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March 2019

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Spring is a time for change, and we’ve certainly been going through a lot of change at the office. For patients who might not know yet, I am sad to report that Dr. Gorena has left the practice. She and her fiancé, Dr. Morales, are getting married this month and will be starting a new life in South Dakota. Though we’re sad to lose her, we sent her off in style and threw a bridal shower here at her office. We’re happy for this new chapter in her life, and we can’t wait to hear all about her adventures.

“My husband and I try to make spring break special for our kids …”

day. I had so much fun swimming and learning how to boogie board.

Even as a kid, I knew Hawaii was special. Everyone was always so nice and welcoming,

In addition to bringing change, spring also brings the opportunity to relax and have fun during spring break. My oldest step-daughter will be out of school, so our family tries to plan something fun during her break. This usually involves spending the weekend in San Antonio to visit friends and family. It’s great to catch up with loved ones we don’t get to see very often. While in San Antonio, we also hit up some great sights. We’ll usually go to SeaWorld, because it’s fun and I love how the experience helps get the girls interested in science and animals. That’s something I really want to encourage. Last year, we went to a water park, which was really fun. Even though it’s only March, it gets so hot here in Texas! Racing down a waterslide or splashing around in the wave pool is a great way to beat the heat. My husband and I try to make spring break special for our kids because we know how important these memories are. The best spring break trips from my childhood were when my parents took our family to Hawaii. As a kid, it felt like the flight across the ocean lasted forever, but I had no complaints when we finally landed. There’s nothing like that first breath of fresh, tropical air after stepping off the plane. During our trip, we went to the beach almost every

and there’s a reason everyone comes home feeling so relaxed. You can’t find that atmosphere anywhere else. I loved visiting Hawaii so much that I decided to go to undergrad on the islands! Going to college in Hawaii is as awesome as you’d imagine. Everyone is so laid back; even the professors come to class wearing shorts and flip-flops! I didn’t spend every day at the beach like I thought I would, but I still had fun and learned a lot. I haven’t had the chance to go back to Hawaii since graduating, but I would love to take my family there one day. I’d love for my girls to create their own fun spring break memories on the islands. We’re waiting on my youngest to get a little older. Flights can be rough with toddlers, and I want her to remember the experience. Who knows? Maybe she’ll decide to attend the University of Hawaii too! Spring is a great opportunity to relax with your loved ones and have fun before we buckle down for the last stretch until summer. Whatever your plans are for spring break, I hope you have a great time! – Dr. Diana Cabrera Sabal Dental - Harlingen Office • (956) 428-5300 • 1

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