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Reflections on Another Birthday

May is my birth month. As I get closer to turning 40 — I am just a couple of years away — I have been thinking about how I want to mark this milestone. Most of my birthdays come and go with little fanfare. We may go out to dinner with family or friends, but that’s about it. It tends to be a low-key event. As I get older, I find it’s less important to mark the occasion for myself. It’s even less important since I’ve had kids, and the fun and excitement of birthdays has shifted to them. I celebrate these milestones with them, which is what really matters. Every year when my birthday comes around, I use the time to reflect. I think celebrating another trip around the sun is worth reflection. I consider the many things that are important to me, both personally and professionally. These are the things that give me motivation and keep me running, so to speak. A lot of people talk about reflecting at the end of the year, but this is a relative concept when you start talking about birthdays. As your birthday arrives, is it not the end of one year and the start of another for you? As I’ve gotten older, I have had numerous aspirations and ambitions for my career. I’ve reached many milestones and have been fortunate to have found success through these ambitions. A big part of that success comes from yearly reflection. I think about what matters to me, and I focus my energy accordingly. I find this is a really important process. When I look at my career, I have to think about what I am getting out of it. Is it challenging me? Is it driving me to become better within my field? Am I happy? Some people work jobs or get stuck in a career where they don’t feel confident about themselves or their work. They don’t feel fulfilled, which can be difficult and disheartening. When you reflect and ask those big questions like, “Is my career fulfilling?” or “Am I happy?” you can get to the root of why. And then, you can start to course-correct. It’s not always easy to ask those questions and to course-correct, but it can be worth it.

a couple of years away, but I know I want to make the most of it. I think I may sign up for a Trek Travel getaway. Trek makes high-quality bicycles for every type of cyclist, but they also offer getaways and bike tours all over the country and the world. You just sign up and they do the rest. They set you up with accommodations at your destination of choice, and you bike from stop to stop, touring your destination by bike, powered purely by human energy. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this milestone birthday. Two more years. I think that’s an excellent goal to set for myself!

As I look ahead, I feel like I’m in a good place. My mind is on my quickly approaching 40th birthday. It may be

-Jeremy Wyatt

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