationally recognized for its invaluable contributions to having a highly accomplished human capital in Qatar.


Qatar Career Development Center aims to help the youth, particularly but not restrictedly students, across all Qatar’s education system’s tracks and stages, including the youth with special needs, to identify and fulfill their education and career goals. The center offers them high quality bespoke career development programs, services and activities, seeking to mobilize, educate and support them on how best to make and implement sound career decisions and plans, grow and develop professionally, and achieve their life goals in such ways that best contribute to Qatar’s development and prosperity. In addition to the youth, Qatar Career Development Center targets a diverse group of individual and organizational stakeholders collectively referred to as the influencers of youth. This group primarily includes career practitioners and human capital professionals, academic advisors and administrators, parents, and policy makers. The center engages them in various initiatives, projects, and programs whose purpose is to educate, empower and support them in relation to their highly vital role as shapers and even definers of the youth’s future.





• Embed career guidance within Qatar’s national level strategic development process. • Deliver career guidance programs and services to Qatar’s youth and their influencers to instill in them a career-driven mindset.


Social and National Responsibility Clear Vision Continuous Strive Towards Betterment High Standards of Professionalism Development and Progress Pioneering and Leadership Innovation, Creativity and Initiative Knowledge and Experience Team Spirit Healthy Work Environment




Pre-university students Undergraduate students and fresh graduates Parents Academic advisors and professional counselors Human capital specialists and practitioners Career guidance academics and researchers


Ministries and governmental entities Academic, research and educational organizations Public and private sectors NGOs/NPOs Specialized professional organizations and associations Media and opinion leaders




9,600 Children visited QCDC’s Career Development Center at KidZania Doha.

Careers and lives transformed. 334

20 Career programs and nitiatives organized.

Issue of the Career Guide magazine issued. 13 th

1 st Set of Career Games for children released.

80,165 Readers of the 13th issue of the Career Guide magazine.

180 Career counselors and academic advisors from all public and international schools in Qatar participated in the Career Counselors Hub.

Edition of the Majors Guide released. 1 st

Worth of free coverage in print and broadcast media. 3,689,258 QAR

Of the participants in QCDC’s initiatives have expressed their overall satisfaction with the programs offered. 95%

100% Positive free media coverage received.

11,179,300 Impressions across all social media platforms.

People visited QCDC’s website. 219,975

People engaged across all social media platforms. 71,000



QCDC IN THE NEWS Receiving free media coverage in print and online media worth QAR 3,150,641.








Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC) has launched a free virtual career counseling service to help students plan their academic and professional lives during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Benefiting over 109 students at all levels, the service entailed sessions presented by 16 specialized career mentors and mentees. The sessions covered a wide range of topics such as: job opportunities, university requirements, career path guidance, resume guidance, determining the best university major, means to choose the best university, studying abroad, identifying interests/strengths, and determining academic and career goals. This initiative is offered in both Arabic and English languages, and targets all Qatar-based high school students, pre-university students, university undergraduates, and graduates up to two years after graduation. The sessions are provided by professional career advisors, who are keen to offer

personalized career advice to help participants determine the academic and career paths most appropriate for each of them, and to guide students to the best practices in the recruitment process, as well as answer any inquiries they may have regarding their future career and entering the labor market. It is worth noting that QCDC experts provide the virtual advising sessions in cooperation with a number of volunteer career mentees, as part of the Career Advisor Mentoring Program. The program allows budding practitioners and career advising and guidance experts to share practical experience delivering career guidance under the supervision of an experienced practitioner, thusly increasing and honing their career guidance capabilities. The mentoring program is under the umbrella program of the Virtual Career Advising Sessions, which provides career guidance to the youth in Qatar. The advising sessions take place virtually, building on QCDC’s growing online offerings since the outbreak of the pandemic. Students can directly book appointments with specialized career counselors to receive personalized career advising services, and gain access to other career planning and guidance resources QCDC offers. Students can book one 30-minute career advising session at a time, and follow-up sessions can be scheduled on per- need basis. The program also helped students formulate a clearer idea of their interests, values, and opportunities, as well as ensured they have a strategic plan to develop themselves professionally. By undertaking this program, students were ensured a smooth and efficient transition into the labor market, and they became capable of managing their careers effectively through lifelong learning. The session titled “Employability Skills – Part 2”, took place in February and shed light on two important job searching tools: resume writing, and conducting job interviews. Students discovered the importance of having a well- written resume in securing their dream job and learned how to create an ideal resume that showcases their skills and abilities to potential employers. They were also trained on how to prepare for job interviews and the best ways to successfully pass them.


Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), in cooperation with Qatar University, launched the Career Management Skills Program, targeting Qatar University Honors Program students. The program aims at helping them define and achieve their educational and career goals by providing them with the appropriate guidance and support. The program provided Honors Program students with focused and comprehensive career guidance and management, utilizing workshops, presentations, individual guidance sessions, self-awareness assessments, employer engagement opportunities and practical experiences.






QCDC organized the fourth edition of the My Career - My Future program that targets high school students. The program was held over five days in June, and focused on providing students with the opportunity to experience real-life work environments in several industries across Qatar. The program’s objective was to raise awareness of various work environments in Qatar, and to incentivize creativity by allowing students to enjoy a real work experience at an organization of their choice. This helped students gain first- hand experience and formulate insights about the occupations offered at these organizations and to know the extent to which these occupa- tions match their skills and potentials and what to expect from each profession. The program covered numerous disciplines including Avia- tion, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Media, Film- making, Event Management, Tourism, Agricul- tural Engineering, Banking, Transportation and Shipping, Social Work, Business Management, and Library Science. Various organizations participated in introducing students to different work environments, among them were: Qatar Airways, Hamad Medical Cor- poration, Equine Veterinary Medical Center, Al Kass Sports Channels, Doha Film Institute, Qatar National Convention Centre, Katara Cultural Village, Quranic Botanic Garden, Commercial Bank, QTerminals, Social Development Center – Nama, Qatar University and Qatar National Library. Through such programs, QCDC seeks to raise career awareness among school students to help them unleash their capabilities and potentials and employ them in the right place, with the ultimate goal of securing the young workforce Qatar needs to build tomorrow’s strong and diverse economy.




QCDC released its career games collection: ‘Career Heroes’ Card Game and ‘What do I want to be when I grow up?’ Puzzle. Directed toward children of 4-10 years old, the career games are QCDC’s newest initiative aimed at promoting career guidance among children, as they are designed to broaden their horizons, spark their interest in various professions, and educate them about how these professions benefit society. The Career Games engage the entire family, as adults and teachers can help answer the children’s questions and provide them with useful informa- tion about each profession in the games. This will enrich their experience and allow them to realize the importance of career planning for their futures in an educational yet entertaining way. Career Heroes is a card game designed to intrigue children and make them think and ask questions about different careers and their importance. The game consists of 50 cards with images represent- ing different careers and questions associated to them. The card holder reads the question to the next player in line, and if they answer correctly, they get to keep the card. At the end of the game, the winner is the player with the most cards. While the ‘What do I want to be when I grow up?’ Puzzle is a classic jigsaw puzzle that contains 3 different wooden puzzle sets, with pictures and names of different professions. Each puzzle con- sists of 48 disassembled pieces. The player must collect these pieces to complete the puzzles to be able to see the picture and the name of each pro- fession. This game celebrates the diverse career options children have when they grow up and helps them understand the importance of this diversity. The career games can be purchased online through the Education City Marketplace at: https://market.educationcity.qa/en/




The Career Readiness Program seeks to augment career guidance efforts targeting Awsaj Academy students, who face slight to moderate learning difficulties. It uses the best international models for career guidance, tailored to suit local requirements and students’ psychometrics. It provides them with opportunities to develop their skills and helps them make the right decisions about their future careers. Moreover, the Career Readiness Program aims at establishing an effective local professional environment, while reshaping society’s approach to education and learning. The program simultaneously tackles three key challenges: assuring families that their child’s education is leading to a valuable outcome; bringing awareness to the larger community about the various barriers these students are facing and how they can be lifted; and educating employers on how to integrate the concerned population in their operations. The program features weekly cross-structural interventions and project-based learning activities that were integrated in the school’s official curricula. Activities also include workshops, motivational lectures by Qatari professionals, and social responsibility projects that highlight the ethical values of the Qatari society. Practical training opportunities are also offered to the students, as QCDC designed career training schemes that focus on students’ strengths and interests. Ultimately, the program utilizes these activities to empower students to become active society members by seeking career paths that align with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and contributing positively to the diversification of the country’s economy.





