ECC Curriculum.July

• Children develop phonemic awareness –rhyme, pattern and letter/sound relationship.

Mathematics Three math programs are used in both Pre-K and Kindergarten: Everyday Math ® (a comprehensive mathematics curriculum developed by the University of Chicago School of Mathematics Project); Math Their Way (a hands-on, problem solving introduction to mathematics); and Growing With Mathematics (an activity-based, integrated, and problem-solving approach to learning mathematics which incorporates computation and skill development). • Children use manipulatives for hands-on learning to reinforce concepts and skills that relate to real life experiences. Science and Social Studies • Children learn about the basic human needs of all people for food, clothing and shelter. • Children identify similarities among people as well as differences in cultures. • Children begin to relate to time lines and history. • Children develop an understanding of the environment. • Children engage in experimentation using the scientific process. Jewish Studies and Hebrew Language • Children’s natural curiosity of the world is enhanced. Jewish Studies/Hebrew Language Chalav U’dvash, a Hebrew language immersion program, is used in Pre-K and Kindergarten. • Children understand, appreciate and form a strong Jewish identity through:

º Blessings º Tzedakah º Mitzvot º Torah º Shabbat º Holidays º Art º Songs


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