King's Business - 1939-03

In“Regions Beyond”—OnBusiness forThe King Y OU are looking at a photograph from the African mission field. It is breath-taking by reason of its entire naturalness, and its strangely ener­ gized power. day a baptized Christian congregation; or do the superstitions of Africa, with their voodoo rites, their medicine men and witch doctors, still dominate these souls for whom Christ died? The Bread of Life Distributed

NEW PRO RATA SUBSCRIPTION OF­ FER, available only to those who are already Club Organizers or who form clubs at this time. Under the terms of this offer, one may buy ten subscriptions and any number pf additional subscrip­ tions for the remaining ten months of this current year (March to December inclusive) at the special club-of-ten rate of 58 cents per subscription for the next ten months (70 cents for an entire year). Thus for $5.80 you can purchase TEN SUBSCRIPTIONS of TEN MONTHS EACH, but be sure to add 20 cents per subscription for postage for each foreign or Canadian address. We have a simply worded circular that describes this plan in detail. Moreover, it shows the monthly pro rata prices for a whole year. Send for it today. We can supply the names o f many ear­ nest missionaries greatly in need o f THE KING ’S BUSINESS, should you not have a personal list, and will send you the names o f those to whom we are sending your sub­ scriptions, if you will place your order for them. I f you desire to have all ten go to the foreign field, send $7.80, the extra $2.00 above $5.80 covering the foreign mailing charge.

The missionary at the right is speaking with great earnestness. He is telling his hearers in their native tongue of the eternal values he presents; of the Man who was God, whose words are in His Book; and of t he shed bl ood that WASHES away ALL SIN. Spiritual Hunger Manifested The pitifully empty and outstretched hands of the barbarian in the left fore­ ground, the forward leaning body of his neighbor (second to the right), the awakening interest in the assembled faces of the seated counselors, and finally, the puzzled but glowering frown of the one who is plainly the chief (seated toward the rear at the left), together with the squalid appearance and vacant faces of the women of the surroundings harems, all speak mutely but eloquently of the desperate need for unremitting mission­ ary effort. How this dramatic contact eventuated we do not know. Was the chief converted, and does a thatched native church building now stand among the mottled boles of the surrounding sycamores? Is the tribe to- THE KING'S

Again we say that we do not know the outcome of the incident pictured, but we thank God that each month we are per­ mitted by His grace to send forth THE KING’S BUSINESS to hundreds of mis­ sionaries in many foreign fields, and other thousands to those at work in the slums of great cities and throughout the countrysides of America. The Bread of Life is multiplied in the hands of those who minister the Word to others. An army of God’s stewards— some 4,000 in all—pay for this blessed “Free Fund*’ ministry of THE KING’S BUSI­ NESS. Are you one of this number? If not, we ask you to enroll today. We make very special offers to this group, for we realize that there is no de­ partment of our work so important as this one is. We know that the object of these selfless givers is to reach the LARG­ EST NUMBER of missionaries with the least possible money. An Opportunity to Feed Multitudes For their benefit we are explaining our



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