As part of its latest awareness campaign that celebrates neurodiversity and supports people with special abilities, QCDC launched its Inclusive Internship Days initiative which aims to build across QF centers, divisions, and functions an inclusive employment culture, train the departments to onboard and interact with people with disabilities, and support the transition of QF students with learning challenges from education to employment through internship opportunities. The program also reflects the greater influence of QF in Qatar and the region through leading by example. Timed with the initiative’s launch, QCDC offered QF community and the public an introductory webinar titled “101: Creating Inclusive Internship Experiences” which delved into the basics around autism and the practical considerations required for creating an inclusive workplace culture. It was followed by another webinar on the “Importance of Parents’ Advocacy in Promoting Inclusion”, presented by three Qatari mothers, who are the founders of the Autism Parents platform, a community platform for families of people on the autism spectrum, which discussed how parents can support efforts to break social barriers and create inclusive training and employment opportunities for those with special needs. To advance its community level efforts, QCDC is keen on organizing, and taking part in, awareness raising activities. Among its efforts, QCDC recently launched an awareness campaign in collaboration with KidZania Qatar to promote a more inclusive society. The center has also participated in the Autism Vibes awareness raising walk at Oxygen Park, Education City, that aimed to inform and assist parents and primary caregivers on the process of social integration and life planning as well as accessing health, social care, and voluntary sector services.

This program is directed to helping people with disabilities (PwD) in general, with emphasis on the people on the autism spectrum. QCDC aims to utilize the program to promote meaningful and successful employment for individuals on the autism spectrum, level 1 (formerly Asperger’s Syndrome), and other neurodiverse conditions as the rule rather than the exception. Neurodiversity refers to the idea that neurological differences, such as those seen in autism, ADHD, or learning disabilities are normal variations in brain development. For this project, QCDC joined hands with international experts Pr. Stephen Shore Ed.D., and Dr. Robert Naseef, lead consultants for the Arc of Philadelphia and SAP’s “Autism at Work” program which involves collaboration with the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation in the U.S.




QCDC developed the Little Employee initiative by allocating any working day between August 8-11, 2022, for school students from the age of 9-15 to attend a parent or relative’s workplace, as it aims to enhance the role of the family as a key factor in determining an individual’s professional identity. Through following up on the work of their parents or relatives in the professional environment, students learn the value of work and the basic concepts of professional life, which in turn helps them draw a preliminary vision of their future career milestones and motivates them to work on planning their career path early and make educational decisions.

This edition of the initiative saw the participation of a wide array of organizations, including Qatar

Museums, Qatari women associations, Qatar Charity, Ibtechar, Innovation Café, Be creative, Kunooz, Microsoft, Tarbeya Center, Arab Mom Club, Tariq Bin Ziyad, KidZania, Qatar News Agency (QNA), and Al Daayen Municipality. The participation of numerous organizations provided an opportunity to many employees to bring their children and show them real work environments and teach them some skills. It also enhanced the role of parents in guiding their children professionally by identifying some of the career options offered in the labor market and the skills necessary to follow a specific career path.




QCDC established the Employability Skills program that equipped 589 university students with the necessary skills to gain improved access to the job market. The program featured a series of weekly workshops that used an interactive and practical approach to provide students with comprehensive and hands-on career guidance. Through the program, students learned how to develop strategic plans for their career development and how to build networks with people who can support their progress. The program’s workshops also featured practical training on writing an effective resume and cover letter, using LinkedIn to search for jobs, crafting an elevator pitch, and conducting a job interview.






