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CONNECTICUT COLLEGE PRE-COLLEGE PROGRAM New London, CT Connecticut College is inviting curious, creative, insightful and innovative high school students to explore their passions, collaborate with faculty and current students, and get an early feel for the college experience with Summer@Conn pre-college programs. The College is launching resi- dential pre-college programs for rising 9th-12th grade students in- terested in entrepreneurship, dance, global issues or environmental action. Each immersive program is taught by experienced faculty and staff, and participants will live and learn on campus with current Con- necticut College students who serve as counselors. Designed to introduce partici- pants to Conn’s innovative, integra- tive and solution-oriented approach to teaching and learning, the pro- grams will empower students with the skills they need to turn their new knowledge into action in their com- munities. Students will also sample a variety of skill-building electives, such as college essay writing, inter- view preparation and journaling workshops, as well as recreational activities, including tennis, swim- ming, kayaking and bowling. Two programs, Venture Incuba- tor and Dance Intensive with David Dorfman Dance, will be offered July 5-14. Venture Incubator partici- pants will gain a greater under- standing of entrepreneurship, build new practical skills in critical think- ing, develop a business concept, and

engage across cultural and national boundaries. Students will explore topics related to global governance, migration, human rights and the role of media and public opinion in policy mak- ing. E.A.R.T.H. participants will study the past, present and future of climate change, including historical global circulation patterns, local geological evidence and renewable energy sci- ence, and learn how to advocate for solutions. Applications are now open. For more information or to apply, visit conncoll.edu/academics/summer-programs/ pre-college-programs/.

explore strategies to bring their venture to market. Dance Inten- sive participants will work with David Dorfman Dance, one of the most influential contemporary dance companies in the United States, on technique and choreography while exploring how “bodies serve as powerful conductors of emotion, strength, vulnerability and change.” The Global Focus and the Environmental Action through Research, Theory and Heart (E.A.R.T.H.) programs will run July 17-28. Global Focus participants will gain a deeper under- standing of the role of diplomacy and develop the capacity to


Connecticut College invites curious, creative, insightful and innovative high school students to join us on campus this summer for a two-week residential pre-college experience like no other. We’ll show you how to carve your own path and put your learning into action in your own communities. THIS SUMMER, PUT YOUR FUTURE ON THE RIGHT COURSE.

JULY 5-14

Perform with the renowned David Dorfman Dance company during an intensive program focused on technique and choreography. DANCE INTENSIVE WITH DAVID DORFMAN DANCE

JULY 5-14

Realize your potential as an entrepreneur, gain new practical skills in critical thinking, develop your business concept, and explore strategies for bringing the venture to market. VENTURE INCUBATOR

JULY 17-28

Embrace your inner scientist to study the past, present and future of climate change and learn how to advocate for meaningful, long-term solutions. ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION THROUGH RESEARCH, THEORY, AND HEART ( E.A.R.T.H.)

JULY 17-28

Develop your diplomatic skills and learn about the relationship between pressing global issues and the role of diplomacy while strengthening your ability to engage across cultural and national boundaries. GLOBAL FOCUS


270 Mohegan Ave., New London, CT 06320



Summer College - Online: Online students explore majors and pursue academic interests from the comfort of home – or from anywhere life takes them. All online courses have synchronous classes on a weekly basis, ranging from as few as one to as many as four classes per week. Students can expect to complete up to ten hours of asynchro- nous work per week in addition to the synchronous classes. Summer College - Hybrid: Students in Summer College – Hybrid courses have the best of both On Campus and Online formats with these 6-week courses. Students begin their hybrid courses with two weeks of immersive coursework on campus. They then complete their coursework in the less intensive online format for the remaining four weeks from the comfort of their own home – or wherever life takes them! The benefits of Summer College – On Campus and Sum- mer College – Online are combined to provide students with an intensive and engaging hybrid experience. precollege.syr.edu

For 63 years, Syracuse University Office of Pre-College Pro- grams has been providing high school students with the opportunity to explore college majors and careers in its re- nowned pre-college programs. Students not only learn what it’s like to be a college student, they make new likeminded friends from across the country and world and leave the pro- gram with more confidence, enthusiasm, and a sense of readi- ness for college. Summer College - On Campus Students who reside on campus navigate daily life like a college student – they take a college-level course, live in a residence hall, have meals with friends in a dining hall, and participate in social activities, events, and weekend trips. Students build meaningful connections with instructors and classmates in an immersive and collaborative living and learning environment. With an average instructor to student ratio of 9:1, students have a more personalized experience.



