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Gopakumar Pioneers New Machine Learning IIoT Solutions At Helios If you’re looking to maximize your box plant’s efficiency and minimize unplanned downtime, this year at Corrugat- ed Week you’ll want to meet Gokul Gopakumar, Senior

years at PHD Technology Solutions, Gopakumar started as a controls engineer at SUN Automation in 2018, where he worked on electrical design for new projects using PTC ME10, upgrading legacy products by updating control sys- tems and adding new features, and supporting the service team during installation and startup of new machines and other customer issues. Within just over a year he was promoted to Controls Engineering Manager. As manager, he spearheaded the development of better processes for quality testing and for maintaining program version control. He also trained service techs on AB tools for on-site troubleshooting aid, mentored junior team members to improve their program- ming and electrical design capabilities, and taught them to develop their own approaches to problem solving. He played a role in sales by ensuring that engineering was quoted accurately on non-standard ventures. In 2021, Gopakumar became SUN’s Senior Director of

Director of Electrical Engineering at SUN Automation Group and Senior Director of Product Development for SUN’s new IIoT venture, Helios. Originally from the United Arab Emirates, Gopakumar graduated from the American University of Sharjah in 2012 then came to the

United States, where he got his Master of Science in Elec- trical Engineering at Syracuse University in 2015. After in- terning for Rockwell Automation and working for several Gokul Gopakumar

Electrical Engineering. As team leader he pro- vides technical direction, resource manage- ment, and individual talent development and mentoring for the entire electrical engineering group at SUN Automation. His team focuses on research and development for new projects, value-added engineering for current products, and reliable, consistent technical service and support for customers. The team upgrades and customizes their work to fit customers’ needs – helping them stay far ahead of electronic ob- solescence. In 2022, Gopakumar became Senior Direc- tor of Product Development for Helios, part of SUN Automation Group. Started by Lou Sardel- la and Pat O’Connor in 1986 in Baltimore, SUN was founded on a desire to create innovative solutions for corrugated manufacturers. From this commitment to innovative solu- tions and industry-leading after-market ser- vice and support, SUN’s latest venture, He- lios, was born. Launched in 2021, Helios is a machine-learning IIoT platform that provides critical insight into corrugated machine perfor- mance. Helios’ algorithms are OEM-agnostic and can be seamlessly retrofitted to existing equipment in order to provide unprecedented levels of data and control to customers so they can optimize maintenance, access actionable insights, and reduce downtime, no matter what brand of equipment they’re using. Most recently, Helios has achieved a break- through in predictive analytics with its new failure prediction capabilities. Customers who subscribe to its suite of machine learning fea- tures now have full access to real time predic- tion of component failures and required main- tenance. CONTINUED ON PAGE 24


September 12, 2022

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