The Record SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper

Volume 108b

January 2005- April 2006

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The Radio Station '


};'. 1. Do you listen to the WBNYradio station? � 2. What can be done to ' improve the radio station?


Pataki proposes yet another tuition hike I I BYNJCOLEWALLACE New York State Gover Tumer,NYPRIG'scoordinator 1snotyetsetmstone , • NewsEditor nor Geo�Pataki put • $500 wd "Itguamteesa,rununum Nit's not concnte: Stan­ tuitionhike fol all SUNY stu mtn'ase It setsa floor, but ,t leyKardonsky, vu:g preSldent Buffalo State College dentsmhis2005budgel doesntsetaceiling. w of financeand management studenlll might be tightening "The govemon plan is a StanleyKardonsky, vice their beltsagam• but it's not slap m the face to hardwork- preSJ.dent offinanceand man Sn 'Hike' forthelatestdiettrend. ing college students: Josh agementsaidPataki'sproposal Page9 GovemorG1t0111ePW1kl

CUBA ON CANVAS Artwork comes to Burchfield-Penney


BYMAITHEWUPTAX Contributing Wliter - p ut the books down . Kick back.enjoy afewde!iciousoocktailsandevenab­ sorbsomeCarribeanculture-allona weeknight. - NHappyHour, "featuringthe"LatinProj· eel, � is being held at theBurchfield-Penney AriCenter on the third floor of Rockwell Hall Feb 2.1! is just one of many events •l

Apl..:• ofartbyNHtorZllrR9Ditl•fn>m tMBun:h- fleld- Pflnn1yexhibit InRoc"-11Hall.

Sea'Loan' Paga9 CDREVIEW PAGE6

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, kows ;;.,7:;:et t=�� won the men's 1-meter di�with a 202.?5 and came in second to

Buffalo State Coll ege and women's s.J:!::.irnming and men's

b\Kkmagazines andpublic.--


A UnitedStudentGov- �duringBengal� enunenlSo!natemeetingwill Tueschy;U\theCainpbellHall be held at 8:45 p.m. Tuesday, StudentUnim,.Room419.

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Wbmen's Hockey M,n's�

c..-,, u.

February 3, �5

February 3, 2005



Journalist for hire: how George Bush bought the press / BY��y This a-nnes on the heffl knowledged that he should Wellpulsir, Idoffmy cap -Americans arebecoming Opinion.lEditor ofnewsthatmlumnutMaggie haw reported the contract, toyou.awterofthehalf-apol- alarmlngly�ted&oin al- Callaghawu paid $21,500, howeverdenies that he had ogy. temalive news outlets, UmitVariousnewssourcesin-eluding the USAToday,� and CBS ha�oonlirmedIN! f yetanothersyndk:ated news commentator had receiwd federalfunds from theBush WhiteHoll!eto�the administration'apolio:yinitia· tivathrough print and the _....._ This mnouni:ement brings the total nwnber of knownBush bank-rolledoolumniststothree. OlN reports thatMike McMa.nusreceived $10,000 tax-payer agovern­ mentcontRctfromtheDepartment of Healthmd Human Servka(HHS) topromote the BushAd.ministr.ation's ""Marriage Initiative�. apolicy that enc:ourages marria ge atnang,t unwed couples ha ving chil....,_ - had boon boosting the initiative since 2003,whenhebegantta!iving taxpayer dollMs to singlike • stoolpigeon. againbyHHS, to propup the brokenany laws. Hehull\ll>- Also on Wednesday, the ing oui scope and depth., admini,tn,tion's $300mill1ori ,eq,.iently1-rlfiredfrom the HouseCommitteeonGovern- participatorydtlunt. initiilltiw to pn,mote mar- TribuneMediaServioes. mmtReformreleased•report Some news IIOUl'ceB� � President Buah. nmg- ontheU5eoit&xpayerdollar9 arguu,ly more refined and Callaghahu•pologized nizing that his admlnismt- forpublicrelationscampaigns. transparen.tthanothert,how- � ha �w:s= g ; "I tion had.paid m!umni,tsto It '°:!:::���� �� one .!t� emment eontractwhenIJatu Perhaps the sickest thing about million � govurunent- .tfalrs revolvu solelyllround wroteaboutthe8w.hmar- . . . fundedpublicrelation5thebarltlnghe.dssuchu riage initiative. I�have, this�oondcrony1sm ts contnocts in 2004. more , O'Reilly, Fmnken or Lim- if lhadremembered IV thandoubling the&mOllnl biiugh. the slantevolves into1 OnewondersifMs.Gal- that the story is simply sailing spentfouryearsago. �"'SI Lagherremembered to cash Joumnlistic integrity Perhaps the a i cb$t thing thegovemmmtched:in the under the�. lacking any is an allegedly oolorless aboutthis�oundcronyism 6mplace. . traft.with men and worn- is that the story is simplysail- Columnistandcommen- serious buzz whatsoever. endedicating their lives to Ing under the r.tdar,1acl

VINGNEEOOI Ediror-1,,..0,ief AMY HOTALING /.�,rgEdiro, NICOLEWALLACE Nt>osEditor JOSH LESUER AssociaieNr-.sEditor BRIANHILLERY OpinioJuEditor ANTHONY CONRAD Associ"1�0piniollsEditor


NFTA gives students no choice BYAMYHOTALING . ManagingEditor For o th ers, their luxury for a parking permi t th while lowsustohavethatchoice.J t 's a choice because those who If you have not heard of to theirfirst class. don ° thaveara r don'thave to : �:=;tlt:!'ma'Ti';,n:.- r:�-::��=-�;: t =� ng and . afternoon oom- :�1::��':5���!8.! ��ne;e"� t �i:aa�� Its a littlewhitebus with keeping t hei r fft t d r y during students who will never r ide glowi ng letters on the front amorningwalk. the NFI'A bus because th ey panel ttiat reads 206Buffalo Students never paid fo r prefer lp drive the ir own ca r State. It's slowing down your servicessuchastheescortva.n t oTops7 speedoml! t er and weighing t o take them to and from th t For so,ne. il ° s a loose, downyour&emestubill parkinglotsbutnow-withno loose s i tuation. They are be- agara Frontier choice-arefon:ed to payfo r a ingforcedto6nanceaservii:e Transportation Authority has form · oltransport.lltion. they will never uti\iu. For made itswayon to campus aP.. Qui t e poss i bil i ty, most others, it's a glorified reason mayneverusethenewservice. to axnmute toBSCeveryday eir feet d ry travelingfrom th eparkinglo t :'ci: t :� i ::� 0 a"oo� al f:s:d:;; � 0 : 0 : �ho �:l:�.. t=��:=- The N i termuchresistance.