March 21, 2022 March 22, 2022 March 29, 2022 April 5, 2022 April 14, 2022 April 12, 2022 July 5, 2022

Choosing the Right Subjects Before High-School The Future of Technical Professions in Qatar 101: Creating Inclusive Internship Experiences Inclusive Employment Stakeholders Meeting - English The Importance of Parents’ Advocacy in Promoting Inclusion Inclusive Employment Stakeholders Meeting - Arabic

Increase Your Chances of Getting into University – Opportunities and Challenges

This year, QCDC has persisted in providing career webinars that provide students and their families with access to career development resources and enlighten the local community on the best practices in the field, both locally and globally. QCDC has collaborated with multiple organizations throughout the year to host joint seminars covering a range of topics related to career guidance and development. The first webinar of 2022, “Choosing the Right Subjects Before High School,” covered the different academic programs available in public schools in Qatar. It was presented in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and aimed at high school students and their parents. While the second webinar, “The Future of Technical Professions in Qatar,” emphasized the significance of technical education and explored higher education options for technical school graduates in Qatar and the region. Attendees had the opportunity to hear from successful young Qataris in technical fields, learn about their success stories, and gain insights into building careers in similar fields. The session also discussed the current and expected labor market trends in technical fields in Qatar, efforts to enhance technical schools, and the development of highly skilled national technicians for various industries. Coinciding with the launch of its Inclusive Internship Days initiative, QCDC held a webinar entitled “101: Creating Inclusive Internship Experiences” that featured leading experts from Qatar and the United States. The purpose of the webinar was to dispel myths about autism and to explore strategies for fostering an inclusive workplace culture, as well as to provide opportunities for students to transition from education to employment through internships. The webinar was led by Dr. Stephen Shore, Professor of Special Education at Adelphi University, and Dr. Robert Naseef, a psychologist and autism expert.

To mark the 2022 Autism Awareness Month and to promote neurodiversity and inclusivity, QCDC hosted the “Inclusive Employment Stakeholders Meeting” to showcase its latest Supported Employment Program for People with Disabilities initiative with a specific focus on individuals with autism. This session aimed to support the transition of youth from secondary education to adulthood and complemented previous initiatives such as the Career Readiness Program. The meeting was conducted in English with Arabic interpretation and featured Dr. Stephen Shore and Dr. Robert Naseef. Continuing its efforts to promote neurodiversity and inclusivity, QCDC also sponsored a webinar titled “The Importance of Parents’ Advocacy in Promoting Inclusion.” The webinar was conducted in English with Arabic interpretation and featured a panel of Qatari mothers who are the founders of Autism Parents, a community platform for families of individuals with autism. The panel, consisting of Mrs. Hamda Al Hitmi, Mrs. Aisha Al-Amari, and Mrs. Nora Al Eida, shared their motherhood journey, strategies for overcoming social barriers, and the role of parents in supporting inclusive training and employment opportunities. The sixth webinar, titled “Increase Your Chances of Getting into University – Opportunities and Challenges,” was aimed at secondary school students, parents, and career guidance and counseling practitioners. It aimed to emphasize the importance of early preparation and planning for the university admission process and to provide students with ways to improve their chances of getting into their desired university. The webinar featured Dr. Walid Massoud, Manager of Qatar University Testing Center, Ms. Eiman Al-Mejali, Senior Student Recruitment Specialist at Qatar University, and Dr. Nayef Al Yafei, Associate Professor at Texas A&M University in Qatar. The webinars were attended by over 315 participants, including students, parents, and professionals interested in career guidance and development, and were viewed more than 1,800 times on QCDC’s YouTube channel.





QCDC organized the Careers Competition to highlight the variety of careers and professions that students and young people can pursue in the future. The competition was aimed at primary, preparatory, and high school students in Qatar. The goal of the competition was to increase awareness of career guidance and to give students a chance to explore their career aspirations. It allowed students to learn about the

job options available in Qatar’s labor market and to understand the significance of different professions and industries in building a diverse and thriving economy. The competition was divided into three categories: writing and drawing for students, and game design for teachers and school specialists. Over 250 participants took part, with winners set to be announced in 2023. The judging was conducted transparently by a panel of QCDC representatives and experts in each competition category. The works were evaluated, and the winner was chosen through a voting process for each school level in each category.

