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V I S I T I N G P R A C T I T I O N E R APR I L 1 - 30, 2020 SA N D R A L A Z N I K

Sandra Laznik graduated at University of Sport Science in Slovenia. She’s known for mixing science with spirituality like a pro and strives to help you restore quickly and permanently. Meet our multiply qualified yoga teacher, pilates instructor and a massage therapist with a healing touch beyond the muscle tissue.

Natural Face Lift Get your personal fitness trainer, for your face. Master 4 physical exercises that reduce wrinkles, boost circulation, tone your cheeks and get your facial muscles in shape. No electrodes or injections included. Triple Reflexology Focuses only on the “headquarters” of your body. Includes head and face massage for a calm mind, hair growth and a fresh look, hand massage to balance the nervous system and foot reflexology for a total reset. Perfect for leaders who spend most of their time on the airplanes or in the offices. Private Yoga Become a well-stretched person, even if you never touched your toes in a yoga class. Get inspired by the royal paths of yoga that offer a highway to clearing physical, mental and emotional issues. This session will make you face the world with a victorious mindset and a radiant body. Private Couple Connection Yoga Relationship is the “highest practice”. Learn how to scientifically and precisely combine male and female polarities. Session helps stabilise emotions, builds a powerful connection between you and your partner and keeps your bodies healthy and fit. Suitable for total beginners. Private Pilates Nothing will get you more focused, aligned and toned than working with your core. This practice improves your posture, strengthens your abdominal muscles and clears the mental clutter.

P R I V A T E Y O G A 60 min USD 100

60 min USD 210

90 min USD 260

For more information and bookings please contact the Spa Reception at 381

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