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2019 By the Numbers


On the Right Track: A Message from Teddy & Avis


Safety Is at P&J’s Core


Awards Won in 2019


Shifting Weather Patterns Require a Seasoned Approach


Added Services Make P&J an Easy Choice


Custom Equipment and In-House Mechanics Provide Value


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ROW Construction Morgan Pierce 919.388.4222

Water Resources / Power Generation Gerry Arvidson 865.392.3081

Industrial & Commercial / Disaster Response Dudley Orr 865.688.8342


Tracks | 2020

2019 By the Numbers

man hours 2,851,174

active jobs in 21 states 200+

ROW miles 36,000+

24.2 million CY

of material excavation

or 133 billion gallons of reservoir capacity built 410,000 acre feet

640,000+ LF

of substation security walls installed in FL 8,292 LF

of pipe installed


A MESSAGE FROM TEDDY & AVIS On the Phillips & Jordan (P&J) made big moves in 2019. Our ability to remain flexible, nimble, and decisive as we expand our services and influence proves to be a game changer for us. As a privately-owned company, we can shift as quickly as the market, which we’ve done several times over the years. Under our ROW Construction Group, our specialized Foundations Teamopened another avenue drilling foundations for transmission lines, and we’ve sought out opportunities to deploy our new drills on other types of heavy civil construction projects. ight Track With more than 68 years in business, we’ve had the opportunity to apply our experience, determination, and pioneering spirit to a wide variety of markets and capabilities, and we bring all that valuable knowledge together for one P&J. As CEO I’m proud of the steps we’re taking to collaborate and share experience throughout our company. The P&J Family is

full of talented, innovative, and skilled individuals, and our strength comes from being able to apply ourselves in new ways, together.

W.T. “Teddy” Phillips, Jr. CEO

I have been honored to represent P&J’s work as a certified woman-owned business in a direct capacity. We have always been up for anything, and the one thing that has stayed consistent in our 68 years of operation is our willingness and ability to begin new endeavors. The evolution of P&J has led to our expansion into Phillips Infrastructure Holdings, Inc. (PIH) and our sister companies, RowCon and National Fleet Services (NFS). Over the first year in our new organization, we have laid a foundation for our future success. Built on our longstanding relationships and decades of experience, the next life of P&J is as a collaborative enterprise, working together to take on even bigger, more challenging projects. P&J’s future would not look so bright without the hard work and sacrifice of our team members over the decades. At our core we are a family company, and I have been blessed to watch that family grow over the years. We are incredibly fortunate to have many long-serving, and even multigenerational employees who have chosen to build their own careers with the P&J family. Their commitment and experience are the foundation of our business, and each new employee represents an opportunity to expand our capabilities, horizons, and legacy.

The P&J family is continuing to grow and innovate, and we’re ready to combine new ideas with the hard-won expertise of our long-serving team members to better serve our clients.

Avis A. Phillips Shareholder & Chairman of the Board


Safety Is at



As a People First company, we hold safety as the most important of our core values, and we systematically integrate safety into management and work practices at all levels. As we strive to have a world- class safety program, we pride ourselves on exceeding regulatory requirements and always calibrating our efforts. Part of our systematic approach is our cycle of five core safety management functions, performed daily on every job site.


Tracks | 2020

Define the work scope. We identify each aspect of the scope by breaking the tasks into parts. This allows us to bring potential hazards into focus, shifting from the team’s high-level overview of the work to the reality of performing the work. Analyze the work hazards. One step at a time, and with full crew participation, hazards are identified from the obvious and universal to the unique and specific. Develop and implement controls to reduce the identified hazards. The Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a collaborative document to help crews spell out the hazards of the task so they can develop specific controls.

Perform work in compliance with hazard controls. Regardless of how trivial a hazard reduction measure seems, supervisors are responsible for ensuring that tasks are performed correctly and that all employees understand and follow the JSA throughout the day’s work. Improve processes through constant review during and after work execution. Consistent review throughout our process is essential. Since every plan can be improved, and many unanticipated or changing conditions can arise during execution, we encourage employees and subcontractors to speak up if they see new potential hazards or a way to better-develop our procedures. To this effect, JSAs are reviewed at least once at midday and any other time the scope or conditions may change.


