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Prevention, Performance & Rehabilitation All in One SKILLMILL ™ Achieve Therapy is turning heads with the addition of the TechnoGym’s SKILLMILL™ to its line of services in our Turning Point Health & Wellness location. This non-motorized treadmill with a unique, curved surface, allows the user to progress from a walk to an all-out sprint without hesitation. It also gives you the ability to add resistance to your movement so you can do progress from a resistance free walk into an all-out sled push. Achieve Performance is currently the only facility in the region with the SKILLMILL™.

The MultiDrive Technology of the SKILLMILL™ allows the user to perform a large variety of exercises in multiple planes of movement. The ergonomic, non-motorized surface is very joint friendly and produces less impact and jarring than a standard treadmill. Because it is non-motorized, the user can set their own pace whether; it is walking, jogging or all out sprinting. This versatility is ideal for not only enhancing athletic development, but accelerating rehabilitation following injury and surgery. It offers you the ability to improve strength, speed, power, mobility, proprioception, and balance with a single appliance.

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