“Fall in Love with Luxury”

Fred and Nancy Cline invite you to experience a completely unique style of elegance, comfort, and service in Nevada’s breathtaking high desert with a stay at the Mizpah Hotel inTonopah, Nevada.

A landmark of luxury since 1907, the Mizpah Hotel offers guests historic comfort and a full array of modern conveniences, along with dining, spirits, gaming, and entertainment.

Highlights include: •

48 luxurious rooms, period appointments, high thread count sheets, flat-screenTVs, complimentary wi-fi. The Lady in Red Suite is our most elegant. TheWagon Room features a hand-made bed that lends the room its name. Some rooms have large claw-foot tubs. Two award-winning dining rooms: The casual Pittman Cafe The elegant Dempsey Room Full bar in the lobby

• •

Turquoise custom jewelry shop. Next door to a 1500 square-foot event/ conference center. Just steps away from a casino, craft brewery, indoor and outdoor museums, hiking and off-roading, many shops and attractions. A scenic three hour drive from Reno or Las Vegas.

Welcome to the Mizpah Hotel Lovingly restored to its original turn-of-the-century splendor, the historic Mizpah Hotel is known as “The Grand Lady of the High Desert,” and she is again leading the way for the emergence of Tonopah as a premiere destination locale. For over a century the Mizpah has been synonymous with luxury, service, and comfort. With the addition of theTonopah Brewing Company, and son Ramsey’s Mizpah Casino, the Cline family invites you to a completely new Nevada experience rich in history and delight.

History of the Mizpah Hotel In 1900, a desolate spot in the high desert overnight became a rough-and-tumble mining camp when a huge silver vein was discovered. Just seven years later, with nearly 20,000 people seeking riches from the strike, a group of investors, in order to attract the elite and prestigious, decided to construct a luxury hotel in what was now calledTonopah. It was Nevada’s tallest and most elegant structure, the first with an electric elevator and a star-studded lineup of big-city entertainment, gaming, food, and a very impressive guest list.When the silver ran out,Tonopah endured, and so did the Mizpah Hotel. Today, the Mizpah continues to startle and delight travelers and guests with elegance, charm, unrivaled hospitality, and mystery. She is still, as always, the Grand Lady of the High Desert.

Weddings at the Mizpah

If you’re planning an intimate wedding of up to 50 guests, consider the Mizpah Hotel for your special day.Your wedding party will experience one of the most elegant and opulent hotels in Nevada. All 48 rooms feature historic charm and modern amenities, ultra-comfortable beds, and free coffee every morning.The Jack Dempsey Room can be used for rehearsal dinners, the ceremony, the post-wedding dinner, and even the reception. We also have an event room that can hold up to 90 people for larger receptions.We offer bar service, catering, and whatever other services your special day might require. Call Tracy at (775) 482-3030 for rates and more information.

The Event/Conference Center on the second floor of the neighboring Mizpah Club Casino is 1,500 square feet of carpeted, elegant space that can accommodate up to 190 people for your wedding, business meeting, or private party. Catering and bar service is also available. Event/Conference Center

Tables = 8’x30” (banquet tables) Capacity 120 25” between rows Tables = 8'x30" (banquet tables) Capacity 120 25" between rows 20" to backwall 20" to frontwall 3' aisles 3'9" on sides

Seats = 20”x20” Capacity 170 3’4” aisle 2’ side aisles 16” between rows 5’1” to back wall 6’3” to front wall Seats = 20"x20" Capacity 17 3'4" aisle 2' side aisles 16" between rows 5'1" to backwall 6'3" to frontwall

20”to back wall 20” to front wall 3’ aisles 3’9” on side

Tables = 60” Capacity 88 (11x8) Capacity 100 (10x10) 2’6” for svc Tables = 60" Capacity 88 (11x8) Capacity 100 (10x10) 2'6" for svc

Tables = 8’x30” (banquet tables) Capacity 72 3’ aisle 2’6 on side 21” between rows Tables = 8'x30" (banquet tables) Capacity 72 3' aisle 2'6" on sides 21" between rows 3'6" to backwall 6'6"" to frontwall

3’6” to back wall 6’6” to front wall

ThingsTo Do in and AroundTonopah

The Mizpah Club

Gaming includes 93 slot machines, blackjack tables, and more games to come. An arcade for kids of all ages. A casual dining cafe. Live music with a large dance floor. Full bar including craft beers from theTonopah Brewing Company, and wine from Cline Cellars and Jacuzzi FamilyVineyards of Sonoma, CA.