In June, middle school students from eight Arabic schools in Qatar were given the opportunity to showcase their entrepreneurial abilities during the inaugural Young Entrepreneurs Competition. The competition was organized by QCDC, in collaboration with Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), Teach for Qatar, and Bedaya Center, as part of the Meshkat program.

The Meshkat program was created in 2020 by QSTP and QCDC as part of Qatar Foundation, with the goal of increasing awareness of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship among high school students in Qatar. The program offers workshops, academic clinics, an introductory seminar on entrepreneurship and technology innovation, and a visit to QSTP’s facilities. It’s designed to be delivered entirely in Arabic, providing Arab students with a clear understanding of the basics of tech entrepreneurship. The program also encourages critical thinking, creativity, and innovation, which are key components of the human and social development aspect of Qatar’s National Vision 2030.




In June 2022, QCDC hosted the “Creating Inclusive Workplaces Training,” bringing together 15 employees from various departments of Oryx GTL to help them assist People with Disabilities in career planning and finding meaningful work. The training also encompassed key areas of career development intended for clients with disabilities, and was led by our certified instructor and inclusion expert, Ms. Effrosyni Parampota. While in August, QCDC participated in Marhaba 2022, the flagship event which welcomes students to Qatar Foundation and introduces them to the various resources and privileges available to them. Ms. Paige M. Mc Donough, QCDC’s Career Development Officer, also ran the 2022 edition of QCDC’s Employability Skills Program, equipping 589 students with the skills they need to plan their career development and build networks to gain access to the job market. This program was offered to 4 different cohorts including: City University College in Partnership with Ulster University, Doha British School Years 11 & 12, and Qatar University, in Arabic and English and included modules on writing a strong resume, using LinkedIn for job searching, creating a persuasive elevator pitch, and conducting a successful job interview. In September, 2022, QCDC held another workshop during the Career Counselors Hub, to discuss the challenges faced by community institutions in aligning the career aspirations of the youth with their needs. QCDC also participated in the Doha Counselors Day by offering two workshops ,in English and Arabic, providing school counselors and administrators in Qatar with in-depth information on a variety of career development topics.

Every year, QCDC offers a range of career development workshops to help students, graduates, and specialists gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to manage their careers over the long term. These workshops are specifically designed to make it easy to acquire professional management skills, such as career exploration, IT-based professional development, and career planning at different stages of their academic and professional lives. Realizing the crucial role that career counselors play in effectively managing the academic and professional counseling process and guiding students towards a career path that serves the national economy and aligns with the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030, QCDC partnered with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to launch the “Get Ready” training program for secondary school counselors, that comes as part of a more comprehensive plan to develop tools and programs for all educational levels, in line with the national document on vocational guidance and counseling in the State of Qatar, which will be launched and approved soon. This four-day program aimed to improve counselors’ ability to provide initial career guidance to students utilizing the Career Advising System, and to interpret evaluation results the system provides, to make effective recommendations. The program also gave them a better understanding of counseling and vocational guidance theories and the selection of evaluation tools used in this field.




QCDC, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the International Labor Organization’s office in Qatar, and Qatar Foundation’s academic institutions, hosted the third edition of the “Career Guidance Stakeholders Platform”. The theme of this event was “Accelerating Human Capital Development through Career Guidance under the QNV2030”, and its aim was to tackle the strategic and tactical issues across the following seven thematic areas: National Career Guidance Policies and Strategies, Multi-Channeled Career Guidance Services, Middle-High School Transition of People with Disabilities, K-12 Career Guidance in Schools, Employability of Higher Education Graduates, Transition and Upskilling of Adult Workforce and Harnessing Labor Market Intelligence. Representatives from various

key government departments and institutions in the public, private, and mixed sectors came together at the event as active participants to reflect on the themes discussed. The 2022 Career Guidance Stakeholders Platform also aimed to review the progress made based on the recommendations from the 2018 platform and to suggest practical steps to be taken over the next five years to advance the human development goals outlined in Qatar’s National Vision 2030 through career guidance initiatives. Following the Platform, QCDC developed a set of recommendations with the aim of enhancing career development policies and practices in Qatar by creating a career guidance and development ecosystem and maximizing its role in the realization of QNV 2030 human development pillar objectives. The summary of these recommendations is available in a report on QCDC’s website.