that alis to keep


------------- �i!���s:,:: t FACULTY ADVISER:JosephMarttn ------------- the parking lots during your University Police Student As- dents who never leave cam-

STAFF WRITERS: ValerieBemal,.Joe Doherty, KenDrabek. Nkole Drag. RobertFrezu,.Marques Phillips,. PamSivret,Ezra Staley,ChristopherStamoneEJ:icSyms CONTRIBUTINGWRITERS:SheaBrode,BrittanyBukoski. ShellyOuistian.Joshu.aCoppings,Just.inDUii,OwenDussault, \.. DrewHermann,Matthe,.yUptak.ScottMa.mmoser,DanMd.u- '{ �Gaddis,em Qoinord.Jessia. Han, °'1vid c. Hartzell m.. m,Krystal �nnick.D.tnMisenheirner,. O.,vidMondello,Je$1iica iley, Omstoplw,r Stampone Ricky 51 . ngh.LisaThatcher,Jeff Torg;ilski. JoshTomei;Tu,Walker, JustinVe,:no\d.

But wha t exactly is the yet sliU the option tochoose because theywillnevumake ------------- $25incrt.'aseonyourbi\lrea.Uy wouldhavebeenplusing. thewalk.fromapa:rkinglol .klC-iyfWI' lXIOEJmwoodAve. Bu1fak,,NYIC222 (716)&18-45Jl (716)8'8-4539 ,,, . ....,,, oosti ng studentsatBSC7 Amidst the ll,000 stu- Alike the choicewehave Well. forsome, it's the ex- dents atBSC. a majority pa r k for a highe r education,, we Ira funds th ey earned while avehicleon campus.whethe r shouldfreely have the choice o:onwnienllyhavingthe luxu- be •choiceorntteSSity. • t o payfo r an additionalmode ry to s t ay oncampus. Knowingly we pay $70 oftransport _ ation. � Indonesian government steals tsunami aid while victims await help From Front . Page · 1neRel:or'd btl i eves th a t funds and enjoyed th e backthe people affected by the - ing of theUnited Sta t es and tsunami na,d aid,not loans. Australiaallthewh i le. Even in t ereslfrtt loansarenot Th i s iscommon practice reallyaid,theyareloi.�they fortheUn it edSta t esando t he r � tobe repaid. . western powers: find some lridones i a already owes despo t d i ctatorwiUingto� theUnited States$136bi.llion. ou t tonsof\oans,loot th etreaThe interest payments on this su ry ands t epdown in the face loanfor 2005wouldhavebttn ofpopula r uprisings. Thenthe $3 billion. excep t they have foreign lenders celebrate the • bttnpostponed. people's newfreedomwhile The Indonesian govern- rushing in and enslaving the mental.readyspends-on impoverishedpeople to the debt�t that health-debt. � . caremd more debts arenot Maki ng thepeople of lngoing to a i d theurecovery in donesiapay this debti.$mai<.the Jongrun. i ng lheirentiredeb ti sless t hatwe Contradictory to Un i ted p r i n I r aq eve ry 6 States assertions that th e peo- hm provmo:e and the'most011 hours. pie of Aceh are no t seeking nch partof lndonesia . �nforunately,�oppr&-... help,a i dworkers say th ey are lftheUnited S t atescared S1ond,dnot leavew,th theSu- tryingdesperately to gethelp. abou t t hepeople of Indones i a har t os. - Only the Indonesian army is ,we CO u!d tie debtforgiveness TheprovinceofAoehwas preventing aid from getting to advancements in human hudesthitby th e lsUllllmiand through to the hardest hit a r - , rights,ormakeoutoldfriends. wheremost Indones i an fatali- eas. theSuhartos,pay i t bad<. tieso«uned. But why would we help Prio r tothetsunam.i.Aceh e��nt troops are routinely people when we an exploit Willi under marshal! law and violating the post-tsunam i the tsUl\llmi disaster tosecure th egovernment had slaugh- cease fire. Some alUS are too them asch ea p labor? teredabout2.000peoplethere dangeroustoen�. If you wan t to help th e i n the year prior to the tsuna- The State Department people of Indonesia,. make a m i The Indonesian army � =: Z:�fertha�': �=s:::': r � demanding police issued IDs th ei r dtil.drenstarve and idly Cross. horn people . before they get wato:hbodiesrotonthebeach.. Do notex� th eUnited aid. Peoplewithout � and than totry to gethelp. States government to do any- polilicalactivist:s,arebeingar- However, Presiden t thlngforthebenefi t ofanyone :':r��� �tu:·��:1t!: �';;� rich..whiteorprob- them pay for their own Mostoflndonesia'sdebts brutalrq,ression. are1efuM:rfrom the Suharto Wepostulate IN! in the ,egime.afascistd i ctatorwho longrun.forgivingthesedebts massacred his people,. stoie would be the best tsunami billionsof dollarsfrompublic aid wecould give them,and

Don't just sit there BYCHRISTOPHER. STAMPONE ContributingWriter A democracy is a system in which all people ha � a part, and where even the smallestvoicecanmabadifference. So why is it that no oneisspeuingup7 Bywallcing thecunpus, and listiening to the voices oistudents,lfelt uthough people wanted to start makingsomechanges. Yet,.noone waswillingtotakethetimeto mabthedifferenoethat they �- u there is something .boutBuffalo State . that you don't like or wantchanged. apeakyour mind,or nothlng willeverbedone. The problem with most students, andpeople'for that matter,isthattheywant:some­ thlngtobediffererit,onlythey don't wiml to have to put in yn:=�:per- sonc:anmababigdifferenoe iftheyso deslred ""' - MA DI) (Mother'• Against prunk Driving)started when one womaniost•lovedone due to some else drivingdrunk. She started a group, andwith enough support many great thingswereaccomplWred. The point is, one person saw something wrong and decided tomakea chan ge ;Bhe didn't take no for ananswer and amtimially . worked at whatahedesired. There is much that plagua the minds of the college students walking this eampus:from theinsanefen, to pro!essontheyieel c:an'I teacheffectively. Speak allowotherstoknow thatyou arejustudissatisfieduthey are. Youmayjust find yourself in thecompany of hundreds of students that -just likeyourself. . Peoplehawgrea t � tations ofboth theumllege and&Oc:ietallives, only they haven't tab:nthenecessary stepsto makethe� theysodesire. ltismyopinionthatstudfflb!hould start speaking: theumindshere atBuffalo Sta�be<:ause we all know thatyoudon'tlikewhat'ahappmlng. onlyyou hawn'Isaid anything. Areyou n;ad-Y to speakup?

