ECC Curriculum.July

CURRICULUM The early childhood program at Levine Academy celebrates the uniqueness of every child. The learning process is emphasized through carefully planned learning centers and interest areas that invite children to make choices, to explore, to create, and to develop a life-long love of learning. The comprehensive and developmentally appropriate curriculum is designed to promote each child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. Small class-sizes enable the faculty to support and facilitate individualized attention and the ability to adapt curriculum to fit the needs of the students. COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT In order to facilitate cognitive development, emphasis is placed on developing self-motivation and active investigation through questioning, exploring and observing, as well as through thinking and problem-solving. Children are immersed in classrooms complete with rich literacy activities and materials: books, environment print, and phonetic and whole language programs. Special weekly classes such as Jewish studies, Hebrew language, gym, library, music, and social skills are included to stimulate cognitive development and round-out the curriculum. SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT Socialization, the process by which children learn the values and behaviors accepted by society, is crucial to the social/emotional development of a child. Whether it be through organized activities or self-initiated play, the curriculum guides students on a path of growing independence, self- confidence, and responsible behavior. Children are given the tools needed to work independently, to work cooperatively with one child or in a group, and to develop solid relationships with one another. Teachers reinforce the importance of communicating with language, respecting the rights of others, problem solving, and developing feelings of empathy and acceptance. Levine Academy activities encourage and enable the students to express their feelings in a constructive and appropriate manner. PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT Physical activity and movement are designed to develop both gross and fine motor skills, as well as to integrate physical activity in the child’s day-to-day life. Children are provided a myriad of opportunities to develop gross motor skills through physical education classes, movement activities, and outdoor play. Fine motor skills are integrated into every classroom activity, focusing on dexterity and eye-hand coordination. Organized physical activities are integrated into the curriculum with every age group attending a gym class once a week and a teacher-led movement class once a week. JEWISH LEARNING Children are provided a strong and positive orientation toward Jewish learning. Weekly Havdalah, Torah and Kabbalat Shabbat Services, holiday study, Jewish symbols, rituals, Torah stories, prayer and Hebrew language are present every day as a joyful way of life. As part of a Jewish day school, children benefit from being able to see themselves as an integral part of our Jewish community.



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