Say Goodbye To Neck Pain

Health Tips

Exercise Essentials Try these pain relief exercises:

“ Is There Any Way I Can Treat Aches In My Muscles Independently?”

Relaxes Shoulders

SCAPULAR RETRACTION Stand tall, shoulders relaxed. Pull shoulder blades back and down. Don’t hunch your shoulders.

At Home Hydrotherapy

Soaking in Epsom Salt can be very helpful for the release of muscle aches and pain. It is important to remember the actual name of Epsom Salt is magnesium sulfate. Among magnesium’s many functions is it will reduce the rate of calcium binding after a muscle contracts as it competes for the same binding sites as calcium, which contracts a muscle. Simply put, this releves tightness and soreness in the muscles. Something as simple as an Epsom Salt bath can be of great ben- efit in relaxing a tight muscle. It is easily done by 1. Adding 2 cups of Epsom Salt to a warm bath full of water. 2. Soak your neck in the bath for 15 - 20 minutes, allowing the magnesium to be absorbed through your skin.

Helps Neck Pain

CERVICAL RETRACTION (TOWEL) Stand with your back against a wall. Position a rolled up towel behind your neck. Tuck chin like you are nodding ‘yes’. Draw your chin closer to the back of your throat. Repeat 3 times.

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