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T itle I nsurance

ACKENSACK, NJ — Despite ever-chang- ing economic and real Firm maintains customer-focused approach through a variety of business climates First Bergen Title Agency, Llc celebrates more than 50 years of stability and success H est professional manner,” said Meccia, Jr. A Proud History

Agency, LLC, and changed its name in 2009 to First Bergen Title Agency, LLC. Meccia, Jr.’s partner in the family busi- ness is Leo Foose, a cousin who began his career with the company in 1971. Today, First Bergen writes title insurance through three well-respected underwriters. These are Chicago Title Insur- ance Company and Common- wealth Land Title Insurance Company, members of the Fidelity National Financial family of title companies, as well as Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, one

of the largest independent title insurance providers in the United States. First Bergen also is a designated qualified intermediary for 1031 ex- change transactions through its subsidiary First Bergen Deferred Exchange LLC. “We are very proud of our history of service, quality and dependability, as demon- strated by the many long-term relationships we have created with our clients,” Meccia Jr., said. “We are well positioned to offer the highest-quality customer service for many, many years to come.” n

estate cycles, First Bergen Title Agency, LLC (First Bergen) has remained a sta- ble force in the title insurance industry for more than 50 years. While other agencies have emerged and dissolved at market peaks and record-lows, hands-on customer service and uncompromising integrity have been the valued components of First Bergen’s long-term suc- cess. AllenMeccia, Jr ., one of the firm’s managing members, brings an industry perspective that spans more than 30 years. Guided by his father, who founded the company in 1957, Meccia, Jr. joined the family business in 1984. “The industry has changed significantly since our compa- ny’s founding, but our team of professionals continues to adapt to these changes and protect our customers’ real estate interests with the same service, reputation and expertise we’ve delivered for more than five decades,” said Meccia, Jr. Protection for Every Investment First Bergen provides title insurance protection and settle- ment services for homebuyers, real estate professionals, at- torneys, lenders, homebuilders and real estate developers. The agency is a one-source solution for real estate purchases, refi- nances and leasehold transac- tions. Since its inception, First Ber- gen has completed more than 200,000 transactions and has developed a services portfolio that includes residential, com- mercial, apartments, re-use and industrial properties. The company works annually with long-term and first-time clients to insure a wide range of prop- erties, ranging from residential homes to multi-million-dollar commercial projects. First Bergen has handled some of the most complex real estate transactions throughout the state. These properties have involved a leading medi- cal center, a landmark Hacken- sack office campus, prominent apartment complexes, major redevelopment sites, ware- houses and several premier office and shopping centers. From small, traditional transactions to larger, multi- faceted property trades, Mec-

First Bergen is known for its integrity and efficiency as an outgrowth of one of the old- est and most established title insurance companies in New Jersey. Founded in 1957 by Al- len Meccia, Sr. , as Common- wealth LawyersAbstract Com- pany, the firmwas acquired by Commonwealth Land Title In- surance Company in 1963 and operated as a branch office. In 2002, the company began operating independently as Commonwealth Bergen Title

cia, Jr., and his staff provide the same level of hands-on service to every client. “Our close-knit team of professionals has been working together for more than 25 years. Clients’ needs, regardless of the size or scope of a transaction, are met on time and in the high- Leo Foose & Allen Meccia, Jr.

Where every Closing Counts

• Providing title insurance protection and settlement services • Specializing in residential, commercial and industrial properties • Single-source solution for real estate purchases, refinances and leasehold transactions • Designated qualified intermediary for 1031 exchange transactions through First Bergen Deferred Exchange LLC • Affiliated underwriters include Chicago Title Insurance Company and Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, members of the Fidelity National Financial family of title companies, as well as Old Republic National Title Insurance Company

Court Plaza North, 25 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Hackensack NJ 07602 201-343-3121 www.firstbergentitle.com

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