Visiting Practitioners

N O N T S U K S E E V I S I T I N G P R A C T I T I O N E R DECEMBER 1 2 - JANUARY 28 , 2020

Iridium Spa, a St. Regis Hotels & Resorts exclusive, invites you to discover a spectrum of services with our visiting practitioner Nont Suksee and treat yourself to the coveted luxury of time.

Pain Relief Massage Stretching, muscle release and energy releasing techniques are used to treat sore and tense muscles. The massages focuses on painful areas as well as treating specific injuries and posture concerns. 90 minutes USD 290 | 120 minutes USD 370 Chi Nei Tsang This abdominal massage stimulates the digestive system and utilizes Taoist traditions which focuses on balancing the Chi energy of the body. 60 minutes USD 195 Himalayan Singing Bowl Massage This massage aids not only physical healing but promotes emotional and spiritual healing as well. The sounds produced by the bowls coupled with its vibration invokes a deep state of relaxation aiding in stress reduction and chakra balancing 90 minutes USD 290 Yogic Intestinal Cleanse This cleanse includes five specific yoga poses as well as consumption of lightly salted water, a natural and non-intrusive technique for detoxing the digestive system. 90 minutes USD 250 Reiki Based on the idea of life force energy which flows through us, this treatment focuses on stress reduction and relaxation to improve your life force energy; A high life force energy promotes a happy and healthy life. 60 minutes USD 195 Private Yoga Session 60 Minutes USD195 | 90 Minutes USD220

For more information and bookings please contact the Spa Reception at 381

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