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Board of Directors of CGC and its subsidiary, Container Graphics Ltd. Brandy Marlow has been promoted to Vice President of Corporate and Digital Accounts. Marlow has been with the company for five years and was previously the Direc- tor of National Accounts. In her new role, she will oversee the company’s National Accounts group, which supports brand customers, while also assuming responsibility over relationships with the company’s major corrugated cus- tomers. Neil Saunders, the company’s CEO, stated at an inter- nal meeting, “It is very gratifying to see these internal pro- motions to leadership positions in our company. All three have proven their abilities through hard work and dedica- tion. And, of course, it is especially heartwarming to see the grandson of our company’s founder now leading the company.” Apex International To Showcase Glue Sets At Corrugated Week Donora, Pennsylvania based Apex International, a man- ufacturer of anilox, glue set and metering solutions, an- nounced the exhibition of Accora Glue Sets and GTT an- ilox technology at Corrugated Week 2022. The anilox and applicator rolls will be showcased at Apex Booth #919 on September 20-21 in San Antonio, Texas. The Accora product line consists of stainless-steel glue rolls with precision engraving and proprietary ceram- ic doctor rolls, designed to last two to three times longer than chrome products. The sets are crafted to exact OEM specifications with industry-leading TIR and OD tolerances to ensure the closest consistent gap possible – down to 0.0007”. The Apex booth will have a limited number of “Super- Box” giveaways to showcase the capabilities of the GTT engraving. The SuperBox contains over 15 different print samples printed with GTT technology. Attendees are invit- ed to the Apex International booth to see these in person and may also request a SuperBox online to be delivered to their facility. Knowledgeable Apex representatives will be on site to assist with questions and quotes. “With a focus on sustainability, Accora glue sets are strategically designed to reduce steam, energy, and starch consumption, achieve higher corrugator speeds, and im- prove board quality. Modern corrugators need modern solutions and Apex has always been dedicated to con- tinuous innovation. We look forward to showcasing this proven technology,” said Joe Settanni, VP of Sales North America. Visit to learn more about Accora glue sets and Apex international’s portfolio of solutions. To learn more about Corrugated Week 2022, visit .

OHIO BLOW PIPE/ADVANCED AIRSYSTEMS For 85 years the Ohio Blow Pipe company and its whol- ly owned subsidiary, Advanced Airsystems, have provided the corrugated and folding carton industries with systems and products to process scrap. We engineer, fabricate, in- stall, service, provide system audits, and offer a wide range of scrap systems, dust collection systems and products to include cyclones, under roof AIR-SCREEN™ systems, pit belt systems, CLEANAIR dust collectors, Mist-Clone™ dust control systems for vacuum feeds, material handling fans, ductwork, switch valves, airveyors, balers, shredders and dust briquetters. OMP OMP helps companies facing complex planning challenges to excel, grow and thrive by offering the best digitized sup- ply chain planning solution on the market. Its Unison Plan- ning concept has a unique approach. It handles all supply chain planning challenges in a unified way, synchronizing all planning stages, horizons, functions and roles. Hundreds of customers run OMP’s cloud-based solution to generate more value by making informed decisions. OMP invests one out of every three dollars earned into innovation.


We custom design, install and service air conveyed scrap and dust collection systems. Our unique APS® is smaller, lighter, and more reliable than current cyclones. Contact us to learn how the APS® System can enhance your operation.


Profero Systems the leader in double facer heating and traction section conversions along with other performance enhancing products. Featuring products from Contact Bars and Compensating Rolls to New Glue Machines and Double Facers.


GF PUHL designs, manufactures and installs air conveyed scrap & dust collection systems for the packaging and cor- rugated industries. With 39 years of experience, USA and International. We offer below or above roof systems featur- ing cyclones OR screen separators with real time pressure balancing for optimal dust control. High efficiency cyclones for sheet transfer exhaust systems eliminate water con- sumption and deliver dust directly to compactor or briquet- ter for low maintenance, long term sustainability and reli- ability. System audits, dust explosivity tests and dust hazard analysis (DHA’s) available. Re-manufactured balers, filters, blowers and shredders available at significant savings.


September 12, 2022

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