Jon Carson Consulting August 2018

August 2018

We Bought a Farm! The Benefits of Working With Our Hands

Our home is much smaller than the one we were living in before, and I’ve been enjoying the change in size. We like being minimalists, although it’s been a bit of a challenge. We’ve had to give up a lot of our possessions, and it’s made us consider what we really need in our lives. We utilize as much possible space in our new home as we can. In our old home, Dave and I had two separate offices, but we don’t have that luxury anymore. Instead, I’ve taken up a corner of Clare’s bedroom. In Carson’s room, there’s a deep closet which has enough space for Dave’s audio equipment so he can have a studio. Clare and Carson were a little on the fence about the move. Carson feels sad about losing the old house, but for good reasons. He grew up in our old house, and it’s always a little sad to leave your childhood home. We’re hoping to make the farm comfortable for him when he’s finished with his internship in Washington D.C. He might feel a little displaced, but we hope he’ll come around and enjoy it too. While Carson’s been away, Clare has been with us through the whole process. She’s settled down well, made her room really cute, made friends with the neighbor and his two dogs, and she works hard with her dad outside. She’s out there hauling and working in the field and garden just as hard as any of us.

habitat. We don’t have any animals quite yet, but we’re looking forward to making a home for them here. We’ll be getting two head of cow and five or six chickens. We want to keep the farm maintenance pretty low, and we want animals that will produce for us. Dave is very excited about getting our animals and is looking forward to farm- fresh eggs. Dave loves working in the field and garden, and I love watching him work so diligently. He gets a deep satisfaction from working with his hands. In the field, we’ve planted alfalfa, which is wonderful to smell first thing in the morning. We love the smell of alfalfa or mint filling the house. The best part for me is just being in an area that’s so open and peaceful. At the drop of a hat, I can go to the windows and look out into the open sky and field. We even walk on the road, just enjoying the quietness of it all. You can sit still and hear the wind rustling through the trees, our neighbors’ horses, and the birds all around — it’s a breathtaking experience. Taking the first steps into a new life can be daunting at first and maybe a little frightening. But with hard work and determination, those steps can lead to the best moments of your life. -Claudia Weathermon

Green Acres!

For a little less than two months, Dave and I have been living on our newly purchased one-acre farm and home. Both of us are excited for what lies ahead. Although some of our friends think we’re a little crazy, we’ve been thinking about buying a farm since the beginning of the year. Since then, I’ve been busy selling furniture and getting rid of what we don’t need anymore. Before we sold our old home, we purchased the one we’re in now — that way we could start renovating it before moving in. It’s a 30-year-old house and it needed a fix-me-up, so we did everything from painting and putting new floors down to electrical improvements. We wanted to put our personal stamp on the house, and all the hard work is starting to show. I call it our baby house — our little baby farmhouse.

Along with the house, we’ve been working on the field, the garden, and the animals’


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