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AUTO ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS MAKE AWFUL DRIVING INSTRUCTORS L earning to drive is one of those rites of passage that marks the journey to adulthood. Getting a freshly printed license is something that teens across the country look forward to, but before they take the test, they need to learn how to drive. Most people’s memories of their first experiences behind the wheel involve putting around, doing an endless amount of three-point turns, and trying to perfect parallel parking. In between this routine practice, however, you’ll often experience a misadventure as a new driver. That was certainly the case for my dad when he took the initiative to teach me how to drive. Luckily, my mishap didn’t involve any other drivers or property damage; it was just a scary moment for me, my dad, and our 1980 Honda Civic hatchback.

you might suspect, that makes me a stickler for safe driving techniques and a nervous Nellie when I’m in the car with young drivers. Nevertheless, I gave it a go with my eldest daughter, Katie. It only took one bad trip for me to swear off teaching driving forever. Katie was driving from her school to our house, which was at most a mile away. Somehow in that short jaunt, she

managed to hit a stop sign on the driver’s side of her car! It was in that moment that I thought to myself, “You know what, I think teaching the kids how to drive will be a great bonding experience ... for the stepparents and in-laws.” I’ve never put on my driving instructor hat since, and Katie now goes to St. John’s University in New York City, where cars are more of a nuisance than a convenience. I’m sure the stop signs of Queens are thankful. All kidding aside, learning to drive can be a rewarding experience, provided you go about it the right way. The habits you learn in drivers’ ed will be those you take onto the road, so it’s important to instill good habits early on. If you have a driver turning the ignition for the first time this summer, be sure to give them the education

First, I’ll provide a little background. When I was growing up in St. Louis, Lambert International Airport was expanding its size and scope. Both of my parents worked in the aerospace industry for McDonnell Douglas, so we lived very close to Lambert. Conveniently, right as I was ready to get behind the wheel, there were loads of empty streets by our house, which were being cleared for airport development. My first driving experiences took place on these streets, and my first scary moment as a driver.

“As challenging as learning to

drive can be, I have to admit that I found it much easier to be the student than the teacher.”

I was idling on the side of the road and forgot to switch the car from drive to reverse, or maybe it was vice versa. Whatever the case, I took off in the wrong direction. Just before we ended up in a roadside ditch, my dad pulled the emergency brake, saving us a world of hassle. “That’s why you learn to drive using a car that has the e-brake in the middle,” he said with a laugh. As challenging as learning to drive can be, I have to admit that I found it much easier to be the student than the teacher. When my kids were old enough to begin driving, I had been a practicing auto accident attorney for years. As

and tools to stay safe on the roads.

P.S. My youngest, Zachary, will be learning to drive this summer, so it might a good idea to drive slowly if you happen to be in Shelbyville during the coming months. -Melissa Emery


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