/HE I f/AQI £LECTl""1 WAS FREE Af./0 FAIR 1 I Wo/11!!!

ising. Aceh1salargelyMusare spending

/.J�s,,+ ,r !'I"'" oF OHto ro Do,iA7£ 71/f/� V


Febnlery3, 2005

February 3, 2005


� Don't hate the player, hate the game BYDREWHERMANN Contributing Writer For mon t mud, to representhishood. Gu e strappersandsingers f re q uentmorethenhalftheal· bum. Thismay ju s t seem like a nice v;uie t that this•lbum i s not toogood. Bu t in the e nd,.theaibum is a d=t commercial hip-hop CD. So if your looking for an album to throw on to mind· lessly Ust e n whil e

>., _, vax:pap . 1 t _ .- ARTS • ENTERTAINMENT • COLLEGE LIFE Go ' easy on the dead guy coverage .. BYBRYANMAURY EntertainmentEditor ' h e ari ng for tht pastfew days. Wow. Don Rickles: ' 1 �Access Hollywood" ran a· thoughthewasd e ad. week longspecial onhim that But no, there he was

hs people all over the hip hop scene have been hearing nu:nors and grumbling abou t a new rapper coming to the streetswho wasgoingtorevolutionizehip ""' Thisnewcomer to th e rap scenewouldbeknown as . The Game. The timefinally arrived forTheGam e to makehiship hop debut wi t h "1"he Oocu· mentary."While listening to this - CD,the listeni.>rwill end up finding a rerord to whlch they canbang outtheir carin a raucous fashion, but when th ey diveanydeeperth e yfind a rerord that lacks any re ,1\ substan<:eat;1U. The Game came on the radio and television boasting abouthisrCl(l!sandhisreal lih history-boasting abou t how h e came to the hip-hopscene to bring back theWestCoast rapscene, which died slowly and painfully in the era of DeathRowRecords.Hewant,. edtokeepil"gangsta"andnot Nfakethug."asthey sayin the business. Sad to say, he doesn't do

y,but in reality this is all anesaipadetokeep The Game from getting old andboring insongs,whichh e doesanyway. The Game doesn't just make you fall asleep at his average rhyme skills. At one poin t you hurTheGame talk about how he is so "ghetto" and how he"doesn'teare how manyalbums he sells, but how h e re

you work, orif your looking for;1CD to play atloud levelawhen your in your cu, this should be rightup youralley. }f you see himF, the ��!����fe���: knowhegotplayed.

If there'$ one thi that culminated withan inttrvi e w staringrightalmeon the entertainmentworld loves with themanwhopulledback television. to do is idoliu dead people. the curtainforCa rson every So thilt got mt Especially the re<:ently de- nightbeforehewalkedout. thinking. With all ceased. Talk aboutgroundbreak· th e intervi e ws that It doesn't matter who i ng television. Iwas riveted. I'v e been seeing you really are.You can be a · Now it seems that just over the past week megMtal", a washed up hack,. about every comedian, actor, I've determined !hit amake-upartistorevenajoke writer and musician tha t was people are maki ng a writer.When you die you' re onCa rson 's show was been mad dash to chim e goi ng to gei - at leut �- climbi ng outofth e woodwork in;1boutUU"&On's life minutes of airtime on "Enter- for his or her 15 minuh!:s of anddeath. tainmentTonight." fame. The man's You could have played. Takefoein.5tanoeJay Le- corpse isn'tevencold tht kid a t tht grocery store no'shalf-hearted tribute show yet ind h e ' s ta����p";;�� :��� s :ffn:�== �coa�:t':1:! Ki ng Show. ng

p­ resents th e streets. Yet. the next song h e talksabout howh e Wants ... ="'l' and how he is going to " sell triple platinumand that's what he raps for. With the entire nay saying that

Kicking it old school BYKEllDRABEK AssociateEntertaiwnent Editor thelumkoreSttne thesedays. Oneof.theNindout lines of the ti t le track sums up the beliefs ofKYlperfectly, "i t 's Nowadays,whenthekids supposedto bea life$tyle.not think of.the word'11ardcore·, afad." something entirely different KYI pay tribute to OM comes to mind. Th e y relate band that influenced them hardcore musicto bands like immensely,which seems to Atreyu. whatever they find be astandard with each re­ on the racks atHotTopi<:. or l e ase.Thistime they giveU$ whattheyseeontheBattl e for theirtake onConneetkul old Ou.fest. sdw:>olersThePist'sfist-pump- Whil e tha t is cemr,inlya ing anthem, ;1ppropriately form ofaggressive music. it's titled"Stil!Pist." f,u &om what hardcore start· This aftnun includesa bit ed from. Infact, some e ven mo re melody than their pre­ consider i t a slap in the face to vious full t it does everything thathardcoretruly not compromise th e band's s tandsfor. aggressiveSQUnd.Th e tempo Long Island's Kill Your rat"l'S along fastei than most Idolspersonify the spiri t of peopledrivingon theQEW. early hardco re punk rock. Replacing two departed Th e y keep it re al and their members might slow most influences are obvious: Black bandsdown,but thenewaddi· Flag.MinorThreatandPoison lions toKYldon'tmiss a beat. Idea.just toname ahw.Their Bassi s t Mike OeLorenzo pronew full length;1lbum-and vides a powerful new punch seomd on Side One Dummy to therhythmsection.Legend· Records,stands true to their aryhardooredrummerVinnie standardformula offast and Value. known mainlyfor his angryhardoorepunk. work inNYC'sWanonejoins Singer Andy West has a the frayand furiouslyassaults voi<:elikeachainsaw. lt'sharsh his dnun skins. and loud,rippingthroug.h !yr- "From ·Companionship ks abou t thecurrent stat e of . toCompetition"doesn' t break punkmusic, Jove,lossand life. much new ground forKYt - Hewon'tamazewithyouwith butifitisn't brobnthenwhy poeticwordsbuthis\yriesare fix it7They s tickwith thefast . int e lligent ind straight to the. paced. s traight ahead sound , point. though l'lOmetimes a tha t broughtth e mto thedance tadinaudibletotheuntrained inthefirstpl.ace.

