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Washington was subject to human failings but his Christian charac­ ter made America. Lincoln was a poor boy and a plain man but the world acclaims the triumph of his life. Both men drew their strength from the same source— they studied and understood and loved the Bible. You can bring to your children and yourself the same fruitful knowl­ edge and understanding of G od 's Word. Mail coupon below for at­ tractive announcement folder describing the plan and beauty o f— A é -VicToRY /T he B ook ofL ife For You and Your Family Reveals the whole Bible with over 800 Christian art reproductions, photographs and maps of Bible lands to add richness and interest. Each volume is complete in itself but a necessary link in the perfect whole. So simple it enables pre-school children to begin to know G od 's Word, yet so profound in scholarship it chal­ lenges and benefits the best student. The Book of Life" in your home is like living with a wise counsellor and loving re- vealer of Bible truth whose very presence is a benediction. Children are inspired to worthy ideals and the home takes on a higher spiritual tone.

“The Book of Life” Was Worth $500 to this Boy Really worth much more as it can be to you and your children be­ cause it is impossible to put a money value on the knowledge, culture and Christian ideals ob­ tained from this great work. Here is a High School boy who won a $500 prize recently in the American Youth Forum Contest in the Ameri­ can Magazine. His mother writes, "M y son's poemwas on theassigned topic 'M y Hope for America' and was modeled after the Psalms. He used the Bible Poetry volume of 'The Book of Life'. In fact both my boys have read the entire set. It certainly has helped me meet my responsibility to my boys."


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John Rudin & Co. Inc. 1 0 1 8 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, Dept. KB-3 □ I should like to con­ sider an immediate opening with your Com­ Cl]Please send me FREE folder illustrating and describing the new Victory Edition of "The Book of Life" in beautiful sym­ bolic Cathedral Binding, gold embossed — and Special Offer.

For well trained Christian leaders — men and women who are sin­ cerely interested in Christian char­ acter training and ideals of chil­ dren and young people • . • who believe the Bible should have a larger place today in the home. A G O O D IN COM E G U ARA N ­ TEED. Check coupon and mail today for FREE booklet. JohnRudin&Co. Inc. * 1 0 1 8 S . Wabash Avenue Dept. KB-3 Chicago, III. ^

pany as representative. Please send me copy of your booklet "Opportuni­ ty for Christian Leader­ ship."


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