By creating systems within our safety program, P&J integrates constant assessment into our everyday work. We’ve created a new oversight position - Vice President of Operations - to provide that additional link between execution and management. Filling this new role are two construction industry veterans, Eric Hedrick and Pat Williams, who began their careers in the field with P&J. They have decades of experience working every part job and bring a unique insight to overall safety policies and procedures. “The Vice President of Operations positions are intended to bridge the gap between executive management and the people and daily operations that keep P&J moving” explains P&J President, Patrick McMullen. “Hedrick and Williams have been leaders within P&J for years, and the new job title is an acknowledgment of their unique perspective. The field perspective on procedures is critical to keeping us all safe on the job site, and integrating more of that outlook into higher levels of management makes us more realistic, more effective, and, most importantly, safer.”



Tracks | 2020

ENR Southeast Regional Best Projects Two P&J projects won recognition in ENR Southeast’s Best Projects 2019! Our Central Pasco County Beneficial Water Reuse Project in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, won an Award of Merit, and our Catawba RawWater Reservoir Expansion Project in Lancaster, South Carolina took Best Project in the Water/Environment category. Both projects illustrate innovative models for partnering with local utilities and combining public and private stakeholders to tailor the best solutions for local communities. Southern Company Triangle Safety Award P&J received Southern Company’s Triangle Safety Award for the third straight year. The award was presented to our CEO Teddy Phillips, in appreciation and recognition for Construction Safety Excellence on Engineering and Construction Service Projects. Awards Won in 2019

ENR Southeast Regional Best Projects

TVA Supplier Diversity Award This year P&J was honored to receive TVA’s Supplier Diversity Award as a Prime Supplier of the Year. P&J is a proud supporter of small and diverse businesses. They provide unique value to their communities, and it is part of our responsibility as a prime contractor to utilize their skills as a significant part of our subcontractor team.

Southern Company Triangle Safety Award

TVA Supplier Diversity Award


Shifting Weather Patterns Require a Seasoned Approach

P&J has been a big name in disaster recovery since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. These major events present their own unique challenges as contractors must operate with urgency amid damaged infrastructure and difficult conditions. Over our decades in the business, we’ve built our own readiness infrastructure that has made us a go-to for communities trying to achieve normalcy after major events, and our disaster experts keep their skills sharp on P&J’s heavy civil and ROW infrastructure jobs year-round. This integration of disaster recovery and heavy construction experience has made P&J versatile and mobile, ready for anything on the job, and our multi-faceted experience has important real-world applications beyond standard debris management. The combination of our increasingly developed landscape and shifting weather patterns has intensified the effects of major weather events across the country. Weather is presenting a particular challenge to our projects and operations, creating unique conditions on the ground. When major storms affect ongoing projects, P&J’s extensive disaster experience helps clients manage these effects to the site while keeping the project moving.

One ash pond closure project in Georgia weathered Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and Irma in 2017, both of which impacted the project area. These storms created many difficulties on what was already a significant and complex dewatering project, but P&J’s disaster experience allowed us to mitigate the effects on the ground. Before each storm made landfall, P&J monitored the situation and implemented our Hurricane Evacuation program, which details policies and procedures for securing equipment, jobsite trailers, vehicles, and most importantly our personnel. Our uniform procedures ensured nothing was missed in preparation, including relocating equipment that could not be moved off site to the high ground on the job site with all implements lowered. After the storms receded, management ensured equipment was not damaged and that there were no fuel or fluid leaks to contaminate the site and cause environmental concerns. Both Matthew and Irma dumped substantial rains on the site, however, permit requirements restricted the off-site discharge. Faced with additional volumes to remove from the site and an impacted schedule, P&J and subcontractors organized 24-hour dewatering to remain within permit


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constraints. As the additional water was the only lasting concern after the storms, P&J and its subcontractors were able to focus solely on managing it without impact to the surrounding environment. P&J projects were also affected by Hurricanes Florence and Harvey in 2018 as well as other significant weather events, and careful planning and realistic expectations helped those projects avoid obstacles to their schedules. “Our extensive disaster response experience in complex conditions allows us to efficiently and safely mitigate adverse weather events on our job sites,” said Gerry Arvidson, Sr. Vice President of Heavy Civil Construction. “We can draw on the expertise of disaster personnel on heavy civil projects that find themselves in the paths of storms.”