• • • •

The Mizpah Club Entertainment Center

The second floor features a spacious, versatile enter tainment/conference center for your special events and private functions. The 1500 square-foot space can hold up to 190 people, and can be tailored to suit almost any function.

TheTonopah Brewing Company Since 2014, theTonopah Brewing Company has made legendary house-brewed beers in a custom-made brewhouse, ranging from traditional IPAs, Hefeweizen, and Red Ale, to custom brews like Ghost Miner Stout, Stinkeye Porter, and other one-of-a-kind beers.The slow-smoked southern-style barbeque is served with a variety of house-made sauces ranging in heat from mild to outrageous, and delicious sides like cornbread and coleslaw. Customers can findTonopah Brewing Company beers on tap and in bottles in various stores and restaurants in Reno and LasVegas, and will soon be available in many other locales.

TheTonopah Historic Mining Park Right behind the hotel isTheTonopah Historic Mining Park, located on the site of the original mining claims that started the rush toTonopah.The park encompasses portions of four of the original major mining companies and covers more than 100 acres. This rich history is brought to life through preserved and restored equipment and buildings, historic exhibits, video presentations, and a self-guided tour. Goldfield Just a few miles down the road from Tonopah is the ghost town of Goldfield, where gold was discovered in 1902. Most of the buildings, including the long-vacant Goldfield Hotel, are weathered reminders of Nevada’s boom-town past. On the outskirts of town is the International Car Forest of the Lost Church, a unique display not to be missed. Belmont About 50 miles southeast of Tonopah is the bonafide ghost town of Belmont, which enjoyed its heyday with the discovery of silver in 1865. Several major structures remain, most notably the courthouse. It is an erie snapshot of a long-gone era.

Legends of the Mizpah The Lady in Red

Spirits have been said to roam the rooms and halls of the Mizpah. Our most famous is the Lady in Red. Her 'call' name was Rose, her real name Evelyn Mae Johnston. Born in Baltimore in 1879, she was killed outside her 5th floor room by a jealous beau on January 2, 1914. Her spirit is said to haunt her room (now 504), various other rooms, and the fifth floor hallway. Sightings have sometimes been accompanied by a single pearl left on a pillow or night stand.

Wyatt Earp The storied lawman came to Tonopah shortly after the famous shootout at the OK Corral in Arizona. He opened a saloon, helped enforce mining claims, and even did a little mining before moving on to greener pastures.

“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.”

-Wyatt Earp

Jack Dempsey One of the world’s greatest boxing legends had some of his earliest bouts inTonopah and Goldfield. After one 30-round match, Dempsey’s winnings were stolen by a masked gunman. Dempsey tried his hand at mining, and is said to have been a bouncer for a brief time at the Mizpah

“All the time he’s boxing, he’s thinking. All the time he was thinking, I was hitting him.” -Jack Dempsey

Key Pittman Mississippi native Key Pittman moved toTonopah in 1902 and became a major figure inTonopah and through- out Nevada. Elected to the U.S Senate in 1913, he served there until his death in 1940. Senator Pittman was an unrelenting advocate forTonopah, and we salute his memory by naming our award-winning Pittman Cafe in his honor.

Weiland Brewing Company The first business in Tonopah was a brewery, a stone structure known as theWeiland Building, which still stands near the Mizpah Hotel.The Clines hope to open the historic building as a recreation of Tonopah’s original craft brewery.

History of Tonopah In 1900, lawyer and rancher Jim Butler was out prospecting in the high desert, when he noticed that a rock he was about to heave at his wandering burro seemed strangely heavy. Butler had stumbled on what was to be the west’s last great mining boom. Over three decades, theTonopah mines pro- duced millions of dollars of silver ore, making owners and investors wealthy and helping the U.S. recover from a devas- tating economic downturn.A railroad, prize fights, and seemingly endless supplies of silver madeTonopah a familiar name to Americans in the first decades of the 20th Century. Names likeWyatt Earp, Jack Dempsey, Howard Hughes, and Jack Longstreet have long been associated withTonopah. The mines began to give out in the 1930s, butWWII brought a resurgence in the form of an army training base for pilots and ordinance.And mining, though much diminished, still plays a major role in the area in and aroundTonopah. Not far from town is the world’s largest solar power collection facility, which began operation in 2015. Today,Tonopah is poised for a major rebirth. California vintners Fred and Nancy Cline, whose ancestors include earlyTonopah pioneers, are creating a unique family-friendly destination, with all the charm and spirit of the wild west, combined with modern-day luxuries and comforts.Tonopah is ready to be back on the map!

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