King's Business - 1910-03

The Blood of Jesus.

J . H. Samrais.

A red cord runs through all ropes of v the British navy and a. crimson line through all the Scriptures. The finger of inspiration like that of Moses sprinkles " t h e Book i t s e l f" (Heb. I X: 19 A. B. V.). The blood of Jesus is named more than thirty times in - the New Testament,'and indirectly referred ,. to many more. It is representedas: First. Precious blood. The previous blood of Christ (1 Pet. 1:19). I t is precious as the blood of a spotless' lamb (1 Pet. 1:19), of i( .tender, lkmb (Bev. V:6 Greek); as the bjood of: the .King of kings (Bev. XIX: 16), of the Prince of life (Acts 111:15), of God's dear Son (Col. 1:13), of God's well beloved (Matt. 111:17), of His Only Begotten (Jno. 111:16), of God Himself (Acts XX:28); and as the only hope of par- don and salvation (Heb. IX:22). Second. Atoning blood. It is the Blood that maketh atonement for the soul because of the life; for the life-is in the blood (Lev. XV t t : l l )- there- fore in shedding His blood, Jesus poured out His soul unto death (Isa. LXIII:12); and by so doing He over- flowed and covered our sin (Psa. XXXI: 1), for the Hebrew word translated " a t o n e " means to cover, to hide fr,om sight. God says, 'When I see the Blood I will pass over you (Ex. XII:13). Although that blood stood for the greatest sin man ever committed (Acts 11:23), God sees neither that, nor any other sin where He sees that blood ap- plied by faith. Third. Covenant blood. This is my blood of the covenant (Greek) which is poured out for many for the remission of sins (Matt. XVI:28). It may be called the blood of the Head and Heel covenant (Gen. 111:15). It ratified the covenant with Abraham (Gen. XV: 7-16), and of " t h e better c o v e n a n t" —that of works (Heb. IX:18-23). This covenant sealed with " b l o od drawn from Immanuel's v e i n s" can not be broken. Fourth. Justifying blood. Being no% justified by His blood we shall be saved from wrath through Him (Bom. V:9), whom God hath set forth to be a

propitiation through faith in His blood,, to declare His righteousness (justifica- tion) for the remisison of sins (Bom. 111:25). By this blood we are justified from all things—sin, sins, disposition, feelings, thoughts, words, acts—from which we could not be justified by the law of Moses (the law of works) (Acts XHI : 3 9 ). • Fifth. Redeeming blood. In whom we have redemption through His blood (Eph. 1:7); for ye were bought with a price (1 Cor. VI:20). We are the church of God which He has purchased with His own blood (Acts XX:28). For God was in Christ, the Son of Man who came to give His life a ransom for many (Matt. XX:28). Thou art wor- thy, for thou wast slain and hast re- deemed us to God by thy blood (Bev. Y:9). < Sixth. Sanctifying blood. It sets us apart for God, as did the blood of consecration on Aaron and his souls (Lev. VIII:24, 30, 31; so that we have sanctified ears, sanctified hands, sancti- fied feet. But the blood of Jesus also sprinkles the inner man, as the Apostle says, How much more shall the blood of Christ . . . purge your conscience from dead works to serve (as priests, a ritualistic word) the living God (Heb. I X : 14), Seventh. It is conquering blood. They overcame him (satan, the accuser) by the blood of the Lamb (Bev. X I I: 11). Who shall lay anything to the eharge of God's elect, it is God that justifieth? Who is he that condemneth, it is Christ that did? (Bo. VIII:33, 34, 35). " T h e blood stained banner of the cross'' is borne by the armies in heaven as well as by the church on earth. Christ bore the blood into (Heb I X: 11-12) and that casts satan out of, the heavenly places (Bev. XII:7, 9, 11). Thank God, thank God for the blood of Jesus; drawn from His brow, by the thorns; from His back, by the scourge; from His side, by the spear; from His hands and feet, by the nails; and from every pore of His body, in the sweat of His agony (Luke 22:44). A great painting shows an angel under the emp- tied cross with the thorny crown in his hand; tears are on his «heelt, and his finger is pressing the sharp points of that bloody diadem.

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