For the first time ever in Qatar and the GCC region, QCDC introduced the highly regarded National Career Development Association (NCDA) Facilitating Career Development (FCD) training, tailored to meet the specific needs of the Qatari and GCC context. FCD training provides individuals with relevant skills and knowledge to assist others in planning careers and obtaining meaningful work. Participants in the program receive in-depth training in key areas of career development, provided by NCDA-trained and qualified instructors. By acquiring the necessary background knowledge and tools, and upon successful completion of the training, participants become eligible to apply for the following two internationally recognized credentials: Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) provided by NCDA, and Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) provided by CCE. FCD candidates may work in a variety of career development settings, e.g. as a career group facilitator, job search trainer, career resource center coordinator, career coach, career development case manager, intake interviewer, occupational and labor market information resource person, human resource career development coordinator, employment/placement specialist, or workforce development staff person. The counseling profession has made great progress in defining professional counseling and career counseling. However, several professional groups recognized that many individuals who are currently providing career assistance are not professional counselors. The Facilitating Career Development training program was developed to define and differentiate two levels of career practice, provide standards, training specifications, and GCDF credentialing for these career providers.




To better respond to the advancements and emerging changes in the field of career counseling in Qatar, QCDC partnered with the U.S. Embassy in Doha and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to host the Career Counselors Hub, the ultimate professional develop- ment platform for career practitioners in the State of Qatar. The hub focused on themes of innovation, collaboration,

and sustainability, and built upon the Annual Career Counselors Training Program, which ran successfully for the last 7 years. The event, which took place in September, 2022, at Education City, brought together more than 180 career counselors and academic advisors from all public and international schools in Qatar, and provided them with valuable and relevant training, as well as the necessary tools and knowledge to support the career develop- ment of their students.

Attendees also had the chance to network with represen- tatives from 35 organizations and institutions relevant to students’ career development, such as governmental agencies, foreign missions, universities, industry represen- tatives that offer scholarship programs, and NGO partners. Sessions offered during the hub included skills building, panel discussions, workshops, and case studies among others. While speakers presented on a unique range of topics, from “Using Data to Support High School Students”

to “Career Trends and Market Needs” and “Engagement with Students for College and Career Choices”. Career counselors came together again on September 14 for the Doha Counselors Day, wherein the spirit of collab- oration, QCDC joined hands with Education City partner universities who hosted the 2022 Doha Counselors Day to deliver two workshops.




1- Work Values: QCDC’s career guidance experts released a booklet titled “Work Values,” addressing the principles and ideas associated with a person’s job or occupation. The booklet contains practical information and guidance to assist readers in identifying their most important work values before making a career decision or accepting a job offer. Understanding one’s own values can help them find companies that align with them, allowing them to seek out suitable job opportunities and avoid those that conflict with their values.

2- Researching University Options: QCDC released a handout titled ‘Researching University Options’. This publication helps students consider the many factors involved when it comes to selecting a university and also helps guide the students in their decision-making process. The handout is available on the Handouts section of the Publications page QCDC website.





QCDC launched the Majors Guide on June 27, 2022, as the first comprehensive and detailed guide for all the majors in universities and higher education institutions in the State of Qatar, through which they supplement the local labor market. The Career Guide offers a perfect reference for the youth, their guardians, and professional advisors, as well as academics and specialists in the field of scholarships and development in various agencies to fully familiarize themselves with the map of higher education in the country. The launch of the Majors Guide is aligned with QF’s vision of upgrading and unleashing human capabilities by providing quality education and diversifying aspects of investment in the human capital, in order to achieve sustainability. The Majors Guide also provides the youth with information and advice that primarily help their future plans by empowering them to make well-formulated academic and career decisions based on reliable sources, and as a result, select career tracks that best align with their abilities and aspirations, and contribute to establishing a human capital that responds to Qatar National Vision 2030’s mandate of development and sustainability for Qatari economy. Launched in Arabic and English, the Majors Guide offers ample and detailed information about all sectors that enrich Qatari labor market, which can, and should be further considered in universities and institutes across

