King's Business - 1910-03

I Believe the Bible

J. H. Sammig.

fers a judicial ground of peace to "a guilty conscience. Because—It is the only power to re- new a soul to conscious fellowship with God in Christ Jesus. Because—It is able instantly to change a degraded, criminal, or -be- sotted soul into a saint. Because—Its power to convict and convert its bitterest enemies is daily demonstrated. Because—Its predictions are fulfilled and fulfilling around us with Jew, Gen- tile .and Church of God. Because—Itself fortells the ev^r cur- rent scepticism of prejudice, ignorance, and science falsely so-called. Because—Its manifold foreshadow- ings in the Old unfolded in the, Ne,w Testament must have been God-ar- ranged. Because—Of its amazing aptness throughout to suggest and illustrate, moral and spiritual truth. Because—It is adapted to our deep- est spiritual needs in all times, moods, trials and circumstances. Because—Of its unfailing freshness and inexhaustible fullness shared in common with all other works of God. Because—It does in regeneration, consolation and sanctification that, and all that it promises. Because—Its universal application to individual, social and political life would produce universal peace, plenty and happiness. Because—Its loss would plunge the race into the darkness of despair, with- out God, without Christ, without hone. Because—It has saved my soul, mani- fested my Saviour, cheered my sor- rows, illumined my future— ' 'Holy Bible, Book divine, Precious treasure, thou are m i n e !"

Because—It was believed by Our Lord, and by those contemporary with the writers of its record. Because—it has been, and is be- lieved by the mightiest and most criti- cal intellects of all the ages. Because—It has produced the great- est and most perfect characters of all the ages. Because—Its evidence both in quan- tity and quality is better than that for any other historical record. Because—Its truthfulness is based on the same sort of evidence that guar- antees all other such documents. Because—Its falsity would end con- fidence in all criteria of human and monumental evidence. Because—Its falsity would prove a greater miracle than any it records, viz., a holy lie, by holy liars. Because—Its forty writers were thir- ty generations on sixty-six books now seen to be one indivisible whole. Because—It would without doubt be unquestioned did it not claim super- natural authority over men. Because—It continues unconvicted of error into the critical light of the twen- tieth century. Because—It is its spiritual light that blinds natural men who deny its clear marks of divine origin. Because—Its negation by doubters can never cancel its confirmation by believers. We have an experience. Because—Its philosophy of nature, history, and humanity alone stands the test of time and reality. Because—The philosophy and theol- ogy of its rejecters are contrary to critical reason, conscience, practice, ex- perience. Because—It produces unfaltering and cumulative conviction of its truth: I know it is true, , Because—Its ideal of manhood, as taught, produced, and exemplified by Jesus Christ, is perfect.. Because—Of its uncompromizing ab- horrence and condemnation of sin in word and deed and essence.- Because—Of its insistence on righte- ousness with God and man in all-em- bracing, self-denying love. Because—It is the only word that of-'

THE MIGHTY GOD. God is for us (Rom. 8:31). God is in us (Phil. 2:12).

God is with us (Genesis 28:15). God is before us (Exodus 13:21). God is behind us~(Psalm 18:16). God is underneath us (Dan. 33:27). God is around us (Psa. 125:2). God is over us (Song of Sol. 2:4).

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