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At our next Monday meeting, we announced the program to the whole company. We told them what to expect, along with an overview of the program, so they could answer questions and encourage our clients to sign up and refer. That meeting is where we made our first major mistake. With all the planning we’d done and all my years of experience, I knew we’d need my team behind us to make this a huge success. But what I didn’t consider (and should have known) was that you need to incentivize people if you really want them to give it their all. We didn’t offer any incentive to our customer service team, which meant we didn’t have enough human capital committed to making the campaign a success. Another mistake, in my opinion, was the date of the trip. Because of my crazy travel schedule, the date was in flux from the start. Now, we didn’t know this was a mistake at the time, but it ultimately turned out to be an issue. THE LAUNCH With a long-term campaign like this, there typically isn’t some major launch where hundreds of leads

referral program was embarrassing and we needed to step up our game.

A few weeks ago, I got back from our awesome Vegas referral contest trip. Everyone had a blast, we all made new friends, and I personally got to race a 12-cylinder, 600-horsepower Aston Martin. I really enjoyed the trip and would highly recommend the race car experience to anyone heading to Vegas. But this wasn’t all about fun and games. Our aim with this referral campaign was to grow our business and get more customers. The good news is, we did that and built some awesome relationships with the people who attended. In the process, I learned a ton about event-based referral marketing, so I’m going to peel back the curtain and share those lessons with you. PLANNING, PREPARATION, AND PROMOTION This campaign came about because getting new customers here at The Newsletter Pro is like it is for most of you — hard and expensive. On average, we spend $1,200 to get a new customer. Like many, we’ve always had some kind of referral campaign going, but the reward has sometimes been less enticing than it needed to be. Shortly after (literally) writing the book on referrals, I told the team that our

My parameters for the referral program were simple:

• •

The prize had to be an experience.

The prize had to fit within our current cost per new customer. The experience had to be something most wouldn’t do on their own. The qualifying referral period had to be a minimum of six months in length. After a short brainstorming session, we came up with three or four good ideas, but the one that we agreed would be the most enticing and motivating was the Vegas race car experience. Now that we had an idea, we needed a goal, a budget, some marketing muscle, and a start date. We brainstormed ways to market the referral promo and got to work on the creative plan. We made program landing pages and special client landing pages. We created inserts, emails, and postcards. This campaign was no different than any other marketing campaign … or so we thought. • •

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