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New Jersey emerges as a leading market Cushman &wakefield’s Brady defines the ultimate data center


hat makes an indus- trial property a good site for a data center?

least 11 additional character- istics to meet Tier 3 or 4 Data Center status, including: • A suburban setting, because most of the demand is concen- trated there A location above the 100- or, even better, the 500-year flood plain Large front, back and side lot lines to secure the perimeter • Single-story design •Aminimum 16-foot clear ceil- ing heights or higher • 150-pound live floor loads capacity • Not less than 25 x 25 column spacing on the floor plates • Class A or B image • No gas or other easements on the property • Neighbors with acceptable uses (no chemical plants or flammables, for example) • Distance from major trans- portation routes like a flight path or exposure to major highways Are there exceptions to the rule? Brady: You may see some Fortune/Financial 100 data centers that don’t meet these characteristics because they are legacy sites, but times have changed. Past and recent expe-

riences from Irene, Sandy and security breaches have created more criteria to be met. Urban, multi-story office or industrial buildings have been used as data centers in the past but are not popular today. Frankly, the only prospects that will consider them are collocation providers looking to serve clients within that particular city. First, the cost to run and operate suburban locations is lower, which has driven up demand. Second, some of those “ideal” data center characteristics at urban properties are harder to come by and control because of the tenants above and below you, building restrictions and limi- tations, environmental codes, city utility restrictions, and other factors. What defines “good power” when considering an indus- trial-to-data center conver- sion? Brady: Bringing power to a site is expensive and takes time. If the property already has one to two megawatts at 13.2 volts on-site, that is a good start. Having 26kV or 69kV substation on-site with continued on page 18B

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According to Cushman & Wa k e f i e l d , Inc . ’s Sean Brady, a num- ber of vari- ab l es come into play. A senior direc- tor with the

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Sean Brady

commercial real estate services firm’s East Rutherford, office and co-founder of its Global Data Center Advisory Group, Brady addressed this topic for attendees of the Northeast In- dustrial Real Estate Summit. Produced by CapRate Events, the program was held at Mari- time Park in Jersey City. In the following Q&A interview, he re- views the evaluation process. What are the most impor- tant characteristics of a top- rated data center? Brady: Tier 3 or 4 data cen- ters – which are the highest classifications – require superi- or power and fiber redundancy, as well as high security. These represent the most critical issues today. The buildings, themselves, need to have at

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