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I’m in the process of selling a rental house I own, so I’ve been on the lookout for a real estate agent. The market is super-hot in Boise right now, and this is a house I don’t want to keep as a rental (it’s a little too nice). My wife recently brought to my attention a specialist real estate agent for that subdivision. Each month this agent posts to the subdivision's Facebook group and mails out postcards about the homes that have sold and how much they’ve sold for. She talks about being a neighborhood specialist, and frankly, she is doing everything right to generate listings in this neighborhood. Although I don’t know for sure, my suspicion is she is listing quite a few houses in this neighborhood, because the image she puts out is that all she does is list houses in this neighborhood. But I know her secret. She does this local neighborhood marketing to many of the subdivisions in my city. I know this because I get similar marketing from her at the house I live in now … in a different subdivision than my rental. She changes out the stats and uses some variable data for the name of the subdivision, but the nuts and bolts of the marketing is identical. As a guy who loves marketing, I have to say that, for the most part, what she’s doing is impressive. I have little doubt she’s very successful with it. I am surprised more people in the area haven’t copied her — but then again, most people are lazy, so that shouldn’t surprise me much. HYPERTARGETING IS KILLING IT! You can create postcards that use variable data to mention you’re the go-to dentist, lawyer, and financial adviser for XYZ neighborhood. You can join the neighborhood Facebook groups and make helpful posts, building your brand image all the while. You can easily create a community event for a neighborhood and bring everyone out for a good time while you generate some leads. You could even gather up several other people who service the If you’re not a real estate agent, that’s okay, because you can also create a hypertargeted local campaign.

neighborhood and split the cost of a newsletter to all the homeowners. We’re seeing more and more of this for mass mailers. There are a lot of options for you, and when you get hypertargeted with local marketing, and the neighborhood feels like you specialize in their area, you end up getting more business in the neighborhood. This gets more people talking, which can create more referrals, and then increases the number of customers you have in the neighborhood until you basically “own” that subdivision. Now all you have to do is rinse and repeat. RELATIONSHIPS ALWAYS TRUMP MARKETING This agent did many things right, but she did two things very wrong. First, her numbers were off more than once in the info she was sending me. The issues weren’t major, but I’m a numbers guy, and it bothered me. The second challenge she had no control over, and here’s why.

I have an associate, a broker, I’ve casually known for seven or eight years now. Because of our long- standing relationship, I chose to go with the person I’ve known for many years over the specialist I just met. Overcoming a multiyear relationship with marketing alone is a near-insurmountable task. This is why building that relationship is so important, and why you need to make sure you are getting personal in your articles and other content. You see, the final challenge she couldn’t overcome was my relationship with another service provider. And while she may not have control over my relationships, she could have done more to add personal touches and build relationships with her marketing. This is a step that should never be overlooked.

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