AmerCareRoyal - Vinyl Gloves Brochure

Glove Size Indicator Chart

We Have A Glove For That AmerCareRoyal’s disposable gloves can be used in a variety of jansan, foodservice or medical applications. They provide added protection to users and

help maintain sterile environments. Whether needing hybrid, latex,nitrile, poly, synthetic or vinyl, we have a range of sizes available in colorful, easy to read packaging.

Simply place the widest portion of your hand over the size indicator chart to find the glove size that is ideal for you.

If the designated portion of your hand is smaller than 78mm a size extra small may be ideal for you


7.8cm | 78mm


8.6cm | 86mm


9.7cm | 97mm

If the designated portion of your hand is larger than 110mm a size extra-extra large may be ideal for you

Extra Large

11cm | 110mm

2 | 800.666.6655

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