got peo�\"F'OOtloose" and you'd be toCarson. Not only did Leno pie mounting him

-he called his monologue an vital moments on Tab IOI" instan<:e the re- "essay.�H e eventried towork television. oentlydepamdJohnnyCu- up some tears to show how BigdulSoCar- son.Tmsurebynowyouknow muchCa rson meanttohim. son had a hit show, thatthefonnerlatenigh t king I t 's too bad Canon has how many televi· Gueuwhatfolks,lttum1outl' mnothllvlngthateomebackapecleleft•rall. is dead-and ifyou didn't � on record saying he sion stations were -( know,I'm sony to break ii to wanted DavidLetterman to outwhenhes t arted. you in S\tCh minconsiderate takeoverforhim,no t , three? I could have television-lthinkhe did.But f a sh i � rson was a late night �:=� ven �uu: �=:.�.there ':' ere only �":;,}i:s'rur:y� found :i- a legend and m innova· ;:, trua ���tJ.: t re: not : t � t .f!tfhi'::� ma: �i:..:�!:: At leastthat'sall I'vebeen oneexpected-DonRickela.. made an impact on ilite night uponthed e ad guycoverage. . And by the way, dcin't botherpointing out th e irony of mycomplaining abou t the overexposure by writing an articl e onit-laireadyrealize it. .

i.,i-n,,,..._ ____ ing on · · with me and this The Game,flul n9hi•GoodyNr •mplope di•· ;11bum. you countparks. • may . figure opB rides again with "Osirus" BYBRYANMAUR.Y all of tha t because I am a ge- OOS's many monikers. He EntertainmentEditor nius. alsowentbyDirt MtGirt.Dirt Such erratic behavior is DogandBigBabyJesus.. A wise man on<:e said, generally resetved for delu· The man was an enigma "In the hip-hop world prii!On sionalartistsand Mensam e m· · to say th e leas t . As a found· equals credibility. hers. I like to think I reside ing member of the leg e ndary Thatwisemanwasyours i!Omewher e in between tha t Wu,Tang clan, OOB brought truly. I can quote myself be-- comparison. his unique,p e rsoM to the rap cause that's what;1ll geniuses In the�usworld. I'dbe world. In the rap game, ODB do. lukewarmwater. was thecourtjester. And like ..11 geniuses I You know who else is a Thiswas thesamecatthat hav e a tendency tosay off--col- genius?01'Dirtyhstard. puthisNewYork Sta t ebenefit or,ridiculous things-Icando ODS(bornRussellJones) identificationcardon the front isnolongl!rwithu s .H e 'sgone of hi s album;md had a MTV on tojoin that rapvideo in the crewfollow him to collect his sky,along sidesuch greats a s welfarecheck.. Tupac, Biggie Smalls and LID-- / On "Osirus. w the bte �And ODB will kick it :�:�:�: = :::i� with hishomies,sip onHen· He plays th e fool and yet;1t

nessy and ge t in a rap battle thesame lime pbysusasthe withSenFranklinand Sammy fool DavisJr. The album isn't as Jt'ssad,thathe' s gone.but smoothlyproducedashisothlikeany fallen rapper,h e 'sre- er albums-mos t ly du e to the leasing not Or\l' bu t two post· .absence ofWu-Tang member hwnousalbums thisyear. RZA. The first of which is It appears that even the called: ·Qsirus;The Official gravecan'tstopOOSfromris-­ Mhtape."Thereisalsoanoth- ingtolhetop. Here'sto yoo.Dirt0og. whereeveryoo.are. ' Osirus was just one of You'Ubemisxd.

For thoss: who are sick of them e ta], the makeup, and guys weari ng girljeansin today'sso-calledhardcorescene, loffer youKYI.You willfind noneof theabove inKYl Thisrecordwill provide � hearty dose of nostalgiato thoselongingforth e goodold -

To�;t:�a;:? ilyon theband'a viewofpunJ.i: and undergroundmusic.The title track. along with other songs like "M!lb up Your Minds" lll)ie aversubstance-which seematobe themainfocus of

The only thl119 tighter than er diskdue out laterthis� ooe-.halr-hr.mlcaklU•. onRoc-a--fellaRecords.



February 3, 2005


YkfeoGameBfflt1ew Shoot 'em up, in The Killzone av · DA.vmMONDELLO Cllntribuni,gKtttu

'Hike' in store for students FmmFmntPage shouldn'tworry.

lingformoststudentsbtt.tuse no one enjoys payingan extni $500t Goodwin said. �A t the TUITION COSTS YOU COMPARE

'TAP will cover the ln­

crease,• Kardonskysaid. ,----------Turnerhowever dOH


notfeelthesameway. regurgitation ofthe govemor',pre­ viou.s pl1ns.• Turner said."The govemor's budget allows for tuition increases at SUNYandCUNYand recommendsautomat­ kannua\increairsfor This 1, an \lglier



5uN./£�f?ooLS: /5868

$8Ille time,l feel that things couldbewwse.Wealreadyat- tend a rollegewhen! tuition is l!Xtremely cheap rompared to others schoobsol thinkmost people aren't going to com­ plainabout it thatmuch.• Although the tuition in thefallwilleff ectallstudents, Kardonsky eels students


Freshman education ma­ jor Jennie Goodwin doesn't findthetuitionhiketobe that bad. "The tuition increase is obviously going to be upset-