EXPERIENCE COLLEGE WHILE STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL • 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6-week courses • Credit and noncredit courses • On Campus, Online, and Hybrid programs • Get a head start on college • Stand out to college admissions • Make friends from around the world • Explore college majors in 100+ courses

AREAS OF STUDY • Art, Architecture and Design • Business and Leadership • Communications and Journalism

Discounts are available. Seats fill up quickly - APPLY SOON! • Computer Studies • Economics and Law • Film and Photography Studies • Health Sciences, Medicine and Nutrition • Humanities and Social Sciences • Sport Analytics • STEM • Theater and Music • Writing and Literature • And more!


Email precollege@syr.edu Call 315.443.5000 Follow @suprecollege

APPLY NOW at precollege.syr.edu


HOTCHKISS SUMMER PORTALS Lakeville, CT Cultivate Your Passion at The Hotchkiss School Hotchkiss Summer Portals offers middle and high school age students the opportunity to hone a talent or try something new while experiencing the unique and elite learning community that is Hotchkiss. Nestled in the iconic beauty of the Taconic Hills and Berkshire Mountains, our picturesque 800-acre cam- pus in the northwest corner of Connecticut serves as both class- room and playground for Summer Portals students. Each day students are immersed in their academic course after which they enjoy a range of afternoon and evening activities such as intramural soccer, hiking, swimming or bonfires at Fairfield Farm. Students will live on campus in dorms with students who represent a range of talents, backgrounds, and interests. Each day offers ample opportunity for structured independence as well as the ability to explore new interests supported by a community of caring faculty and staff. Looking to up your game? Day sports programs include the Hotchkiss-Salisbury Golf School, Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy,

Arsenal Soccer Camps, and Nike Basketball Camp. For budding writers, Summer Portals offers Writers and Writing, and a partner program with the prestigious journal The Concord Review . Looking to boost your college application? Make this sum- mer count with our virtual programs that include: College Essay Support; ACT and SAT Prep; and the Standard Application Online (SAO) Application Essay. Having trouble deciding? Our most popular programs are The Physics of the Electric Guitar; Equity is the Work: Writing for Justice; Writers and Writing, which is perfect for indepen- dent authors; Coding and Software Engineering; and the Civil War, which is open to children and adults and takes place in historic Gettysburg, PA. Summer Portals tuition is all inclusive of room, board, course expenses, most on and off campus activities, and technology and health center fees. Learn more at hotchkiss.org/summer, or call 860-435-3173, or email summer@hotchkiss.org.


EXPERIENCE LEARNING! Make new friends, have fun, and learn by doing more.

JOIN US FOR SUMMER PORTALS 2023! Classes run for two weeks from July 2-30

Hotchkiss Summer Portals is a residential program that offers middle and high school students the opportunity to participate in two-week enrichment programs at a top-tier New England boarding school.

ANTICIPATED PROGRAMS FOR SUMMER 2023: Writers & Writing Equity is the Work: Writing for Justice Fly Fishing The Physics of the Electric Guitar ACT/SAT/College Essay Golf, Tennis, Soccer, and Basketball Camps The Civil War And More!

Learn more at hotchkiss.org/summer

CONTACT: Christiana Gurney Rawlings’85, P’12,’14,’19 Director of Admission and Residential Life summer@hotchkiss.org (860) 435-3173

The Hotchkiss School | Hotchkiss Summer Portals | 22 Interlaken Road, Lakeville, CT 06039


specialists create a nurturing community where every student can succeed, and has a voice. IDEAL’s curriculum and programs are multicultural by de- sign, and social justice and anti-bias instruction are built-in and given dedicated instructional time. Immersion in the arts and a differentiated athletic program, as well as service-learning op- portunities, round out the IDEAL experience. Our exceptional academic program is based on the belief that students learn best when we set a high bar and scaffold the path to achievement through differentiation. Lower School (K-5) classes are co-taught by a general educator and a learning spe- cialist. Middle School (6-8) classes cultivate lifelong learning