Qatar. The Guide contains 14 major specializations, including engineering, medicine, energy, information technology, sustainability and environment. It also offers the students a clear picture of the education map in Qatar, in addition to contact information for admission offices of universities and colleges and their official websites. Therefore, the Majors guide is considered an accessible and time-saving reference for all information and guidance regarding university majors available in Qatar. Launch of the Majors Guide was a vital step toward unifying career guidance and counselling efforts, as information about available academic specializations is obtainable from different sources, but for the first time, this information will be directly linked to the labor market and professional sectors, which helps students make rational and thorough future decisions. QCDC hopes that the guide will contribute to bridging the gap between available university majors and the requirements and needs of the labor market, especially as it comes within the recommendations of the national document for career guidance and counselling in Qatar, which compiles the recommendations made by experts through special studies and research conducted in this field. The Majors Guide can be purchased at Jarir Bookstore branches or ordered online through the Education City Marketplace at: https://market.educationcity.qa/en/




In November, 2022, QCDC published the 13th issue of Career Guide semi-annual magazine, which hit stands during the festivities of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 TM , the world’s largest sporting event to be held for the first time on Arab soil and delivered by Qatari hands. In light of this important occasion, the latest issue was dedicated to showcase the various organizational aspects of the tournament, and it features a wealth of information and interviews focused on the developmental and intellectual legacies that hosting this unique event will leave for years to come. The special edition also presents in-depth interviews with prominent figures of Qatari youth who directly contributed to Qatar’s World Cup preparations, as they share their experiences and expertise that ensured this version of the tournament will be unprecedented. The issue also touches on new and exciting career paths related to the event, such as sustainability, event management and corporate communications. Also featured in this issue are a series of exclusive interviews, including one with H.E. Mr. Hassan Al Thawadi, Secretary General of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy. Mr. Al Thawadi discussed in his interview the Committee’s efforts to ensure the tournament leaves behind a sustainable legacy that benefits the youth in Qatar and across the region for years to come, as well as the event’s impact on the labor market and the development of local talents. Career Guide also includes an interview with the English football legend David Beckham, who discusses what could be achieved by hosting a world class event for the first time in the Middle East, while offering readers tips to achieve career success in the field of their choice.

The issue also addresses the active role that Qatar Foundation has played in the lead-up to the World Cup, as well as Education City’s efforts in preparing to host the event. Ms. Alexandra Chalat, Director of World Cup Legacy at QF, spoke at length about the various aspects of cooperation between QF and the Supreme Committee, as well as the activations and events that Education City will host throughout the tournament. In addition, the special edition sheds light on the FIFA World Cup Volunteers program, Qatar’s largest ever, drawing over 20,000 participants, including 15,000 citizens and residents. Mr. Nasser Al-Mogaiseeb, Volunteer Strategy Manager at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, explains the importance of volunteering and its role in helping the youth develop their skills, enhance their abilities, gain new experiences, and build a professional network, which will reflect on their careers and the competence of Qatar’s workforce. Career Guide’s latest issue provides all of the above, as well as offering insights into QCDC’s efforts, activities, and events throughout 2022, and a variety of advice and tips collected by QCDC’s career guidance and development experts to help the youth choose career paths best aligned with their skills, qualifications, interests and the local labor market dynamics. The magazine is available on QCDC’s interactive app on “App Store” and “Google Play”, and on QCDC’s website’s “Publications” page, which features a digital archive of all the magazine’s previous editions. A hard copy of the magazine can also be obtained through Education City’s distribution platform. The publication of the latest issue falls within the framework of QCDC’s efforts to instill a career guidance culture that empowers youth in Qatar to make the best academic and career decisions, in order to provide the local job market with the necessary qualified human capital capable of fueling the economy and achieving sustainable development.



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