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Most everyone has experienced a headache at some point in their lives. In fact, over 10 million people in the US suffer with daily headaches. The vast majority of headaches stem from limitations with neck motion. Headaches result from the spasm of arteries in the scalp and sometimes, the brain. Different triggers can occur from chemical sensitivities to pH or sugar imbalances in the blood. Often, the spasms are caused by irritations of the muscles in the neck and scalp that trigger the nerves to go into overdrive, causing a dull ache or even sharp pain. Here’s what you can do to prevent headaches: 1. Watch your posture – Alignment of the neck and upper back is crucial to alleviating the strain on the neck muscles. Be conscious throughout the day of how you are holding your posture. Bring work up to eye level and make sure that your computer screen is high enough to alleviate neck strain. 3 Tips to Quickly Re

“Nothing short of miracles at Regional.” “I originally was referred to another therapy office but was unhappy with my treatment and progress. Since starting here at Regional my care has been exceptional. From the first appointment until now, my 10th appointment. The personal care and concern for my well being has been nothing but phenomenal. My progression through each and every exercise and procedure was well explained and observed closely. I have never experienced a better treatment anywhere. My neck pain has progressed from being barely able to move to now being able turn my head while driving to bending down while tying my shoes. Something so simple we take for granted…till you lose it. Nothing short of miracles at Regional.” - H.S.

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