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Nakup aparata We are intensively focused on environmental protection, in which we do not see only socially responsible behaviour but also a business process by which we keep our competitive advantage. In order to preserv the planet in economic sense our awareness is our advantage. 500 1 0,50 ¤ Prašek 15 60 0,25 ¤ Električna energija 0,11 1 0,11 ¤




0,10 ¤




0,06 ¤

Franjo Bobinac, President of Gorenje Management Board


1,02 ¤

by legislation. In recent years one of the key renovation projects was the introduction of circular system for the treatment of water, used in production processes. We have our own plastics and polystyrene plants where all waste material is returned to production processes. All technological enamelling procedures and surface treatment of metals are ecologically the best. At certain points we even exceed statutory and environmental requirements and achieve significant results in reducing negative impacts on the environment. Today in Gorenje the consumption of energy for the production of an appliance is by 10 times better than ten years ago in spite of the fact that technologically more demanding appliances are produced. Mehčalec Vod Električna energija Prašek Nak p aparata SKUPAJ 6 % 10 % 11 % 25 % 49 % 100 %

In last ten years updating of technological processes and equipment is shown in the following percentages per products:

Quantity of hazardous waste by

73 %

Quantity of disposed waste by

73 %

Total load of the waste water treatment plant by

76 %

Water consumption by

80 %

Natural gas consumption by

39 %


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