'Loan' consolidation Fromfrolrtl'age

'Cu . ban' art on campus FromFrontPage

president ofttudent loans at HSBC said interest rates for studentloansareatanall-time low,evenfornon-amsolidated ...... lf studentsronsolidate, · they can lod:in their interest ratesatafuo:ed,.lowrate. The interest rate catego­ ries students fa\linto will dif• � fer according to when they firsttookouttheirk>ans,Shep,­ parclsaid. Students at Buff aloState College canamsolidate their !o.answhile they areinschool but not ifthey are in thePeJJ ,...,.� -{And) ifa studen t gets out ofschool immediately in May and , derides they want toc:onsolidate then.if they consolidate imm�iately,they will lose theirsix-monthgrace period.• 51!eppardsaid. The interest rates might go up infuly,then stud. ents will have to decide if tbw wanttoconsolidatewhenthey gtaduate inMay and Jod: in their interest ratellat afixtd. lower rate. or use their si:i.:· month grace period to work

lnuyasha goes beyond the looking glass BYUSATIIATCIIEII. Contn"butingWritu

raphy, digital photography,a painter (and) a sculptor. It's a good show to see a vis\lal sampling. H The art'on display is a per=1 expression ofthe artists u:pression of life as Cub:an­ Arnericans. ,.. · HJt shows that when an art­ ist creates something there is always an idea or inspiration behindit, H Meadsaid. Someofthos,eideasare directly linbd tosomeone's ctJ!tural heritage.A lot ofthis isintemallydriven. H One example ofthis is art­ istAlbertoReywhograduated fromSUNY Buffalo in1987. He has gone on to have his pie.:es eidubited in m\lSeUII\S inSpain.Mexico, Boston.and New York Oty.His work in the Burchfield-Penney exhibit = des paintingsandsculp- HAlbertoRey talksofthe hope ol escaping to freedom.

lt must be a part ofhisfiber, it lives with him,•saidSu­ sal)Sd,olh:>rer ofB\lff a\o who viewed the exhibit Friday. ·Mostpeoplethink-with­ outexception-thati'mGreek, H ChristianCampos.whosevid­ eos are on display, said. He hasstrongmemoriesofsitti'ng withfamilyandfriendsofeat­ ing.talking..and laughing for hoors,andsaid hisfirstideas abouthisC\lbanheritagewere grounded in the romantic no­ tionsoffoodandmu.sic. Meadhopes theBurchfield· Penney exhibit shows there are many diffen>nt identi­ ties \lnder the title ofc;'.uban­ Arneriean. "The purpose is to demon­ strate similarities and differ­ en<'.e!lbetween CubanAmeri­ can Artists. HMeadsaid. Therewill­ ings. book signings. family workshops.. and afilm series overtheriext fewmonths.

Studentsat.nd In lineat theFln1ndalAidOffice InMoot Hall.

cationrnajor,said.St\ldents shllyo\l isthat,insteadofthesheyfatd 10years,they'll extend it oot for1Sor20years,so you're act\lally paying.your Joan badtover a \onger amount ol time. 8

and posslbly end up paying Ioans at a higher interest rate inNovember. ChristinaDe5«-fano, a seniorjoumalism.roa;m:.said she has $20) 100 in loans and she will probablyronsolidate inMay. NJ would lib to get in when interest rates are real low,• DeStefanosaid. Catherine Schantz a graduate and English edu-

Februaiy 3, 2005


.... ,.

B9ffaloState Colleee t General Policy agams . tD1scr1mmati0ll and Harassmen



Buffalo State College is committed to the needfor propertreatmentOfallmembers . ofthe College community. The college can achieve its educational mission only in an atmosphere ofmutual respect which is free from intolerance,and which offers equal opportunity to all. Every member ofthe college community shares the responsibilityfor addressing incidents ofdisrespectfor dignity ofothers, acts of discriminati:n,racism.bigotry, harassment,exclusion, abusive langu�ge, ormistreatment ofi�dividuals or groups. Among the goals ofthe c�llege is the empowenneotofa diverse populationofstudents ' to succeedas citizens ofa challenging world. The college is d�icated to maintaining an atmosphere or intellectual vitality;collegiality · and collaboration. It will not have attained its goal untilandunlessall in itsmidst obtain fair and equitabl� treatment inemploymentandeducation.For this reason, Buffalo State College condemns, andpledges itself to fight against allacts ofinvidiousdiscrimination,bias, intolerance, orharassment Racialdiscrimination is a particularly seriou s . problem. The goals · ofthe college are underminedand human dignity is ? ffende � where employment oreducationalbenefits, opportunities or privileges are denied or restricted on the basis ofrace, religion, color, ornational origin, or where a racially hostiie environment exists. Racial discrimination and illegal discrimination ofany sort limit the oppoftu;ni!Yfor individuals 10 realize theirpotential aii.ddeny them the rigors.joys, andfulfillment ofintellectual curiosity. Therefore: It is the policy ofBuffalo State College to provide an employmentand educational environment free from in�dio� discrimination on the basis ofrace,religion,color, .nationalorigin, gender,sexu'a!orientation,disability,marital orveteran's status. It shall be a violation of �\ncyfor any agent, student or employee ofBuffalo State Coll eg e to discriminate� the basis ofrace, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexualorientation, disability, marital � orvete 1 ran's status � gainstany individualwith respect to the terms ofemployment, education orbenefitsofany pro� oractivity litBuffalo State College. To implement this policy: All coll eg e faculty, staff, and students are expe � ted to compo . rt themselves in a manner that does not convey to others in the . coll eg e community anydisrespect, intole�ce. or rude behaviorbasedon age, race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or marital orveterans' or soci�c status. All members ofthe coll eg e community areexpected to contnDute tothe coll eg e environment to move the colli:ge community in the �tion ofrespectfor all. All persons within the college community whoperceive that they havebeen subjected todiscriminationorharassment based on age,race,religion, color,national origin, gender, disability, marital orveterans' status orsexual ori en tationareurged to present � eir concerns to theOffic: ofEquity andCampusDiversity. '\ - Al ! faculty, staffand students whoknow ofamember ofthe community who believes · that he or she has been �bjected to discrimination orharassmentare expected to encourage thatperson to go to theOfficeofEquity andCampus Diversityand, if130 • Conferdirectly with the Office ofEquity andCampus Diversity whenever reports or compl11ints ofdiscrimi�ation of harassment are brought to their attention in their area ofresponsibility or ifthey have concern about appropriate response to i conce� or complai]!L • t Complaints are filed in the Office ofEquity and Campus Diversity, Cl : veland � all, Room 415. Complaints should be addres�ed to Dolor � E. Battle, Ph.D., Senior Advisor to the Preside'nt for Equity and · Campus Diversity, who has _be.endesignated by the college presiderit to coordinate the ADA compliance eff�rts. CompJaints may also be reported to any vice president, dean, director ordepartment chair ._ Collcppolicies ondiscrimination�harassment an: Iocated_athttp:/lwwwbuffalOSWtt4&quj-xml

'MlI:DfU'.-1:> C.fl'MY:.!l'£U. L!i:ll'!>iJ\.f>J-fl'1> ,ffi,IJafl.Ii,1> 2l'Jo>1 - 2005 .