THE IDEAL SCHOOL OF MANHATTAN New York City, NY A Small School That’s BIG on Inclusion The IDEAL School of Manhattan is New York’s only K-12+ independent inclusion school. Our mission is to affirm and ac- cept the full identities of all people while inspiring academic excellence, creative leadership, and a desire to build a more just and equitable world. Our school’s core principles are Inclusion, Diversity, Excel- lence, Acceptance, and Leadership. Every aspect of the IDEAL experience--instruction, assessment, program, enrichment--

reflects a research-based commitment to inclusion education as a means for academic excellence. IDEAL is moving and combining divisions in a single build- ing at 5 Hanover Square in the Financial District beginning September 2023. Architects Alexander Gorlin and Quncie Williams have designed a self-enclosed 5-story building-within- a-building that will be a model of learning, access, and inclusion. Each floor will house a division, connected by a central staircase. At IDEAL, teachers design instruction that builds upon the talents and strengths of their learners, providing instruction at multiple levels of complexity within the same classroom. Sup- portive faculty, low student-to-teacher ratios, small class sizes, and partnerships between general educators and learning

skills. High School (9-12) is uniquely student-driven, flexible, and inclusive, with a focus on building life skills. The Next Steps Transition Program is available to students as an alternative or ramp to college and supports each student’s continued progress. Please visit theidealschool.org to learn more. Location: The IDEAL School of Manhattan

314 West 91st Street 270 West 89th Street New York, NY 10024 212-769-1699 theidealschool.org/admissions


A small school that’s BIG on inclusion NYC’s only K-12+ independent inclusion school

At IDEAL, we believe that differentiated learning is the key to academic excellence. We offer a supportive environment where all children are valued and celebrated. www.theidealschool.org Join us for an open house or a personal tour to learn about our unique inclusion mission. Call 212-769-1699 x10105 or Virtual Open Houses Grades K-5: 4/14, 5/12, 6/2 Grades 6-12: 4/5, 5/5, 6/1 Postsecondary: 4/11, 6/6 email admissions@theidealschool.org for more information and Zoom links to virtual open houses. Contact us to learn about our new home at 5 Hanover Square in the Financial District starting September 2023 and the 10 IDEAL Scholarships available to new students in the neighborhood entering Grades K-8.


IVY BOUND “Test At Your Best”

Ivy Bound offers top-notch tutors to families, at their conve- nience. Ivy Bound’s tutors are available for all K-12 subjects and most college subjects. They work with students online, and often at their homes. Ivy Bound also provides test prep for the SSAT, ISEE, SAT, ACT, and the grad school entrance exams: GRE, GMAT, NCLEX, MCAT, and LSAT. Especially for SAT/ACT prep, which is the most popular, Ivy Bound’s serious students show remarkable score increases: an average of 143 SAT points and 13.6 ACT points. Ivy Bound guarantees its students 50 to 150 SAT points; every student has met or exceeded the guarantee threshold since 2015. Ivy Bound has seen 200+ point improvers every semes- ter since 2018. Ivy Bound’s ACT guarantee is 12 section points, and no stu- dent has fallen short in over a decade. As counselors know, these big improvements translate into better college admission offers and high scholarship awards. Ivy Bound’s scholarship-seeking

students report average 4-year awards exceeding $113,000. All Ivy Bound ACT/SAT tutors are top 1% scorers. Ivy Bound selects them additionally for their empathy, enthusiasm, clarity, and high test knowledge. Families typically have a choice of tutors, so meeting a student’s busy schedule is assured. For academics, students typically enlist a tutor twice a week to catch up, then once a week to get AHEAD. Students can avoid falling behind by enlisting Ivy Bound for a “course pre- view” in July or August, covering a semester or more of a daunt- ing course. Students then have the competence and confidence to plunge into the semester. Students needing study skills and families concerned about the college admissions process can enlist Ivy Bound for summer sessions and monthly follow-ons. For all academic needs, parents may reach Ivy Bound at 877-IVY-BOUND and at ivybound.net




I n how many languages can you say “fun?!” For five weeks this summer, Arts Ignite, an in- ternational arts education organization based in NYC, will be doing just that at the Newcomer Youth Summer Academy with over 100 new- comer youth from around the world. Since 2010, Arts Ignite (formerly ASTEP) has partnered with the International Rescue Committee’s Newcomer Youth Summer Acad- emy (NYSA) to provide creative arts program- ming, including visual arts, storytelling, music, and dance classes for recently resettled youth across all five boroughs. Meeting the city’s growing need to provide services for young people impacted by immigration status, including refugees, asy- lum seekers and asylees, unaccompanied minors, and other youth who have arrived to the city within the past two years or less, NYSA provides a comprehensive summer experience for students that is culturally responsive, trauma-informed, and lin- guistically supportive as students prepare to enter the NYC public school system. The Summer 2022 session, the 13th itera- tion of this beloved program with Arts Ignite, was a jam- packed, five-week exploration of the arts that served 105 recently resettled students aged 4-21 from 24 countries, speak- ing 23 languages and the Arts Ignite and IRC planning teams are currently gearing up for an even bigger 2023. As a global organization committed to serving all young people and ensuring access to arts-rich education, Arts Ignite employs skilled Teaching Artists to provide arts educational experiences for youth who would otherwise not have access. Founded in 2006 by Broadway music director, Mary-Mitchell Campbell, Arts Ignite

