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I’m lucky to have a lot of great people in my life: my family, my colleagues, my employees, and my clients. They are constant reminders of how much I have to be thankful for. My husband and sons are very supportive, and I feel so lucky to have such positive, loving relationships in my life. I’m also thankful to have employees who are dedicated to the work we do as a firm. Of course, I can never forget that my clients enable me to do the work that I love when they put their trust in our firm. In addition, I am grateful to have worked with many attorneys who’ve been trailblazers in the legal field. My partner, Wendy, is one of them, as is Frank Morelli, whom you’ll get to hear from inside the newsletter. Frank is semi-retired but still does pro bono work for clients who can’t afford an attorney. He was recently presented with a case outside of his expertise. Instead of turning it down, he educated himself on the subject so he could assist this client in need. As you can tell, Frank really cares about people, and he is an inspiration for anybody nearing retirement who hopes to remain productive later in life. Bob Golden is another attorney whose influence I am thankful to have had in my life. When I was a young lawyer, I worked for his firm in Bridgewater, where he took me under his wing. We were an unlikely pair. He was a tall, distinguished gentleman, always impeccably dressed, and I was a young, female lawyer at 5-foot-nothing, just starting my career, and we walked into court together. Bob showed me the ropes in the Division of Workers’ Compensation, introducing me to all of the judges and other attorneys he had known for years. I always looked up to him for the honorable way he conducted himself. He consistently treated his adversaries with respect, even in the heat of a contentious case. Such a lesson is far more important for a young lawyer to absorb than mastering any legal argument. I always aspired to conduct myself in such a way that might earn the kind of respect he garnered in the legal community. I am very grateful for his guidance early in my career. When I think about being thankful for what I have, my client Ben* comes to mind, along with all of the clients I have met like him over the years. A blue-collar worker, Ben had been working in heavy labor since the day he graduated from high school. One day while on the job, Ben fell off the back of a truck. He immediately lost sensation in his arms. When he tried to access his benefits, Ben was railroaded by the workers’ compensation

carrier, preventing him from getting the medical treatment that he needed to return to work. With the injuries he sustained, there was no way he could ever do his job again without proper care. Ben reached out to our firm, and we filed a motion to get him treatment. In court, Ben got up and testified. The plea he made to everyone was simple but heartfelt. “I just want to work,” he said. Ben wasn’t looking for a free lunch; he wasn’t there to get a handout. He simply wanted to get better so he could return to the work he enjoyed and earn a paycheck for his family. Ben hated being forced to file a claim just so that he could get medical care He wasn’t looking for a “big payday” — he wanted no more than the opportunity to continue earning a living. Thankfully, Ben got approved for the treatment he needed and was able to return to work. Most of us take our health and our normal daily activities for granted, until an illness or tragedy strikes. So we should all be thankful every day that we are able to enjoy this beautiful life. The people I am passionate about working with are the clients who, like Ben, just want to be productive members of society, and if they can’t be, they want help to obtain the support they need to live with their disabilities. We should all be grateful for the freedom we have in this country to make a living and follow our dreams. And I’m thankful to uphold those rights for others when they are being mistreated. The hardships my clients face on a daily basis are important reminders of how easy it is to lose what we have in an instant. It means a lot to know we’ve made a difference in someone’s life. As a small firm, we are so grateful for our clients who let friends and family know about the work we do to help those in need of assistance. We rely on our clients to spread the word about the personal touch we provide so that we can help more people. We appreciate every single one of you for allowing us to serve you and for recommending PMB. Best wishes to all for a very happy Thanksgiving!

*Name has been changed to protect the individual’s identity.

–Lisa Pezzano Mickey

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