SpringBreak200S-Trave1 withSTS,America's#l Stu· den!Tow:OperatortoJaIJ'laica.. Cancun.Acapulco,Bahamas and Florida. Nowhlring:oncampWIreps. CaJl • for grouR discounts. Information/Reservations 1-800-648-4849 or www.5lstraveloorn. n.Spring B(eak Website! Lowest pmu guaranteed. FreeMeala and.FreeDrinks. Book1lpeopleget12thtrip free1 Groupdi.scounis for 6+ www.SpringB(eakDiKounts. -�.,...,...._

Onebedroomapt.allirtlli.tiell included.newrefrigeratorand stove,1 mile from campus, $395 plWI security, no pets. 8'17- 1294, ElmwoodAve near Bidwell.4 bedroomand2bedroomapts, availablenow.688-8841 RoomforrentinNorthBuffa- 1.o,non-$D\Ob:r,nopets,$325a monthplWIoneIJ\OntruiIICl:U· ritydeposit.includesallutilities,call874-4003. J.BedroomUpperAptforrentsafewalkingdistancefrom campus. Includes appliances. Call716-297-99'22{PleaseLeave VoiceMailMessage)

clnS··· AflftOllf

Spring 2005 Mini-grant Applications

Who's Who Among Students In American


' "


Unlver:-sltles &



- 1. How much sh _ �uld - be spent on the presidential inauguration? - 2. How do youfeel about Bush spending $40 million on his inauguration?


BSC professor votes in Iraq , electipn

BYMA1THEWUPI'AK Contributfhg Writer The l'ffl!nt election in lraq haspulled out a]ot of press.Butunlike,mostAmeri· cans,BuffaloStateCollegepo­ liticalsc:ienceprofessor,Abdul Raoof,knowsfirsthandhow it feelstocastaballoL Raoofhas been inAmer­ icafoidecades,buthe stillhas close connec­ tions to hishomeland J raq. Hewasoneofthe 111 few who participated

verygladand prou d.H Over hall the eligible Iraqipop ulationturned out to "'" That number is consid- ered groundswells by many becauseittookplaceinacoun­ try where almost1500Ameri- See'Pro!Hsor' P1ge10

BYJOSHUSLESUER AssocioteNewsEditor OnTuesdaySha yna willbetalkingaboutvaginilS. Raidtilsor,, a Buffalo State College senior hospitality admin· istration major,will beperfonning a selection fu:im Eve Ensler's "1he VaginaMonologues/ a one-woman play oomposed of dramaticpieces eenteredonthevagina. "TheVaginaMonologues # will bepttsented at BSCfrom 12:30 to 2:30p.m� Tuesday; in the EH. But· lerl.ibrary,Room210. Raichilsonsaidshe willbe - presenting a pieceentitled,"1he ,,_. "It's about an elderly, Jewish woman who, when she wasa teen­ ager,gotvery excited, about to get her first kiss,and had a release of bodily fluids that stained the car ofru!r intend

in the reeent: Iraqi election inthe nearest - polling-siteofToronto I to cast hisballorwith otherlraql�triat� TheCanadiandtywa,s the closestpolling sit

good.N Raoof said. NA Iii,;. 01CH,.,....,.,.,"""'<00.o lot of people traveled from a far distance. AbdulRaooftrav1Jad toToronto whe.-. �-------====------ ---,---- �Actually they were lraq1J1ct1onawerehald - , Chinese artist brings watercolor scenery to Upton See'Monologue' Pege10 BYNICOLEWALLACE NewsEditor .... AMYHOTALING McmogingEditor UOtineseart is about CraigPuffer, a creative studiesgraduate studentfinds thatGe_ngyan's art isveryre­ markable. "I think they're wonder­ phy and art theoryfrom the famousartistWangSongyu. "l'm sure his life experi· enceshas deeply infl� hisart."AnthonyGorny,asso­ ciateprofessor of the fine arts departmentsaid. Or. SongZhenshao is a

fuVPuffer said. "The brush­ wori:.inthmi.isamaring. He has the ability to shift what you're looking al" Gengyan was born in 1940 in Dezhou City a province of Shandong, and went on to graduate from Tianjin AcademyofFineArts in1962. Gengyan also learned landsaipepainting.calligra-

�thenOtineseartist BaiGengyan illbringfng , tran­ quility to thefuriouswinters ofBuffalo. lhe exhibition of his work. h'orn.Jan. 24 to "'°''"',....,.n1m••1«10.D isthe result of a�p BalGengy1npaints tn,dltlonal Chlnne l1nda1;11pea lm:ludlng design department and theYellowRiver. - theCenterofChinaStudies.

scholar from Beijing Univer­ sity,andistheassistanttothe presenterof theexhibit,Zhang Jie. ZhenshaosaysGengyan's medium iswater('Oiorandhis SN'Chinen' Page10

PAGEu ��1·· ·· _








leadersofstudentorpruza.. Artwhkhwasobtained in lions, otherprofewonals and , mingeventshowtousevari- the Bun:hfield.Penney Art ousresouroestomarltettheir Center.TheOOiStforthis even t