has served over 25,000 youth both domestically and around the world on four different continents with the aim to not necessarily train young people to be artists, but to think like one. With the mission to “develop agency in young people through the arts,” this past year, a team of twelve Arts Ignite teachers and staff members collaborated to cultivate a NYSA program focused on personal


growth, cultural adjustment, and education. Arts Ignite programming at the Newcomer Youth Summer Academy provides students with a full itin- erary of new experiences formulated to build com- munity and support transition through classes, field trips, talent shows, concerts, and a culminating grad- uation show. 2022 marked the return to in-person programming after a long hiatus due to the COVID shutdown and, as such, the Arts Ignite team was able to organize and facilitate special community events and field trips. From taking in the magic of a first Broadway show at The Music Man to sharing their special skills and qualities in the “I Am Unique”Tal- ent Show, students were able to experience new things and cultivate a sense of community, self, and pride. With multiple musical concerts, an experien- tial arts games fair on Governors Island, and collab- orative art-making projects, Arts Ignite provided a

diverse array of programming with aims to engage and strengthen students’ artistic and social emotional learning. Throughout the summer, Arts Ignite’s classes celebrated the young people’s strengths and built up their unique areas for growth. As a student- nominated class speaker, Jorge said at the graduation ceremony, “Look and see how much we’ve grown.” As the world changes, the NYSA program constantly adapts to meet evolving student needs. Artistic self-expression can em- power all young people to connect with others, strive for aca- demic excellence, and imagine new possibilities and the Arts Ignite team has seen first hand just how powerful participation in the arts can be across realms, from English language learning to emotion regulation, and from relationship building to self-es-

past year, a parent shared, “After leaving Ukraine, [my child] was very stressed. I can see a 100% positive change in her attitude and behavior. Thanks to this program, she has been able to meet new friends and be open to other people again.” Arts Ignite seeks to develop agency in young people through the arts by using evidence-based programming to foster three core educational values: creative capacity, community, and cour- age. At NYSA this past year, these values were integrated into a central theme: C.A.R.E. (Creativity, Accountability, Respect, and Empathy). By offering artistic activities and creative exer- cises that flexed students’ C.A.R.E. muscles, Arts Ignite equipped students with the skills they need to be their best ver- sions of themselves as they build new lives in the United States. At NYSA and beyond, Arts Ignite prides itself on cultivating brave spaces where young people can develop agency, build crit- ical life skills, and experience the joy of creative expression. In their work with NYSA, the team prioritizes arts programming that mindfully addresses any gaps in academic or social devel- opment that recently resettled young people may experience (e.g., being away from a classroom setting for a period of time). In striving to bring the life-changing capabilities of the arts to young people everywhere, Arts Ignite offers a range of com- munity-oriented programming with proven impact. In addition to NYSA, this year Arts Ignite will launch a pilot program in Uganda with Columbia University to support creative strategies in refugee education, serve youth and mothers impacted by HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence through a theater camp in Johannesburg, South Africa, uplift arts integration for emerging multilingual learners in Waterloo, Iowa, and Home- stead, Florida, and continue to work with youth across New York City schools and public programs to ensure that regardless of a young person’s circumstance (underfunded arts programs, periods of homelessness, juvenile incarceration, or any other systemic issue and its effects), young people will have access to arts education and creative tools that that they need to thrive. To support the work of Arts Ignite and to learn more about their programming, please visit artsignite.org *

teem. “NYSA continues to be one of my fa- vorite programs at Arts Ignite,” shared Arts Ignite Deputy Executive Director for Pro- grams and Operations, Lindsay Roberts Greene. “Last year was particularly fasci- nating as we saw world events directly mir- ror the increase of students enrolled from both Ukraine and Russia, nationalities that usually don’t have such a high presence at NYSA. Our teaching artists had the unique opportunity to explore community building through creativity with students whose home countries were literally at war. We constantly asked ourselves how dance or vi- sual art, how creating together and building together, could bring these young people closer, form lasting connections, and hope- fully impact our next generation towards peace, kindness, and empathy and you know what? Watching the students unite through dance and play as the summer un- folded- I think we achieved some positive impact moving forward.” This feeling was echoed at the culmination of NYSA this


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