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JUNE 2017

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up on time and do our best work. He didn’t allow laziness from any of us. My dad grew up in a big family of 12 kids. One day, he and his siblings decided to plan a San Diego beach vacation so they could really have a chance to catch up. We all loved it so much that it became an annual tradition that we look forward to all year. Soon, as all of the cousins grew up and started getting

When I was younger, I loved watching TV with my dad. On Saturdays he’d even let me stay up late to watch “Saturday Night Live.” Although I didn’t understand what was so funny, I would laugh anyway because he was laughing. That was my favorite part, hearing him laugh to his favorite sitcoms “Cheers” and “Seinfeld.” Even when we weren’t watching sitcoms, I’d curl up on the couch while he was watching football. I just enjoyed being with him. Every year, all of us would get excited when “The Wizard of Oz” came on TV. We didn’t have DVDs back then, so we had to wait all year. My dad would recite every line of the movie because it was his all-time favorite. My dad always had a strong work ethic. Not only would he work all day as a crane operator, but he’d come home afterward and fix the car and whatever else was broken in our home. He never once hired out labor. He was also kind of a tough guy. He didn’t tolerate whining or complaining, and made sure we knew how important it was for us to show Vital Care Patients ENTER TO WIN Find the misspelled word in this newsletter and call (623) 544-0300 for your chance to win a $10 gift card! CALL 623-544-0300

Andrea McWhorter Our San Diego Beach Family Vacation usually ends up hitting Father’s Day, which works out well because we get to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad every year at the beach. I don’t think he would have it any other way! Kohlympics” so they have a chance to get to know each other better. We strategically put each kid on a team with the cousins that they know the least with a coach who is also typically a cousin or aunt/uncle. They are given a team color, and they have to come up with their own team name and compete in various fun beach games. By the end of the games, the kids have all bonded and know each others’ names. My kids love the whole beach vacation, but they really love playing in the water. They don’t care if their lips turn blue or that it’s freezing! They also enjoy boogie boarding, building sandcastles, and burying each other in the sand. We all enjoy lying around and socializing too, though!

married, having kids, and inviting the “in laws,” the number of people multiplied. What was once a beach vacation for my dad, his siblings, and their kids grew to a gathering of about 100 people. How do we coordinate 100 people on the beach, you ask? Well, over the years, we’ve developed a system. All of the streets are in alphabetical order, so everyone tries to rent one of the beach rentals along the J, K, and L streets. Then, we all meet at the lifeguard station and set up camp in that area. Every year is different depending on finances. Sometimes, we’ll rent a place with four other families, and sometimes we’ll have our own place. You know how sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation? Well, this isn’t like that. We literally do nothing. We don’t do Disneyland, SeaWorld, or check out the latest and greatest restaurants. No, we play volleyball, we boogie board, build sandcastles, swim, and most importantly, we get to know each other.

Due to the large number of cousins running around on the beach, we started the “Beach

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