'February 10, 2005




Anti-war groups remain noticeably - ineffective BYBRIANHILLERY OpinionsEditor Partisanship aside, it is selveskids-thednift. The makeup people on conceived csmpaign with Yes, the same folklore the5SSwebsite ( switching directives and little inom and pop wsx while� did a great job conc:ullng the Justlflcstion would become ollecting the-good ol' days'" "TOOL M tattooacrossh.isfore- impossibility. ofbraburning.Gnill!fulDead head.. While we'reat it, whynot lion J>O>Vrfl. where It is the the Speedos becsuse chances Americansklengage in high- US.Congress.not the Presl­ are good that ducking this er levels of public discourse, dent, which wields ultimate draft will requin! a quick determinicy overwhen swim across theNiagan and where the children River. I suggestbusting out theSpeedosofthisoountrywillgoto In February of2003, 6ghl I the Bush adrninisttation because chancesare good that The present lack • of tapped the Selective Ser- • : • : anti-war sentiment is vice Sy,tem (SSS) to besll! ducking this draft willrequire a not unique toBSC; cam· the creation of a-srn.a11er, . . . pusesacross thecountry fasterdnift.� quick swim across theNiagara have rem.ined all but Defense Secretary silent in theface of th!s Donald Rumsfeld also River. controversial and,argu- !net with memben of the · .J ably,groundless war in 5SS later that month,, as which we , Americans reve� in a memo procured scrutinizing the hell out of find ourselves neck-deep. from theSSS through theFree- any administration war-mon- Campus groups such domoflnlonnationAct. geringbefottitsfruition. as Students for Peace,while If you'n! in need of a . There is little doubt that remaining voaJ and vigilant good chortle · (no one chortles if allAmericans of draft age since the onset of war,have anymore)check out the photo rould porentially be sent to simply student of the newest SSSOiairman. die in some distant land for body support tomount anyef­ WilliamA.O\atfieki. unknown nasons, an ill- fecti� media-garnering pro- one else=med at the fact thatUsherluueight.Gnmmy Award nominations? And whosesickjokeisitthatGreeri. Dayisslillaround? So � ethingsmellsrotten. Willing t � - give a :... penny .. Bush plans to revamp social security BYCHRISTOPHER srAMPONE ContnOuting Writtr Though ii has taken BYJOSHUATUJtNER. Stqf/Writer ln s recentstudy,the So­ sometimebehveen20C! and 2052-dependil),8 on whom • Uno changes weremsde lywin,sincetheywillrtteive admmistrative fees for han­ dling these investments.. The losers?The� will undoubtedlybepeoplewhose investmffitsfallshort. In addition.some people Or. Marlin Luther King Jr�oondemnlngU.S. actlon ln Vietnam. stated: "The lnltla· tivelnthiswarluubeenours.. The lnlllatlveklstop it must also be ours..� This truism remaiN morethan30years later,w!th a quixotic happenatance un­ folding in Iraq and still more saber-rattling-rhetoric spew­ ing from / our commander in chief. lsaybringbackthedraf t ; ii would demand gn!ater lev­ elsofpoliticalawarenessf rom allAmericans, it would move ourc:ountrydosertoademoc- racyand > 'Nho knows? Another dnift just might improve the deplorable state of popular muskinouroounty. Is it just me.or is any­ showssndpot-brownieslnight behittingthecomebacktrall 1 suggest busting out But maybe a draft isn't a bad thing.perhaps the notion of bwden-sharing will fortt reinstitute thelongabandoned congn"SSional war authori:r.a-


BRYANMAURY Elt10111U!�1Edi'l or KENDRABEK , Aswcu,1�&l"1#UllflDIIEdifor MAR �l,.� LIPS ALEXANDRASTETZ C.op:,,Ediwr RICHsh.LANEY PltaioEdilor ALEXANDRABISHOP BusinusManagu

safe to s.ay that mostBuffalo StateColl ege studentshavean opin.ionoonceming theongo­ ingWarinlRq, 'Those apathetic enough to claim indifference should be forced klspend the next two�arsidentilyingoorpses inFallujah.anideas o­ edStatespolicymakersbelieve toholdmuchpromise. Well.sortof. However inslead of mfielypunishing those suf­ feringfrornseverecases ofig­ norancE",UncleSam maysoon require ll1lU.S. citiuns (men and women)age51 8to3 4 to perform involuntary service to govt"mlnffltal appendages. most notably to the Armed Servi,:u.. Throughout the not-so­ distant-dd>ade known as the VietnamWar,thisins titu t ion wasreferttdto as,braceyour- we-eks, the ErieCountyLeg­ islature has finally decided what to do about the one-cent salestaxinaea,e. They are going to do nothing. lnstead of having to pay another lousy pennyof s.ales tax. Erie County employees angoingtolosetheirjobs, _ not to mention the other things form to close down due to the aass decisions of the leg­ isla�. lforonethinkthatvoting down aone-cent sa\es tax in­ crw.seisabswd! lf people are so hard-up for those extra pennies they shouldwalkthestreets,you'll findtons ofpenniesscattered allaiongtheroadway. County parks have to be dosed. plow. services $1owed.hea1th clinicslosing non-flnttgencyservices, and c:ountyforensicsdencelosing �:t af!.allbecauseofone Are:reukiddingme?

, NICO ,.

�! ., �� CE

JOSH LESUER ,usocialeNe,,.TEdiror BRIAN HILLERY q,;niolu&Ji,or ANTHONYCONRAD Als«iareOpiniamEditor

FACULTY ADVISER: JosephMarren STAFF WRITERS: \lalerie&rnaJ.JoeDoherty,NicoleOrag. Robert�Pam Sivret,EznStaley.EricSyms.JoshTurner Shea Bf9({e,. Brittany Bukoski.Shellyduistian, Joshua Coppings, Justin Dahl, OemDussault,Josh Flelssner,JesseGaddis, Bill Galnord, DavidC Hartzell II1. Drew Hermann.MeghanLaRoche, JimmyLawton.Kevin�ahy,MatthewLlptak.ScottMammoser, RobMetzler,DavidMondello, JessicaRailey,OuistopherStam· pone.Us.aThatchtt, JeffTorgalski..naw�}\!StunVe:mald.. :w1c-.,yH,U llOOEmwoodAve. 8ulfalo,NYJ4.222 (716)a:;,s.m1 .,,.,....,. (716)118-'5Jl CONTRlBUTlNG WRITERS:

What the hell is wrong withErieCountywhenpeople would nither 5l'l' over UlOO county employees 1osl! their jobs.fust so theycan s.ave an extra oouple cents nextlime theygo shopping. J Think about all those men and women now unem­ ployedbecause of a piece ol copper that is found all over the streets. The most baffling is­ sue yet is our elected officials ruledoutthepossibilityofim­ posingpropertytaxes.Instead of taxing thepoor andwiping out the predominantly mid­ d.le-cias.,population, why not tu:thosewho canaffordit? ln n!trospect.l suppose we should have il'l'n it com• lng;the fact that the budget passed last Tuesdaywas only atrick;Buffalo isn't going to getoutofdebttherightway. We'd much nither have these newly unemployed forced to subsistoffofgovern­ ment handouts, which will causcan increase in tu:es in theendanyway. Bravo to you.ErieCoun- ty,bnivo. ....