CCR dewatering & loading


Added Services Make  P&J an Easy Choice

Over our more than six decades in the construction industry, P&J has completed major projects spanning the market, from heavy clearing and site preparation, to water resources construction, to ROW and access services and more. Since our first clearing job in 1952, P&J has been expanding on our capabilities to better serve our clients. We’ve built a reputation for tackling challenging and difficult projects, completing them on or ahead of schedule, and our varied experience ensures that we can bring the level of quality and safety that clients have come to expect from P&J to more aspects of their projects. P&J’s ROW Construction Group is the perfect example of this principle, as we’ve taken our decades-long clearing experience, focused it on the utility industry, and steadily built up capabilities to self-perform more and more on transmission line projects. Now one of the nation’s largest ROW construction contractors, P&J offers a diversified

list of turnkey civil services. We self-perform best-in- class blended services for ROW clearing, access, SWPPP, matting, restoration, and substation constructions, and P&J’s blend of ROW Construction services now offers an even more complete product for utilities, line contractors, and EPC leads looking to expand or update their network of transmission lines. Our in-house Foundations Team hit the ground running in 2019 as we began work on multiple drilling projects in West Virginia and Florida. As a natural addition to our capabilities, self-performing foundation drilling has allowed us to streamline scheduling and promote P&J’s safety and production values on large and small projects. Sr. Vice President of ROW Construction, Morgan Pierce envisions the ROW Construction Group as a turnkey, “bolts down” civil solution. “P&J has made an investment


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Right-of-Way Construction

Heavy Civil Construction

Disaster Response


in personnel and equipment to deliver self-perform concrete foundation services which will complement and enhance our legacy access and civil services across the industry.” This approach has allowed us to provide our clients a full range of civil services on transmission and substation projects. This mindset crosses service areas, too, with our ROW clearing group taking their skills to heavy civil projects, like with the Lower Bois d’Arc Reservoir in Honey Grove, Texas. Clearing and water resources crews came together on this massive reservoir project including 4,000 acres of clearing and the dam and spillway construction. Sr. Vice President of Heavy Civil Construction, Gerry Arvidson explains that having P&J’s expert mass clearing personnel on the project opened more lines of communication between the separate crews. “With the same safety and quality control procedures and expectations throughout the project, we’re ensuring a consistent and reliable standard for our client.” “There’s a lot of opportunity for collaboration and stacking services throughout P&J,” says Vice President Dudley Orr. “Our group has focused on industrial and commercial projects in the past, and foundation drilling can play a role for us as well.” As One P&J, our foundation experts can work

Utility Installation

Site Development

with our heavy civil veterans to share expertise and resources, and when P&J self-performs more aspects of work we are able to streamline overhead and management to remove redundancies and plan projects more efficiently.

As P&J moves forward together, we’re continuously looking for opportunities to integrate for efficiency and quality onbehalf of our clients. Our decades-long relationships in the industry have often been built on specialization, but P&J is out to show we’re a proven solution for all of our clients’ needs.


Tracks | 2020


Reservoir Construction

Structural Concrete

Foundation Drilling

Access Road Construction

Utility Forestry

ROW Clearing

Substation Construction

Access Matting


Custom Equipment and In-House Mechanics Provide Value

Before boots hit the ground on any job site, we need to have the right tools.

