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In ass�ming the duties of the editorial Staff, we feel it a privilege to . cany forward · the worl,<: so (avorably begun last _ year. It will be our earnest endeavor iu guiding The Record during the year to live up }o the high .ideals which at aJI times animate the spirit . of No1 l 1�l. . , . . . �mce' the layrng of the corner-stone df the ne\y Normal 1s a great step towards · the future· greatness of this . schoo l and an inspiration for better work, we l1ave dedicafecl this number to that memorable eve1!t. Our ·purpose will be at all times to keep all the departments of tl1e school in close touch - with one another and to keep our friends and the Alumni informed of the progress that is being made here. 1Ne shall let the pages of The Record sen·e as windows through which those outside may look in and see what is being done here. Tlie Record · iS still in its inf,rncr and its fuj�1i·_ e deperids upon the standards that are uow set. In order thnt it be worthy Of our school, we ask that all continue to give us tl1eir heai;ty stlp­ port. "\Ve deeply appreciate the co-operation we have received and we hope to make each succeeding number better than its prede­ cessor sO that this shall be n pnper wo1thy of Buffalo Normal School. THE Al)VAN'l.'AGl�S OF NOR.MAL The students of the Buffalo Sh;te Normal School are ex­ ceptionally fortunate in having at their dispoSal the many edu­ cational advantages �·hiC'h the city affords. rrhe Buffalo Public Library containing over 30Q,OOO volumes, the Grosvenor Library, located not far from Normcll, the,J-Iistodcal Building, and the Albright Art Gpllery in De l awa · re Park are foremost among the opportunities presented. Aside from s n c h · free treast�re-hous. es, many excellent lectures and conc(irts are available, often with special rates for our stud� U.J. D.

By . the shore of hlile Lake Erie By the deep and shining sea,.p,rth � Stands our city proud and tranquil; Of the lakes'the fair Qu�en City. In it many l1alis · of learning, Halls of school-day toil and pleasure Beckon to the lads and lassies. · Chief of these is statelr Normal. · Here the anxious lnds ancl 1assies Learn of each p�.o�e · ssor metl}ods; Gain from , each a little wisdom In those long-forgotte1! branches,· Learn by precept to impar t it. Learn to wield the scepter gently, (An imaginary scepter). Birch rod ne'er to be considered. Round our Normal ·in the Autumn, In the days when leaves are falling, Fall the blows of busy haniiners.' "\'\i'"l{at i. S ' thatt" Old Normal mutters ! And t1:e joyOus breezes answer: " ''L'is the music of the builders, , rri� the sonO' of the new Normal." rr°hns f)11P f'::ii ! . r1,�v· i11 Ortobe:i-, Day of clays til be remembere?, . Lads and 'lassies, gay with pennants, Learned teachers proudly s1hi!ing­ Merry children of all ages. G a v a lum n i friends - admiring, C a � le toget l 1er at . the west wing, Came with song to Alma Mater, rr1 1 ere to lay with"uomP aild glory rornersto���. of nn: new Nonr"<�L


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