bythenretireeswouldstillbe able to retti�thtte-quarters of theirprojectedbenefits. 'I1wi news dearly indi­ cates I problem,but not a ai- PresidentBushispropos· ing thatw o of 55 be allowed to shiftsome

cial Security Administr:i-!ion hasestimatedthatbythe�ar 204 2 the nation could only afford to pay retireesthree­ quartersof theirprojectedSo: cialSecuritycheck&. This is clearly bad news, but hardly the Mcrisis•tha , t proponents of privatization doay. Obviously, it's tricky to pro;ect what's going to hap­ pen 0yearsfromnow. Hyou werearoundin 1 965youcould not h1ve imaginedwhat the worldwouldbelikein2005. Social Security is a•pay­ as -you-go•s�-with the workers of today paying for �tirees' benefits. Currentl y. SociaJSecurity is running a huge surplus with approxl­ matelyS1 .5trillloninvestedin treasurybills. • As earlyas201 7thepro­ gramwillno longerbetak!ng in more moneythan it pays outanditwillbeforcedtodip into thetrust fund. This fund willcontinue to operate properly through

BS . C should shake its liberal bias

may outlive their investments -eveniftheyinvestedwisely. The nation will have to borrow triijions of dollars to

It's time for adjunctpro­ ftossorsto�tthe pa ythatthey · '- These professors are working full-time jobs in the fields, · while teaching the one • ortwoclassestheyc:anfitinto thrir schedule.Not to · men­ OOl\only gflting paid$1.800 ii class a. semes ter shows that they att the ones who ff: ally wantto�here.. While the 1djuncts are muing this.ten� profes$()ff are m.iking upwards $60,000 a yeu to abus,e the privilegeoljobsecurity. Whateverdoeshappento thoseteacherevaluations lm.t studentsfill out�semes,. . ter?lt5effl\Sthe ev;i\uations $el"W' as no tool. t,:,getting a professor hired or in some -- Wlihoutpultipgdownall lenun!dpro{essors;tlv,re are · -whokeepup' todate,.oue whatstudentsthink.andwant themtoget theeduationthey an!payingb. 1-iowevu,there is a time to&retheonesthat are abm­ ing theprivilege.Whenthey are using:�from1983

BYROBMETZLER Contributing Writer

M60 Minutes� . documentaries and wallowing in their past SllCO!SSeS,wewouldsaythatit istimekl�re. Or if they an! using the - videos, syllabus, and facts topresentdata,.we'dsay n!tirementwouldsoundlikea pn!ttygood idea. We need professors that an! up-to-date andenthusias- tic about Adjuncts are takingtirrn!out of thei.r livatocorneand teachadass for a mere$ 1 20a week, plus theydon'tgetthe�t'sthat fulltirrn!professon.get like medkaloovenige AlotolmajocslikeCom- mWUCltions,PoliticalSeienc-e. and. . Business need the most up-to-dateinlomwion. Whentl'Khenhavebeen on campus fordecades,some

The class looked back in disdain when the student brought up an exampl� of a local f;mtlly with all of whom were found to be living in squalor,as a ptj.lJU! example in favor ofpersona.1 responsibility. The fact remains that never Ol!Oi! did teacher or

thathavebeen vocal left-lean­ inglhinkus.. Whileneither of thepre­ 2children. vious teachers shunned ron­ servativethinkingasmuchas this teacher had (in fact they brought in twt) conservative oolumniststotalktothedass). 11 1$ still painfully appan!nt

Although I have oniy at- tendedBuffalo State CoUege forthreesemesters.lhavehad a chance kl take cl asses with some very intelligent and thought-provoking instruc- The majority of � havebeen libenil in theirview oftheworld. The quality of instruc­ tion l haverec:eived is not in questlon;s�dentsareluekyto havesuch experienced teach- lbelievethere is a prob- lem. however,with the man­ ner In which some classes handleoppo;ingviewpoints. In a� classdiscus- tors. .., , en.

rkersund � theage meet theshortfall under the President's plan and someone ofthei.rcwrentSocialSecurity will eventuallybe stuck with taxes into private investment theched:.. funds. ,. . One idea that would sig- By diverting funds from nificantly delay the date of SocialSecurity now, he will the Social Security shortfall reduce the surplus and actu- would be to increase from ally hasten the crisis that he $90.000to$200,000theincome saysheseekstoa� thatis taxableforSocialSecu- Additionally,Bush's pLln ritypurposes. callsforbene6tcuts.. ltismyopinionthatthere Since allowing partial should be no ill-advised rush privatiution does not deal intoaction. withSocia15ecurityshortfalls, Our nationshould take the U.S. government willbe its time and engage in a civk forced to cutbenefitssooner to dialogue to come up with balance thebooks. common sense solutions to So who wins under the the long-term Jiscal problems Pre$ident's plan7 Well. it's ofSocialSecurity. possible thatsome will invest We owe thismuch to the tlleiifunds su�and aspirations of our seniors, reeeivehigherretums. whose countless�arsof la- In additior\,. Wall Street bol"shouldbe rewarded with investmentfirmswilldefinite- asafeandseeureretirement.

thatconservatives are e1ther student rebut the question of - not giving their opinion fear­ wpe rsonal responsibility,� 'the Ing a grading bi:9-5 orwish not main theme thatwas arS "ed, to incur the wrath of fellow Nor was the student al- students. lowed to offer an opinion in lna classwhere the ideas a calm manner without being of Mrights"' an! so stres.sed. the ' student that asserted his to 'Ilwiw as �inforcedwhen, frtt speechwasflatly denied. wilhonlythreeminu!ffleftin BSC h as aresponsibility opinion in a rationalmanner er problemexisting at BSC: withouttearolmoc:keryorso­ oonserva.tive thought is very dal dismissaL scarceamongstthesocialcon- stru�oratleastvocalconser- institution and student failed vativethought. at thesetuks,. and the stu- 1 have had onetuc:her dents ol ouroollegeshould thatl wouldclassi!y as amn- realluthis problanandtake eervativethinb.-,andthrtt stepstoreeolve�hict. to something that oould not be haiitled in that . short time span.leaving the steaming ar- gumentat itsheight. ln my opinion, this is merely one example ol Jarg- anced education.where both sidesofissues are pointed out anddiscused.. other the right to voice their

sum on poverty and luge 1osl! their passion to tuch families;theideaof•MJ)t!SOna] andwhatdoesthatdofor stu': responsibility" was brought dents? upbyaliludenl It doesn't prepue them In�argument that m- for therulworld thattheyffl- sued, both thetucher and munterwhentheygr-aduate. students embarked on non- It'stimefmthi5collegeto tangffltialargwnmb,.suc:h . u g,etingearandputourpn:if"5- thewarinlraq.thec:astnition - "�towards the ofprisonei&yttr11ago,andthe \>esti.ntaestoloureduation. _ sizeoltheK.mnedyfamily.

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