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The meaning of One ERIKS

After being in the organization for a few months I observed that we have all of the right ingredients to grow our organization and be successful in even the most challenging of times. Coming together as One ERIKS (see the article on the next page on the meaning of One ERIKS) is a critical step in our transformation from a good organization to a great one. To do this, we need to be committed to following a framework of principles. Many of these principles are outlined in the best-selling book written by Jim Collins titled “Good to Great.” The author reviewed over 1,400 companies and found 11 had achieved true greatness. He found that these companies had a down to earth, practical approach with a commitment to excellence that kept their employees focused on practical and strategic objectives. One of the key factors that attracted me to join ERIKS and SHV (our ultimate parent) is that the values and overall business approach is down to earth and practical. These fundamentals put us on the path to greatness. Good-to-great transformations begin with ensuring everyone understands the company’s goals and creates processes that enable long-term achievable growth. There is no secret formula or single action that creates the good-to-great breakthrough. It involves hard work, sustainable objectives and an organization with the desire to achieve. The book talks about transformation following predictable patterns. It likens the process to pushing on a heavy “flywheel.” Getting a flywheel moving requires everyone to pull or push in the same direction. The heavy wheel begins to move slowly. As we continue on our journey, the flywheel begins to spin, starting with one slow revolution. One revolution leads to another and soon the flywheel is

at full speed. Once at speed, it is very difficult to stop. Each step in the process may seem small or trivial but it adds to the momentum of the wheel. The book also discusses how leadership needs to have humility and possess a personal will to succeed. These are very similar attributes required to be an SHV employee. In SHV our values include integrity, loyalty, respect and trust. We are to remain modest (while being confident) and drive performance. Our people are very important and we are to listen, learn and react while keeping things simple and entrepreneurial. Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” We have to embrace change, understand that we need to do things differently and strive each day to move our “flywheel” in the same direction. Please join us on our journey to greatness by putting your hands on the “flywheel,” keeping a commitment to the safety of every colleague, focusing on customer needs and embracing change. This publication is designed to keep all of our ERIKS employees in North America apprised of the progress we are making as well as our strategy and vision in this exciting time of change, transformation and integration. Thank you for your time, all of your hard work and your commitment to continuous improvement.

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Ben Mondics President & CEO

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