P&J has always believed in the importance of owning and maintaining our own equipment, and we’ve modernized and specialized that approach with our sister company under Phillips Infrastructure Holdings (PIH), National Fleet Services (NFS). Through NFS, P&J has access to a fleet of more than 750 pieces of heavy equipment, plus two full-service maintenance shops and experienced mechanics throughout the company. These construction veterans partner with P&J’s experts to tailor our equipment approach to each project, sometimes even tailoring the equipment itself! Throughout our operations, P&J works closely with mechanical services to maintain and optimize our equipment. Equipment managers visit our major job sites regularly to inspect and evaluate our equipment for safety and overall machine condition, and when the scope of work changes on any job, they’re ready to reassess and reevaluate a project’s needs. “NFS acts as an in-house equipment dealer, handling purchases, rentals, maintenance, and logistics for P&J and other PIH subsidiaries,”

In-house mechanic shop, Knoxville, TN


Tracks | 2020

NFS President, Jerry Hill explains. “We provide the support P&J needs to not only maintain day-to-day operations, but also to find innovative and creative opportunities to improve efficiency and quality on specific projects.” A significant portion of all repairs and services on our equipment are performed by our own mechanics, either in the field or in one of our maintenance shops. Much of P&J’s work is performed in remote areas, and using in-house field mechanics means we don’t always have to source or schedule access with third parties. We can manage repairs and routine maintenance more effectively and in a more timely manner, saving projects from costly downtime without sacrificing safety of the job. When machines do need more extensive repairs, NFS is equipped to transport them to our shops, or to a dealer’s facility. We have decades-long relationships with our national accounts to supplement our own services, and they help us work with dealers, maintain warranties, and support our service needs across the country. NFS and P&J Operations Managers collaborate on the best fleet configuration that is appropriate for the task at hand. We’re always looking to add value by saving on overhead while meeting our team’s high standards.

Because we have control over our fleet, P&J can also modify equipment when we see room for improvement. From simple attachment modifications to complete safety systems, our mechanics have the skills and tools to tailor our equipment for the actual conditions of the field. In all aspects of P&J, our fleet services personnel are concerned with safety. Equipment used for heavy land clearing is fitted with special fire suppression systems and additional guarding around the cab and machine before it is used in the field. Clearing operations expose equipment operators to additional hazards, like falling trees, and this kind of customization is a part of our commitment to putting People First.

Field mechanic truck


In-house mechanic shop, Knoxville, TN

Custom fabrication


Tracks | 2020

“Our safety improvements go above and beyond the types of pre-made cages on the market. Because we have full-time, experienced welders and technicians on-staff, we’re able to build our own stronger, custom cages at a significant cost savings,” Hill explains. “These protect both the operator and the machines, and the upfront modifications guard against damage from falling trees, which can be costly both in labor and schedule losses on the job.” P&J project managers and NFS equipment experts collaborate on major projects to take advantage of opportunities to improve efficiency and productivity. The team has modified dozers and excavators on heavy earth moving and clearing projects with special attachments to create better, safer tools that make the work more productive. When our project managers and field personnel see an opportunity to streamline production, our mechanics help them realize it. The fabrication and modification of the machines and attachments are customized to project specifications, and it’s this integration of field and mechanical services that allows P&J to innovate for our clients.


Excavator fitted with custom-fabricated protective cage


Lower Bois d’Arc Reservoir Honey Grove, TX

4,700,000 CY of earthen embankment 20,000 CY of cast in place concrete 367,609 of acre-foot capacity

More than 4,000 acres of clearing


Tracks | 2020

3.4 million CY capacity 896,680 SF of HDPE geomembrane 986,680 SF of geocomposite 896,680 SF of geosynthetic clay liner

Gallatin Landfill Gallatin, TN

Resiliency Project Loxahatchee, FL

440 drilled shafts 15,000 CY of concrete

688 TN of rebar 30 miles of ROW


Flamingo Crossing Intern Housing Winter Haven, FL

239,551 LF of pipe One of the largest exfiltration systems in the nation

North Fork Spillway Black Mountain, NC

15,000 CY of structural concrete including 200’ by 600’ spillway


Tracks | 2020

Cabin Creek – Cannonsburg Transmission Line Clendenin, WV

200+ acres of ROW clearing

40 miles of access road construction

82,363 LF of utility pipe installed 65,000 SY of asphalt parking lot construction 500,000 CY of embankment fill

Atlanta Braves Spring Training Complex North Port, FL


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