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Fast forward 24 years and “Power Rangers” boasts 24 television seasons of 20 different series, three theatrical films, billions in merchandise sales, and still airs in 140 worldwide markets every week. Kids today are as crazy about these helmeted heroes as they were in 1993. Haim Saban is by no means the first person to achieve success by refusing to take no for an answer. Celebrated author J.K. Rowling sent her first "Harry Potter" manuscript to 12 different publishers before someone finally said yes. Walt Disney was fired from the newspaper The Kansas City Star because the editor thought Disney “lacked imagination.” All of these people were told to give up, but they had what Saban call in Yiddish kishkes , meaning “the gut.” “Gut is many times more important than brain,” Saban has said. When you have an idea, and you know in your kishkes that it’s worthwhile, will let the naysayers convince you to back down? Or will you fight to see it through to the end?

Loesch didn’t back down, insisting “Power Rangers” air early in the morning for eight weeks during the summer of 1993. The first episode of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” premiered on August 28, 1993. In less than a week, “Power Rangers” beat every other kids’ show on the network, delivering three times the ratings of Fox’s former hits “Animaniacs” and “Batman.” Fox execs moved “Power Rangers” to

the more desirable afternoon time slot, and ordered another season without hesitation. Six months later, the live “Power Rangers” event at Universal Studios in Los Angeles would back up traffic for 10 miles as 35,000 hysterical kids and their parents overran the theme park.

After eight years of pitching his show, Saban met Margaret Loesch, head of Fox Broadcasting Company’s children’s programing. Loesch eagerly ordered a full season of 40 episodes, but the other Fox execs lacked Loesch’s confidence. Horrified by the odd show, they warned Loesch she was putting her career on the line.

BOOK REVIEW The Irresistible Gravitational Pull of Purpose

Why have you chosen this specific purpose, and why should you focus on this goal? The question “why?” is fuel. You can have a beautiful vehicle, an ideal destination, and you may even be pointed in the right direction. But a goal or a purpose without a why is like a powerful sports car with no fuel. How do you find and fulfill your purpose? Hankel provides a plethora of ideas. The first: “Ruthlessly evaluate your current position.” Knowing where you are is the first step to understanding where you want to go. Once you’ve got your bearings, it’s time to decide the destination. Then, get sucked into that purpose with a focus as strong as a black hole. “Black Hole Focus” is an invaluable resource for establishing your life’s purpose. Hankel offers over 25 suggestions to help you find and fulfill that goal.

Have you ever found yourself wandering aimlessly through a galaxy of incomplete goals, unable to concentrate on a single one? Perhaps you’ve aimed for plenty of worthy targets but you still feel directionless. “Black Hole Focus” by Isaiah Hankel is all about finding your purpose so you can live with gusto, motivation, and enthusiasm, and work towards the aspirations that matter most with a focus as powerful as a black hole’s gravitational pull. What is a purpose? According to Hankel, purpose involves hope and energy. It’s more than an obligatory goal; it’s a concept you love. Your purpose should be an “escape plan,” one that frees you from day-to-day humdrum. It’s who, what, and where you want to be.

Hankel’s book is a motivational work of art. He manages to weave beautiful, abstract concepts with actionable steps in order to create a guide that channels the gravitational pull of practicality, and never loses its black-hole-like focus.

When it comes to purposes, one of the most important questions you can ask is, “Why?”


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