Visiting Practitioners

M A R I KO H I YA M A V I S I T I N G P R A C T I T I O N E R NOVEMBER 4 - 1 8 , 20 1 9

Ms. Mariko Hiyama specializes in Sorensensistem-Face Therapy concept combining oriental medicine, acupuncture and neuro Anatomy. For the past 5 years, she has been working as a visiting practitioner and has received awards from wellness facilities in Europe, Asia and US, serving guests from around the world.

Facial Reflex Therapy (Sorensensistem™) A modern and effective therapeutic method, carried out with hands, stimulating various reflex points and zones on the face and scalp. The therapy helps tackle disease within the body, balance organs and systems such as endocrine, lymphatic and circulatory. The ultimate effect of the Facial Reflex therapy is to enhance our own natural balancing & healing mechanisms in our body and mind. Japanese Cosmo Face Lift (Sorensensistem™) The benefits of Japanese Cosmo Lifting are endless and are quickly noticed. This method makes for a wonderfully relaxing treatment and also balances the body’s function. Over a period of treatments, skin appears rejuvenated and wrinkles will be dramatically reduced. A natural, instant face lift offering excellent results. Trauma-Bipolar Reflex Therapy (Sorensensistem™) Trauma Reflex therapy is a method that consists of stimulating manually different areas and points of microsystems on the face, scalp, and feet to release trauma and emotions stored in the body’s cell memory, in the limbic system and the amygdala. With Trauma-Bipolar Therapy, it is possible to reach a completely relaxed state and find inner peace.

60 min USD 225++

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