How Physical Therapy Can Help!

Physical therapy isacommon treatment forbothheelspursandplantar fasciitis. The pain can be treated through stretching exercises, taping of the painful area, andmassage.Yourphysical therapistmayalsosuggestnightsplints,shoe inserts, or a podiatric-specific shoe brand. Alternative treatments, such as Tylenol or Advil, can also be used in conjunction with physical therapy if pain persists. In extreme cases, a surgical procedure can be conducted to remove a spur or release the inflammation of the plantar fascia;however,90%ofpeople respondwell tophysical therapy treatmentsalone, without the need for surgery. HereatDynamicRehab,wealsoofferShockwaveTherapy tohelp treatheelspurs andplantar fasciitis.ShockwaveTherapy (SWT),alsoknownasRadialShockwave Therapy (rSWT), isa formofphysical therapy thatsendsshockwaves to thepainful area through a specially designed hand-held device, in order to speed up your body’s natural healing process. It works by boosting blood circulation within that area, thus permitting any damaged tissue to quickly regenerate and heal over a certainamountof treatmentsspecific toyourcondition.ShockwaveTherapyalso has an 80% success rate of significant pain reduction, after only 2-3 sessions! If you believe you could benefit from this, our physical therapists would be more than happy to schedule a consultation with you. So, ifyoubegin tonoticepain inyourheelor footasyou runarounddoingholiday shopping, cooking dinner for the extended family, shoveling mounds of snow, or any other strenuous activity that this winter season will inevitably permit, don’t hesitate togiveusacall!Wecanhelpalleviateanypain thatyoumightexperience.

Ifyou’resuffering fromheelor footpain,callDynamic Rehab at (973) 910-0307 to see how physical therapy can do for you!

Relieve Heel Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing heel pain.

Patient Success Spotlight

Stretches Calves


Soleus Stretch Stand in front of a wall with one leg forward and one leg back as shown. With the back leg bent, sit back onto your back foot, keeping your heel on the ground. Hold for 6-10 seconds, then repeat with your other leg.

“This experience was nothing short of a miracle.” Shockwave gave me my life back! I was in so much pain prior to treatment I had to quit my job. The pain took over my life. This experience was nothing short of a miracle. Everyone was so kind and helpful. I highly suggest this to anyone suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. As of today (one year later) I am pain free. - Edith K.


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